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Tea Ceremony En In Kyoto - Experience The World Of Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony En In Kyoto - Experience The World Of Tea Ceremony

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Tea ceremony is a traditional culture of Japan. It can also be seen as a mastering of the art of tea-making as entertainment. In Gion, Kyoto, there is a shop where you can experience this art. Why not experience Japanese culture through tea ceremony?

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Yumiko Delor

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Sado (lit. “The Way of Tea”) is a traditional cultural practice of Japan. It is a ceremony of entertaining the guests with tea, performed from a convention established in the beauty of form, the spirit of hospitality towards others, and the rules of etiquette. There is a shop where you can readily experience the difficult practice of tea ceremony after learning the necessary rules of etiquette in Kyoto.

Entrance of En

Tea Ceremony En is located in an area that is slightly difficult to find. Head towards Yasaka Shrine, famous for its Gion Festival, one of Japan’s greatest festivals, and continue left; it will be in a small alleyway to the left side of Chionin’s large Shinmon Gate. The owner, with the thought of, “I would like (visitors) to enjoy tea ceremony in tranquility,” had searched for a location where noise pollution would be as limited as possible.

The word “en” can be written in two different ways: either with the kanji character for “connection or relation” or with the character for “round.” The origin of the shop’s name comes from the kanji “en” for the link between people and places and “en” for round and contiguous. The interior design and tearooms are handmade not only by the owner, but by the staff as well. Come enjoy Japanese culture at the meticulous Tea Ceremony En!

Let’s Check Out the Tea Ceremony Experience Class

Inside the shop

You can check-in in the doma (*1) area after entering the entryway. A group tea ceremony experience is 2500 yen per one person (plus tax). A private tea ceremony experience is also offered for those who would like a thorough learning experience and is 4500 yen for one person (plus tax).

*1 Doma: A space left with its ground exposed and without flooring located in an area after entering the entryway.

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