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Hakodate Airport - How To Get To Hakodate City From The Airport

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Hakodate is one Hokkaido's most attractive tourist destinations. This article explains how the reach the city center from Hakodate Airport, comparing the features of the means of public transportation available.


Hakodate Airport is located 7.5 km away from Hakodate Station, which is considered the city center. Arriving at the JR Hakodate Station will allow you access to other means of public transportation such as the city tram, bus lines, and JR trains.

In addition to being located near some of the most famous sightseeing spots in the city, Hakodate Station has also many hotels, department stores, and tourist information centers nearby.

Hakodate Airport - How to get to Hakodate City from the airport

There are a couple of different ways to get to and from the airport to the city center, but the main way of transportation is the airport shuttle bus system. As there is no JR train service to and from the airport, several operating bus lines will let you navigate around the city in a short amount of time.

Let's compare the features of each of the means of transportation available to reach the city center from Hakodate Airport.

Getting from Hakodate Airport to the City

Hakodate Airport - How to get to Hakodate City from the airport

By Taxi

Because Hakodate Airport is located fairly close to the city center, taking a taxi from Hakodate Airport to the city center will not be overly expensive. The taxi ride will take around 20 minutes, and the cost is estimated to be around 3000 yen. Even if the taxi drivers may not speak other languages than Japanese, they will be glad to help you reach your destination. Just show them a famous landmark on the map or ask them to drop you off in the center of the city, for example at Hakodate Station, and you will reach your destination with little complications.

By Airport Shuttle Bus

Taking the shuttle bus to and from Hakodate airport is the most cost effective way, as the ticket is priced at 410 yen for adults and 210 yen for children. The bus ride is fairly short and comfortable and it will take around 20–25 minutes to reach Hakodate Station.

Please note that the ride on other operating bus lines might take longer, as they drive outside the city center.

The first buses from the airport start running from 08:00 AM, and run every 15-20 minutes, depending on the hours of the day. The first buses to the airport from Hakodate Station start running earlier, with the first one running at 07:30 AM in the morning. Please refer to the bus schedules on the airport website which are regularly updated to show changes in routes and bus departure times.

Bus Lines and Platforms

There are four bus lines departing to and from the airport. The first one takes you to the city center, while the others take you to other areas of the city. The city shuttle bus also departs from the airport, making stops at some of the most famous landmarks and sightseeing spots in Hakodate such as Yunokawa Onsen and the Bay Area.

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By taking a bus on the main line or the city shuttle bus you will be able to reach Hakodate Station in around 20 - 25 minutes. For buses on the other two lines, it takes over an hour to reach their final stops. All the lines are operated by different companies, so both travel time and frequency per hour differ. The buses depart from outside the "Arrivals" terminal and the platforms are easy to spot.

The main line that takes you to Hakodate Station is also the bus line that departs most frequently within one day.

The Routes of the Four Bus Lines

1. Hakodate Airport  -  Hakodate Station
2. Hakodate Airport  -  Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station
3. Hakodate Airport  - Hakodate-Onuma
4. City Shuttle Bus

If you are going to the airport from Hakodate Station, the bus departs from platform 11 of the bus terminal.

Ticket prices

To use the airport shuttle buses, you pay for your ticket onboard. The tickets are priced affordably at 420 yen for adults, and 210 yen for children.

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