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30,000 Blooms: Rejuvenate At Gomadoyama Ajisai Garden, Niigata

30,000 Blooms: Rejuvenate At Gomadoyama Ajisai Garden, Niigata
  • 30,000 Blooms: Rejuvenate At Gomadoyama Ajisai Garden, Niigata

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by madoka hasegawa

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In Japan is a period with lots of rain and cloudy weather called tsuyu (rainy season). Rain falls every day and it’s a hassle to go out. We will introduce a place where you can enjoy hydrangeas in Niigata thanks to the rainy season.

The best time to see these flowers in the Kanto area, such as in Tokyo, is in the middle of June. If you happen to miss this period though, you have another option - to see them in Niigata. The best time to see hydrangeas in Niigata is from the end of June to the middle of July.

Tagami, a town about a 40 minute train ride from JR Niigata Station, is home to the best place for admiring hydrangeas within the prefecture and is called Gomadoyama Ajisaien Garden. If you will be traveling by train, take the train bound for Tagami Station on the JR Shinetsu Main Line from Niigata Station. You will finally arrive at the mountain trail entrance after fifteen minutes of walking.

Mountain Climb to the Garden!


To visit the hydrangea garden, you will hike up Mount Gomado. The mountain has an elevation of approximately 274m and it will take about 40 minutes of walking to reach the summit. Vending machines are also located at the foot of the mountain, so we suggest those who do not have water on them buy their drinks here before starting their walk.


Walking sticks (to the right of the picture) can also be borrowed for free, so please make use them if you aren’t used to hiking.


Even those who normally do not hike will be fine on this trail. The trail has been maintained to be easy to walk on so that you are able to enjoy beautiful scenery from a trail that is surrounded by trees and light green leaves. Midway, a sign printed with numbers, the first being the distance to the summit of Mount Gomado and the next being the distance from the foot of the mountain, will appear. Isn’t it reassuring to know how much more you have until you reach the summit?

[Niigata] Heal at Gomadoyama Ajisai Garden with 30,000 Shrubs in Full Bloom

Photo courtesy of: Tagami Town Office, Industry Promotion Section, Commercial Sightseeing Official
When you continue walking, you will come across a sign like the one pictured above. The trail splits into two paths, but the right will take you to the summit while the left is a course that will take you to Ajisaien Garden before hiking to the summit.

Next PageOn the next page, we’ll introduce the summit and Ajisaien Garden.
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