Onitsuka Tiger's SERRANO SLIP-ON at Special Discount Prices in Japan!

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Onitsuka Tiger's newest footwear, SERRANO SLIP-ON, can be purchased at special discount prices only in Japan! Their various colors match easily with any clothes and are comfortable to wear, making them a great choice for this summer's trip.

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Deciding which shoes to bring on a trip can often leave travelers racking their brains. Many are probably thinking, "Most importantly the shoes need to be comfortable for walking, but they also have to look good for when I get my picture taken!"

For those people, we suggest SERRANO SLIP-ON (8000 yen plus tax). These shoes are made by Japanese sneaker company Onitsuka Tiger, which also has a loyal following in Europe and North America, and throughout many other Asian countries. Their latest footwear product went on sale May 19th, 2017 and this sneaker is known for both its design excellence and comfortable fit.

When visitors buy the shoes in Japan, the duty-free price and additional discount makes it a real bargain, so we highly recommend purchasing them during your stay here!

SERRANO SLIP-ON: What Kind of Shoes Are These?

オニツカタイガーの「SERRANO SLIP-ON」で夏の旅をもっと楽しもう!日本限定の割引特典も!

オニツカタイガーの「SERRANO SLIP-ON」で夏の旅をもっと楽しもう!日本限定の割引特典も!

SERRANO SLIP-ON: 8000 yen (plus tax). *Discount prices for visitors to Japan!
US Sizes: 4-6H,7H-10,11,11H,12H,14 (US inches), Japanese Sizes: 22.5-29.0,30.0,31.0 cm.
(Unisex / Women's)

This is Onitsuka Tiger's new sneaker, the SERRANO SLIP-ON. The SERRANO line of sneakers was developed in the 1970's, and its blueprint was inspired by track and field spike shoes. Equipped with a superb design and comfortable to wear around town in any situation, this has become one of Onitsuka Tiger's most popular series.

While still retaining the design excellence and comfortable fit of the original SERRANO series, the newly debuted SERRANO SLIP-ON has evolved with the addition of another feature. This time it offers a "slip-on" type of shoe that is both easy to take off and put on.

オニツカタイガーの「SERRANO SLIP-ON」で夏の旅をもっと楽しもう!日本限定の割引特典も!

The shoes come in four different colors: FEATHER GREY & CREAM, EVENING SAND & CREAM, MID GREY & CREAM, and PIGEON BLUE & CREAM.
The shoe's underlying characteristic is a basic color scheme that makes it a cinch to mix and match the clothes you're wearing.

Recommended Shoe Colors: Pink and Blue

オニツカタイガーの「SERRANO SLIP-ON」で夏の旅をもっと楽しもう!日本限定の割引特典も!

Make no mistake, these shoes come in handy no matter what color you choose. However, to coordinate your wardrobe during the upcoming summer months, we recommend two colors: EVENING SAND, a light pink color, and PIGEON BLUE, a slightly darker blue color.

It goes without saying that the light-colored EVENING SAND version can be worn by women, but men can too, and guys definitely look cool and confident when wearing these shoes so well. PIGEON BLUE looks similar to the color of denim, and is outstanding in how it accentuates your summer fashion!

If you give a different colored pair of these to your partner, friend or someone in your family, you can both enjoy having matching shoes, and they'll definitely be delighted to receive them!

Travel Shoes Perfect for Any Occasion!

オニツカタイガーの「SERRANO SLIP-ON」で夏の旅をもっと楽しもう!日本限定の割引特典も!
オニツカタイガーの「SERRANO SLIP-ON」で夏の旅をもっと楽しもう!日本限定の割引特典も!

SERRANO SLIP-ON sneakers come in soft colors that aren't overly attention-grabbing, so during your trip you can wear them every day and still not get tired of them.

You'll be able to create a casual, relaxed style without any worries by matching these shoes with wide pants or a long one-piece outfit, and even if it's a more active style that you're after, it won't be a problem to simply match the shoes with short pants or a skirt.

In addition, good cushion support means you won't feel worn out at the end of the day, even after walking for a long time. So these shoes are perfect for those of you who want to fully enjoy a trip filled with lots of shopping and sightseeing.

With this slip-on type of footwear, taking off and putting on your shoes is easy and hassle-free. So when trying on clothes during your shopping excursion, when going to a shop or temple that requires guests to remove footwear before entering, or in any other similar situation during your visit to Japan, these sneakers will allow you to handle each moment with ease, while still looking your best!

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Onitsuka Tiger Official Home Page: Onitsuka Tiger Magazine

*The tax exemption and discount service only applies to visitors to Japan. Please note that Japanese citizens and non-Japanese residents cannot apply for this service.

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