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Take A Romantic Sunset Drive Along The Yuyake-koyake Line!

Take A Romantic Sunset Drive Along The Yuyake-koyake Line!

Translated by Tomoka Aono

Written by LIFE STYLE, Inc.

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One of the most amazing and romantic sunset views can be had along the Yuyake-koyake Line, an expressway in Ehime prefecture. On either side of this highway are many different sightseeing spots to choose from too.

Yuyake-koyake Line, the Best Sunset View

The Yuyake-koyake Line is the nickname for the coastal highway connecting Futami, Iyo city and Ozu, Nagahama city via Yawatahama, Honai city in Ehime prefecture.

This road was so named as drivers along this highway can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset as they drive. It is an excellent route for those who love coastal driving to take. Not only that, but the Yuyake-koyake Line does not have very many slopes or curves, making it a very smooth road to drive along. Iyoshimonada Station on the Yosan train line is located on this route, and is often referred to as the nearest station to the sea in Japan.

Let’s take a virtual drive down this famous street using Google Street View!

A Long Coastal Road

This is where the road starts in Futami, Iyo city. Click and drag your cursor on the image above. You will see the surrounding views change as if you were standing there.

You can see Iyonada Sea on your right and rich green mountains on your left - can you imagine being surrounded by this amazing scenery as you drive? Not only that, but as you drive there will likely be trains running alongside your car too. If you’re lucky, you may find an Anpanman themed train (a popular children’s anime character).

Once-in-a-Lifetime Sunset

After driving down the road for a while, you will reach Michi no Eki Futami, a roadside station. This station has a sunset museum, a completely unique spot, Futamin C, a market where local fish and mandarin oranges are sold, and Seaside Park, where beautiful sunset views can also be enjoyed.

Futami Seaside Park was recognized by the NPO Regional Revitalization Center as a 'Sacred Space for Lovers'. Throughout the park there is a lover's point, a wishing stone, a happiness bell and all manner of items meant to grant visitors love-related wishes. And, so that lovers can sit comfortable and enjoy watching the sunset together, there are benches available in this park too.

Michi no Eki Futami
Address: Ehime, Iyo city, Futami-cho, Takagishi Ko 2326
Website:Michi no Eki Futami (Japanese)

Iyoshimonada Station: the Closest Station to the Sea in Japan

When you drive further along the Yuyake-koyake Line, you will reach Iyoshimonada station, the train station closest to the sea in all of Japan. It is a very small station, having about 60 visitors per day. But when you look out beyond the ticket gate you are treated to an incredible view of the vast ocean.

Nagahama Bridge and New Nagahama Bridge

Continuing along, you will now find yourself driving on the New Nagahama Bridge.

The small red bridge seen on the left is the original Nagahama Bridge, constructed in 1935. It is the oldest swing bridge in Japan; it used to open and close every time ships wanted to come and go along this ocean route. Now it only opens and closes at 1 pm every Sunday for inspection and sightseeing purposes.

Swimming Beaches for Families

Here is the Susawa Swimming Beach. There are two swimming beaches along Yuyake-koyake Line, the second of which is called Matsukasa Swimming Beach. The waters of this beach are so clear that you are sure to feel completely refreshed just by taking in the scenery here. The beach itself is under the roadway, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting sunburnt. And as the beach itself is a shoaling beach, those with traveling with children need not worry too much about spending time here.

A Great Fishing Spot!

You can find some fishing boats at Kushiu Fishing Port. A well-known fishing spot, here you can catch Japanese whiteling, righteye flounder, horse mackerel, marbled rockfish, black rockfish, fat greenling, Japanese sea perch, bigfin reef squid and many other types of fish here.

Converging Into Gozega Peak Bypass

The Yuyake-koyake Line meets Gozega Peak Bypass in the end.

Romantic Driving Route

How did you like virtual driving? Yuyake-koyake Line is a driving route with the best sunset view in all of Japan. Both Futami Seaside Park at Michi no Eki Futami, which is registered as lovers’ site and Iyoshimonada Station, which is the nearest station to the sea in Japan, are both popular for couples. With the stunning sunset view as far as the eye can see, you are sure to have a romantic trip down this road. Yuyake-koyake Line is the perfect destination for a memorable driving date!

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