Onitsuka Tiger's New MEXICO 66 PARATY - At Discount Prices Only In Japan!

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Onitsuka Tiger has released the 2018 model of MEXICO 66 PARATY and MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON! These shoes are extremely comfortable and just perfect for springtime sightseeing in Japan.

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Springtime in Japan is from mid-April to May, and the season is perfect for traveling. The weather is moderate, so visitors can enjoy walking around various sightseeing spots.

Some people make a visit to Japan in spring to view the field of rapeseed blossoms in the southern Boso area of Chiba, the nemophila flower garden at Hitachi Seaside Park or the wisteria vines at Ashikaga Flower Park, all of which are at their best during this time of the year.

A pair of comfortable shoes are necessary to enjoy strolls through urban areas and outdoor spots filled with flowers. During your stay in Japan, you should look for shoes that are both stylish and capable of high-performance.

Onitsuka Tiger, a popular sports shoes brand, has released colorful new items fit for the warm, spring climate. With these shoes, you will be able to fully enjoy your trip without getting tired from walking around.

This article introduces the features of the Onitsuka Tiger MEXICO 66 PARATY and MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON, which are both slip-on types, as well as information on special discounts available in Japan.

A New Version of MEXICO 66 PARATY - Wear Them with an Open Back


MEXICO 66 PARATY: 8000 yen (without tax) **These shoes can be purchased in Japan at a special discount.
Colors: Peacoat/White (left), Soft Grey/White (center), Black/White (right)
Size (US inch/Unisex Model): 4 - 6H, 7H - 10, 11, 11H, 12H, 14

The most strongly recommended Onitsuka Tiger item this spring is the new version of MEXICO 66 PARATY. The brilliant stripes stand out against the base color, making them a perfect fit for casual clothing. These shoes should go well with either short pants or denim.

MEXICO 66 PARATY is a slip-on version of MEXICO 66, a popular item in the Onitsuka Tiger lineup. As the rear portion of the shoe is made of a soft material, these shoes can be worn normally, or with an open back.

These shoes are easy to take off, so they will come in handy when you enter the tatami rooms at temples or restaurants. You can actually step on the rear part of the shoe to cool your feet on a warm day, or when you plan to spend most of the time walking around.

You won't get tired in these shoes, as the same cushion material of MEXICO 66, which are running shoes, is used in the inner sole. MEXICO 66 PARATY should make your stay in Japan a pleasant and happy one.

A New Color Version of MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON

MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON is the same type as MEXICO 66 PARATY, a slip-on version of MEXICO 66.

An elastic band is used across the instep, improving the fit. Soft materials also cover the heel, so you won't feel tired even after long hours of walking. There is no need to tie the shoelaces, making them the right shoes for spring sightseeing in Japan.

Let's take a look at the new models of MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON.

Yellow and White Springlike Colors


MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON: 8000 yen (without tax) **These shoes can be purchased in Japan at a special discount.
Colors: Lemon Meringue/White (left), White/Turkish Tile (right)
Size (US inch/Unisex Model): 4 - 6H, 7H - 10, 11, 11H, 12H, 14

The first type is the Lemon Meringue/White version, which is an apt description of its color, and the White/Turkish Tile version, which has a stylish stripe. These colors will brighten your mood, along with your fashion.

These shoes have a refreshing image, so they should also make a wonderful souvenir for your friends and families.

Three Basic Color Versions


MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON: 8000 yen (without tax) **These shoes can be purchased in Japan at a special discount.
Colors: Vaporous Grey/Vaporous Grey (left), Moon Rock/Moon Rock (center), Smoke Light Blue/Smoke Light Blue (right)
Size (US inch/Unisex Model): 4 - 6H, 7H - 10, 11, 11H, 12H, 14

The photograph above shows the new basic color series. The simple design will match a wide variety of clothing styles with ease.

These shoes go well with light-colored clothing of peach pink and pastel blue, both of which are trendy colors for the 2018 spring and summer seasons.

The Striking Women's Shoes


MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON: 8000 yen (without tax) **These shoes can be purchased in Japan at a special discount.
Colors: Dark Blue/White (left), Cherry Tomato/White (right)
Size (US inch/Women's Model): 6 - 8H, 9 - 12H

For those ladies searching for something different, take a look at the MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON for women.

The bold paisley patterns will be the highlight of your outfit. These shoes will catch everyone's eyes, as they come in two vivid color styles of red and blue.

Enjoy Japan with These Slip-On Shoes

MEXICO 66 PARATY, which can be also worn with an open back, and MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON, the laceless shoes that can be taken off easily, are both your best partners for sightseeing in Japan.

When you visit Japan, stop by an Onitsuka Tiger Store and check the shoes that catch your eyes.

Visitors from abroad get a special discount of 10% off the original price.

Look for your favorite model, and enjoy the spring in Japan!

Onitsuka Tiger shoes can be purchased at a special discount price, which is available only in Japan. For details, check this page.

For shop information and other articles on Onitsuka Tiger, take a look at our Onitsuka Tiger Special Feature.

Onitsuka Tiger Official Site: OT Magazine

** The tax exemption and discount services introduced in this article apply only to tourists from abroad. Please note Japanese citizens and foreign nationals residing in Japan are not eligible for these services.

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