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Halal And Vegan-Friendly: SEKAI CAFE In Asakusa

Halal And Vegan-Friendly: SEKAI CAFE In Asakusa

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Otsuji

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SEKAI CAFE is a unique dining place in Asakusa that serves vegan and Halal foods. The concept of this cafe is driven by the hope that people from all around the world would be able to enjoy food around the same table.

Asakusa is a popular area where many tourists from around the world head when visiting Tokyo. Among the visitors, there are doubtlessly those that have specific restrictions or allergies toward certain types of food. At SEKAI CAFE in Asakusa, they carry dishes that accommodate vegetarians, Muslims, and people with food allergies. The mission of this cafe is to be a place where all the people in the world can enjoy a meal around the same table.

This time, we would like to introduce SEKAI CAFE -Asakusa- a cafe that breaks all food boundaries in Tokyo.

SEKAI CAFE -Asakusa-外観

SEKAI CAFE is found fairly close to Kaminarimon, which is very convenient for visitors. After going past Kaminarimon and the Nakamise-dori for about 50 meters, turn left when you see a blue-green sign.

The store front looks like the photo above; just from the exterior, it looks like a normal fancy cafe.

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The Specifics of SEKAI CAFE


Photo courtesy of SEKAI CAFE -Asakusa-

If you take a look at the menu, you will notice what sets SEKAI CAFE apart. The V mark indicates that it is vegan and does not use any meat, fish, dairy, or other animal products.

In addition to that, all the foods are certified Halal and do not use products that contain pork or artificial flavoring such as MSG.

They do provide alcohol drinks but strictly separate glass, kitchenware, and cleaning products for alcoholic and non-alcoholic usage.

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