Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!

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Cute, pink colored sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger will be on sale soon! Using a dyeing process called sakurazome, both MEXICO 66 and TIGER ALLY shoes take on the color of cherry blossoms. Read on about shoe discounts available only in Japan!

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The Long Awaited Cherry Blossom Season Is Here!

There are probably many visitors planning a trip here to Japan that coincides with the sakura (cherry blossoms) in full bloom.

In Tokyo, Kyushu and the Shikoku region, the opening of the cherry blossom season has already been officially announced, and it's expected that the cherry blossoms will be around until the end of March.

It's safe to say that if you visit Japan when the blossoms are in full bloom, a sakura-related souvenir is the order of the day.

Keeping that in mind, this spring the latest addition to Onitsuka Tiger's lineup went on sale: leather sneakers with a pink cherry blossom color!

Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!

MEXICO 66 and TIGER ALLY (19,000 yen + tax per pair), the sakurazome sneakers seen in the above photo, went on sale March 22, 2018. The design of these light pink-colored shoes is inspired by Japan's seasonal cherry blossoms.

When purchased at Onitsuka Tiger retail locations in Japan, international visitors can receive special discounts, so you'll be able to pick up a pair at a very reasonable price!

What Is Sakurazome (Sakura Dyeing)?

Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!

Sakurazome, using a process called kusaki-zome (*1), is a dyeing technique that has been passed down from ancient times in Japan.

In Japan, there are several varieties of the sakura cherry tree. In addition to the main varieties of Yamazakura and Somei Yoshino, there are also others such as Yaezakura and Keiozakura. Boiling down their petals and branches results in an undiluted solution, and using this liquid concentrate to dye products is referred to as sakurazome.

Craftspeople from maito design works, a Japanese company that produces kusaki-zome scarves and knitwear under the MAITO brand name, apparently hand-dye the leather that's used to make the sneakers.

They are very particular about not using any chemical or artificial dyes in the making of their shoes.

*1 Kusaki-zome refers to a dyeing process that uses all natural dyes made from plants, flowers and vegetables. It is also known as plant dyeing, vegetable dyeing, and botanical dyeing.

Cherry Blossom-Colored Shoes Come in Two Versions!

MEXICO 66 and TIGER ALLY, two of Onitsuka Tiger's highly popular series, both feature this delicate and cute pink color that's derived from the sakurazome process.

Next we'll introduce the special features and characteristics of both of these shoes.

MEXICO 66: For Those Who Want To Dress in Style

Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!
Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!

MEXICO 66: 19,000 yen + tax *Discount prices for visitors to Japan!
Size: 4-6H, 7H-10, 11, 11H, 12H, 14 US inch Unisex

The design of MEXICO 66 is based upon training shoes from the 1960s. In addition to its soft heel area, the shoe has a comfortable, outstanding fit.

The shoes have a stylish look to them, due to their thin soles and slender shape. Though they are suitable for daily wear, they are also recommended for when you want to look fashionable out on the town.

TIGER ALLY: For Those Seeking a More Casual Look

Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!

Onitsuka Tiger's Sakura Dyed Sneakers At Discount Prices!

TIGER ALLY: 19,000 yen + tax *Discount prices for visitors to Japan!
Size: 4-6H, 7H-10, 11, 11H, 12H, 14 US inch Unisex

TIGER ALLY sneakers have a design that was modeled on jogging shoes from the 1980s. So as expected, the shoe has a sturdy heel area and excellent cushion support. One of the shoe's many attractive features is that it's comfortable enough to be worn when walking long distances.

Even for those who normally can't go for long distances, these shoes let you do a lot of walking without feeling worn out at the end of the day, allowing you to make the most of an active and fulfilling trip here in Japan.

Lasting Memories of Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan!

Which of these pink-colored, attention-grabbing shoes will you choose?

When looking for a souvenir or a memento of your cherry blossom viewing in Japan, why not consider a pair of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers? Every time you put them on, their delicate pink color will pleasantly remind you of the beautiful sakura in full bloom.

Also when you consider the unique Japanese process used in dyeing the sneaker's leather, these shoes will make the perfect present when you want to treat your family, friends and the other important people in your life.

▶▶▶Onitsuka Tiger at discount prices available only in Japan! Click on this page to find out more!

For shop locations and other details please have a look at Onitsuka Tiger-New Topics

Onitsuka Tiger Official Home Page: Onitsuka Tiger Magazine

*This tax exemption and discount service only apply to visitors to Japan. Please note that Japanese citizens and non-Japanese residents cannot apply for this service.

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