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Ashikaga Flower Park In Tochigi - A Dream Destination Near Tokyo

Ashikaga Flower Park In Tochigi - A Dream Destination Near Tokyo

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi is one of Japan's most celebrated public gardens, with thousands of beautiful flowers blooming through the seasons. We introduce its highlights and how to get there - it's less than two hours from Tokyo by train!

Ashikaga Flower Park - Famous for its Impressive Wisteria Flowers

Ashikaga Flower Park In Tochigi - A Dream Destination Near Tokyo

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga in Tochigi Prefecture is a region that boasts a long history and scenic nature. Access from Tokyo is easy, with many day trip visitors coming here all year round.

Ashikaga Flower Park is a theme park where you can enjoy various types of flowers throughout the year. It is especially famous for its wisteria flowers, which make it a popular travel destination during the Golden Week in May, and for its unique winter illuminations.

It was the only destination from Japan that was chosen for CNN's "Dream Destinations for 2014".

This article introduces the highlights of Ashikaga Flower Park during the four seasons, along with access information and other tips.

How to Get to Ashikaga Flower Park

Reaching the Ashikaga Flower Park from Tokyo is easy if you use the JR Ashikaga Flower Park Station. The park is a 3-minute walk away from the station.

Take an express train or a shinkansen from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station and change trains at Koyama Station for the JR Ryomo Line, then get off at Ashikaga Flower Park Station. The whole trip will last about two hours or less.

If you depart from Asakusa Station using the Tobu Isesaki Line, get off at Ashikagashi Station. A free shuttle bus is available on weekends and holidays from Ashikagashi Station to the park. The bus ride will take about 30 minutes. For more information, check out the official website (Japanese only).

The Highlights of Ashikaga Flower Park

At Ashikaga Flower Park, various flowers go into full bloom each season. When we visited, the roses were at their best (late May).

We'll be introducing the beautiful flowers that you can enjoy here during the four seasons.

1. April: Tulips and Spiraea - Heralds of Spring

Photo courtesy of: Ashikaga Flower Park

Spiraea Thunbergii. Photo courtesy of: Ashikaga Flower Park

After a cold winter, spring is the season where flowers finally start to bloom. Colorful tulips and spiraea tell us that spring has arrived.

2. May: Wisteria - The Fabulous Wisteria Festival

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga Flower Park

During Golden Week, the wisteria flowers are at the peak of their beauty. They say many visitors come to check out the limited time event called The Great Wisteria Festival.

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga Flower Park

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga Flower Park

The vibrant colors of the wisteria are a breathtaking sight. They say that such large scale wisteria trellises are very rare even around the world. We recommend you pass through the wisteria tunnels, as it's an experience you can only try here.

3. June: Hydrangeas - The Star of the Rainy Season

As spring turns to summer, the park is covered in hydrangeas in June. This season is called tsuyu, Japan's rainy season. The hydrangea is especially famous as a flower of the rainy season. Hydrangeas of various colors like blue, white, and pink can be seen during this season.

4. October - Walk around the Purple Garden in the Fall

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga Flower Park

In October, the park is covered in purple flowers. They're flowers called Amethyst Sage, and are unique for their deep purple color. You shouldn't miss the fascinating view of the purple garden during this season.

5. December - Winter Only! Light Flowers

Photo courtesy of: Ashikaga Flower Park

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga Flower Park

In the winter, from late October to early February, the whole park is decorated with Christmas lights, blooming flowers of light.

The decorative lights are designed like the wisteria, and they are just as beautiful as the real flowers. The combination of flowers and Christmas lights is truly magnificent.

Other Tips - Enjoy the Flower-Themed Snacks: Purple Ice Cream

If you're craving a snack while in the park, we recommend this Fuji Ice Cream (Wisteria Ice Cream). It's an original soft serve ice cream made after the wisteria flower. It's unique for its purple appearance and wisteria scent and taste.

You can purchase it at the take-away corner through the front gate and to the right. You can sit on a nearby bench, or enjoy it while walking around and admiring the park's flowers.

A Flower Park for All Seasons

Over a million people visit Ashikaga Flower Park to have a look at the seasonal flowers.

We warmly recommend you stop by as well! It's a great place to take wonderful pictures in Japan.

Ashikaga Flower Park

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