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Asakusa at Night: 5 Photogenic Locations Recommended by Locals

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Asakusa is a must-visit destination in Tokyo. While widely known as a daytime attraction, it is home to several charming night spots. We introduce five locations in the area that look splendid at night, including Sensoji Temple, Kamiya Bar, and Tokyo Skytree.

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A Night Walk in Asakusa: 5 Gorgeous Places to Visit After Dark

Asakusa at Night

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Asakusa is a must-visit location when sightseeing in Tokyo. This district is home to Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in eastern Japan. It also offers a great view of Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan. Just looking at the name "Skytree" may have some believing that this is strictly a daytime spot.

However, that is far from the truth! Locals of Asakusa are aware of this fact. Apart from the Main Hall of Sensoji Temple, which is open during the daytime, they warmly recommend visiting this temple at night!

Asakusa at Night

Those who have visited Asakusa before probably know this fact as well. During the day, this area is crowded and bustling with visitors and Buddhist monks.

However, people gradually filter from the area once Sensoji Temple's main hall closes at 17:00. The surrounding stalls and shops also close for the day as the streets grow still. That's what makes this the perfect time to experience Asakusa’s charms on a stroll!

1. Illuminations at Sensoji Temple! Take as Many Photos as You Please

Top 5 Night Spots in Asakusa Recommended by Locals!

The entirety of Sensoji Temple—which encompasses the Kaminarimon Gate, Main Hall, and its five-storied pagoda—is illuminated at night. The orange lighting hitting the vermillion pillars and buildings makes it strikingly more beautiful and magical than the early hours.

What’s more, there are little to no people at this time. So, you can take plenty of photos to your heart's content! By avoiding crowds at night, you can capture Sensoji Temple in its most beautiful and serene state.

Top 5 Night Spots in Asakusa Recommended by Locals!

While the Main Hall is closed at night, you can still draw fortune slips at the temple.

First, place your hands together and pray at the Main Hall or to the Bodhisattva Kannon in your heart. Next, draw a fortune slip. By placing your trust in the Bodhisattva Kannon, you'll be able to receive her blessings.

2. Hoppy Street: Asakusa’s Famed Food Street

Asakusa at Night

You're likely to start feeling hungry after admiring the gorgeous Sensoji Temple. Once night falls, most long-standing traditional shops will close for the day. Stores that remain open during the evening are mainly izakaya (Japanese pub) chains.

Therefore, our MATCHA editor wishes to introduce a famous street for dining in Asakusa called Hoppy Street.

Asakusa at Night

It's safe to say that this street is the liveliest place in Asakusa at night. The shops even have outdoor seating and exude an energizing atmosphere. You can savor dishes such as beef tendon stew and monjayaki, and drink hoppy, a uniquely Japanese alcoholic beverage.

Whether you're an office worker in a suit or someone dressed in a yukata (summer kimono), stop by Hoppy Street to see everyone enjoying meat dishes and drinking beer. Hoppy Street is the best place to truly take in the energy of Asakusa at night!

3. Kamiya Bar: The First Bar in Japan Since 1880!

Asakusa at Night

Huh? You’re shy and prefer not to be in crowded places? If this describes you, then our MATCHA editor recommends heading to Kamiya Bar.

This was the first bar to ever open in Japan in 1880. It’s also located in an amazing location with the address “Taito, Asakusa 1-1-1.” Moreover, the building is registered as a tangible cultural property.

Asakusa at Night

Photo by Naotake Murayama

While soaking up the retro vibes, you should order a drink called the "Denki Bran" at Kamiya Bar. This famous cocktail was created in Asakusa in 1882 and features a blend of brandy, gin, wine, curacao, and assorted herbs.

One sip of this concoction may make you feel like you've traveled back in time to a century ago.

4. Don Quijote: Where You Can Shop for 24 Hours

Asakusa at Night

Now that you're stomach is full, do you feel like going shopping? Many shopping malls and department stores in Japan close around 20:00. It's hard to swing in a shopping spree once it becomes too late.

If this happens, you should visit Don Quijote Asakusa. This store is open 24-hours a day.

Don Quijote sells various products, including name-brand bags, cosmetics, daily necessities, snacks, and more! The store's prices are shockingly cheap; they even have a catchphrase proclaiming themselves as "The Hall of Amazing Bargain Prices."

5. Take in the Romantic Atmosphere at Tokyo Skytree

Asakusa at Night

Photo by Pixta
Are you someone who appreciates a romantic atmosphere? Then we recommend heading to the Tokyo Skytree when night falls.

The Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck is open until 21:00. It would be amazing to enjoy a fancy cocktail on the observation deck before taking a stroll in the sky at the Tembo Galleria.

The Tokyo Skytree lights up every day from sunset to 24:00, beautifully illuminating the nightscape in Asakusa. Why not snap picturesque photos while walking through the glistening streets of Asakusa?

Asakusa's Nightlife is Teeming with Charm

During the day, Asakusa is bustling with people. However, it is teeming with charm at night. How about admiring the romantic nightscape of Asakusa during a walk the next time you visit?

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