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New Chitose Airport - How To Get To Sapporo City From The Airport

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New Chitose Airport is the gateway to Sapporo city and Hokkaido. This article explains how to reach the city center from the airport and how to get to the airport from the city, comparing the means of public transportation available.


When you arrive at New Chitose Airport (Shin Chitose Airport) and want to get to Sapporo city, you can choose between a few different means of transportation.

New Chitose Airport - How to get to and from Sapporo city


A train ticket to the city costs almost as much as a bus ticket, and getting from the airport will take between 35 and 90 minutes, depending on the means of transportation. Sapporo is located around 50 km away from the airport, so please note that taking a taxi might be quite expensive.

By JR Express Train

The fastest way to get to central Sapporo from New Chitose Airport, is to take an express train of the Japan Railways.
The train station of New Chitose Airport is located at the basement level of the airport, where you will also find the ticket machines. On the platform you can also find a kiosk, should you want to grab a snack before your train ride.

With a few stops in between, the train will take you directly to Sapporo Station, in the city center. The train also stops at Shin Sapporo Station, a station that will connect you directly with the eastern part of the Tozai metro line.

Tickets for the express train cost 1070 yen (non-reserved seats), and the ride takes around 35 minutes. If you wish to sit in the reserved seat cart, where you are guaranteed a seat, the ticket price will be 1380 yen.

Both the reserved seats and the regular carts are fairly comfortable, and taking the train to Sapporo city is the fastest option of all the transportation means to and from the airport. The first train starts running from 06.56 in the morning, and trains run every 15 minutes until 22:00 in the evening.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket vending machines. They are provided with an English language guide.

Ticket Prices

  • Non reserved tickets: 1070 yen
  • Reserved seat tickets: 1380 yen

By Airport Bus

From New Chitose Airport to Sapporo city, there are three bus lines that take you to (and around) the city. Taking a bus is a good option for the traveler going to central Sapporo, but wishing to get off somewhere other than Sapporo Station.

New Chitose Airport - How to get to and from Sapporo city


The bus lines to and from the airport are connected to various parts of the city, located in the western and eastern areas of Sapporo. The bus line called "Downtown Sapporo (Via Fukuzumi station)" will be the most convenient for travelers who wish to go directly to the city center. This line stops at specific locations such as Odori Park or Susukino, which are downtown stops reachable only by metro or walking if you are coming to the city by the airport train.

If you have a hotel reservation at one of the major downtown hotels, such as Sapporo Grand Hotel, Tokyo Dome Hotel or Prince Hotel, this bus line will also take you directly to the hotel. It runs from morning to evening.

Although a longer ride, the Chuo buses are comfortable and even offer free Wi-Fi! The buses run every 15 minutes, with the first bus departing at 08:40 AM from the airport.

Ticket Prices

Bus tickets can be bought at the ticket machine or at the ticket information counter (with English speaking staff members).
Each ticket is 1030 yen -  40 yen cheaper than the JR Express train ticket.

Bus Lines and Platforms

All three bus lines depart from two platforms each, being connected to both the domestic and international terminals:

  • Downtown Sapporo (Via Fukuzumi station): Platforms 22 and 14
  • Makomanai/Maruyama Station: Platforms 12, 21
  • Oyachi / Kita 24 jo (via Asabu) / Miyanosawa / Sapporo Beer: Platforms 13, 20

By Taxi

Taxi transportation to and from New Chitose Airport and Sapporo City is also available. Note that prices will be higher than in the case of other means of public transportation. A taxi ride to and from the airport will take between 60 and 90 minutes, and the price will be at least 10.000 yen. Taxi drivers won’t always speak English, but will be very helpful and will conveniently find your desired address.

How To Get From Sapporo To The Airport

If you want to reach the airport from the city, note that the most convenient option is taking a JR train. Trains start running from 6 o'clock in the morning, while bus lines to the airport start operating at later hours. It is also important to note that the hotel airport bus services mostly run from morning to around 12:00 PM.

For more useful information and time tables please refer to the official website of New Chitose Airport.

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