[Enjoy Ozu in the summer!] 2024 Ozu Castle Town Boat Tour

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Ozu City in Ehime Prefecture is a tourist destination where the townscape of a former castle town remains. The Hijikawa River that flows through the city has been the key to Ozu's life, transportation, and commerce for hundreds of years, and even today it serves as a place of relaxation for local ci...

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Take an elegant river trip on the "Ozu Castle Town Boat Tour"!

Ozu City in Ehime Prefecture is a tourist destination that is home to famous buildings such as Ozu Castle and Garyu Sanso, as well as the townscape of a former castle town.

The Hijikawa River, which flows through Ozu City, has been a key part of the city's life, transportation, and commerce for hundreds of years, and continues to be a place of relaxation for citizens today.

The "Ozu Castle Town Boat Tour" takes you on a leisurely boat trip down the Hijikawa River for about an hour.

If you come to Ozu, be sure to try out the "Ozu Castle Town Boat Tour"!

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Overview of the Boat Tour

May 1st to May 25th and September 21st to September 29th


Hijiminamikawahara Pier (Takagawara) → Ozu Castle Town Shipyard → Hijiminamikawahara Pier (Takagawara)

Boarding is only possible at "Hijinamigawara Pier (Takagawara)"

・Only disembarkation is possible at "Ozu Castle Town Disembarkation Terminal."

■Operation schedule

1st flight 10:00am

2nd flight 11:00am

3rd flight 1:00pm

4th flight 2:00pm

5th flight 3:00pm

・One lap of the course takes approximately 60 minutes.

・The service is suspended on Mondays and Thursdays.


From May 27 to September 20


Hijiminamikawahara Station → Ozu Castle Shita Disembarkation Station → Garyu Sanso Shita Disembarkation Station → Hijiminamikawahara Station

・Boarding is only available at Hijiminami Kawahara Pier.

・You can only disembark at the "Ozu Castle Landing Point" and "Garyu Sanso Landing Point".

■Operation schedule

1st flight 10:00am

2nd flight 10:45am

3rd flight 11:30am

4th flight 1:00pm

5th flight 1:45pm

6th flight 2:30pm

Flight 7 3:15pm


Buy tickets

Where to buy tickets

Please purchase tickets at the Ozu Tourist Information Center (inside Machi-no-Eki Asamoya) or the Ozu Red Brick Museum.

[Business hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm]

*Please specify your boarding time when purchasing your ticket.

Visit Ozu / Ozu Town Station Asamoya

Visit Ozu / Ozu Red Brick Museum


Adults: 1,100 yen

Children (junior high school students and younger): 550 yen (toddlers free)

Important Notice

・Once tickets have been purchased, no changes to boarding times or refunds will be accepted.

・For safety reasons, please follow the instructions of the driver during operation.

・Depending on the season, the amount of water in the river, and other river conditions, there may be some areas where you cannot go around. The tour may be canceled suddenly due to weather conditions, etc. If the tour is canceled, it will be announced on Facebook (Ozu Tourist Information Center), so please check. For inquiries about the operation status, please call Ozu Tourist Information Center (0893-57-6655).

Ozu Tourist Information Center / Facebook

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Ozu City belongs to an area called Nanyo on the western side of Shikoku, and is centered around the Ozu Basin, facing the Seto Inland Sea to the north and the Shikoku Mountains to the south. The clear stream, Hijikawa River, flows through the center of the city, and as the name suggests, the river curves like an elbow. Ta. In the Edo period, the remains of a prosperous castle town around Ozu Castle are still alive on the banks of the Hijigawa River.

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