Onitsuka Tiger's MEXICO 66 TS: Kids Shoes At Discount Prices in Japan!

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MEXICO 66 TS, Onitsuka Tiger's new childrens sneakers are now on sale! For those who'd like to buy them as a present, we'll show you how to get them at discount prices. We'll also tell you about the new colors of MEXICO 66, the popular adult shoes.

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Great news for visitors who'd like to buy shoes while here in Japan! Onitsuka Tiger, Japan's premier sneaker brand, has come out with a new line of children's shoes for the first time in two years.

MEXICO 66 TS (5000 yen plus tax), which went on sale on June 30th, 2017, is the kid's version of the popular MEXICO 66 series. With a comfortable fit and a stylish look, sneakers from the MEXICO 66 series are the top two most popular shoes in the Onitsuka Tiger lineup.

In today's article we'll also show you how to pick up a pair at discount prices at Onitsuka Tiger shops in Japan.

Your Kids Will Love Them! MEXICO 66 TS - Stylish, High-Quality Children's Footwear

オニツカタイガーからキッズ靴「MEXICO 66 TS」登場!日本限定の割引で10%以上もOFFに!
オニツカタイガーからキッズ靴「MEXICO 66 TS」登場!日本限定の割引でリーズナブルに買える!

MEXICO 66 TS: 5000 yen (plus tax). *Discount prices for visitors to Japan!
Sizes: K4,K5, K6, K7, K8, K9 inch (12, 13, 13.5, 14.5, 15, 16 cm)

MEXICO 66 TS are such cute and attractive kids sneakers that even adults find them irresistible! They are targeted at boys and girls in the range of one to three years of age, and are available in four different color variations: WHITE & INK BLUE, CLASSIC BLUE & WHITE, PEACOAT & WHITE, and MID GREY & WHITE.

Shoes come in basic color patterns that appeal to everyone, so we recommend buying them as presents for your friend's and relative's children, as well as for your own. Without a doubt, everyone will be delighted to receive them!

A Snug and Safe Fit with Velcro Fasteners

オニツカタイガーからキッズ靴「MEXICO 66 TS」登場!日本限定の割引で10%以上もOFFに!
オニツカタイガーからキッズ靴「MEXICO 66 TS」登場!日本限定の割引で10%以上もOFFに!

Available in stores now, MEXICO 66 TS sneakers come equipped with features to protect the feet of growing children. Worthy of special mention is the strong cushion support. When the children are jumping up and down, and running and romping around, the impact is minimized by this cushion support, offering their feet extra protection.

Also, velcro fasteners are used, giving the shoes a snug and comfortable fit, and parents will be happy to know that children can put the sneakers on and take them off easily by themselves.

If you're buying a pair of these for the children of family and friends, just bring along a photo of their shoe size to a nearby Onitsuka Tiger shop. This will make it easy for shop staff to find the right size for you. If you're not completely sure about their shoe size, it's probably a good idea to buy a pair about one size up, keeping in mind how quickly kids can grow!

The New Colors of MEXICO 66 for Adults!

オニツカタイガーからキッズ靴「MEXICO 66 TS」登場!日本限定の割引で10%以上もOFFに!

MEXICO 66: 12,000 yen (plus tax) *Discount prices for visitors to Japan!
Sizes: 22.5-29, 30, 31 cm


The MEXICO 66 TS sneakers aren't the only items worth checking out at Onitsuka Tiger shops. In July of 2017, the new colors of MEXICO 66 (12,000 yen plus tax) also made their official debut!

Now on sale are the six color variations shown in the picture above. With fashionable colors and a superb, comfortable fit, visitors to Japan can start wearing them on the day they buy them, making it convenient for sightseeing. Whether you're going for a stroll or commuting to work, these shoes will definitely be a worthwhile addition to your daily life.

If you go to any of the many Onitsuka Tiger shops in Japan, you can pick up a pair of the MEXICO 66 TS or the MEXICO 66 sneakers at duty-free prices, along with an additional discount service. While visiting Japan, by all means stop in at a nearby Onitsuka Tiger shop and pick up a great souvenir to take back home with you!

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Onitsuka Tiger Official Home Page:OT Magazine

*The tax exemption and discount service only apply to visitors from Japan. Please note that Japanese citizens and non-Japanese residents cannot apply for this service.

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