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[From Eeyan ! Osaka Shopping Street] An irreplaceable symbol of Osaka. The kind smile of Billiken, the god of happiness who lives in Tsutenkaku Tower

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Now featured in "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Streets"! Introducing the best shopping street experiences and tourist spots you'll want to try if you come to Osaka! We're providing information on how to see, eat, play, and enjoy Osaka's shopping streets to the fullest. If you read this, you'll want to come ...

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Tsutenkaku, the symbolic tower of Osaka, is located at Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line and Dobutsuenmae Station on the Midosuji Line. Nearby are the Tobita Hondori Shopping Street (Dobutsuenmae Ichibangai and Nibangai), and the area is bustling with people looking for sightseeing and food.

Billiken is enshrined on the observation deck of the tower.

Billiken was born in America in 1908. It is said that the origin of the statue is that a creator embodied the god of happiness that he saw in a dream.

The words "THE GOD OF THINGS AS THEY OUGHT TO BE", which refer to the omnipotent God, are engraved on Billiken's base, and Billiken always watches over people, wishing that they will be happy just as they are.

The observation deck is a jutting out observation deck with a see-through floor at its tip. You can take a walk in the sky while feeling the breeze of Osaka.

An irreplaceable symbol of Osaka. Come and experience Tsutenkaku Tower, where you can walk in the sky, and the gentle smile of Billiken, the god of happiness.

Tsutenkaku Observatory

Business hours: 9:00~20:00

Closed: Open all year round (If business hours change or temporary closures are decided, we will announce it on Tsutenkaku Official X (formerly Twitter).)

Admission fee: 1,000 yen for adults, 500 yen for children (group rates and discounts for people with disabilities available)

Access: Approximately 3 minutes walk from "Ebisucho Station" on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line

             Approximately 6 minutes walk from "Dobutsuen-mae Station" on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line

             Approximately 3 minutes walk from "Ebisucho Station" on the Hankai Line

             Approximately 6 minutes walk from JR Loop Line "Shin-Imamiya Station"

Tobita Hondori Shopping Street (Dobutsuenmae Ichibangai Shopping Street and Nibangai Shopping Street)

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