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Tabisuru Shintora Market: Enjoy Regional Charms With Your Five Senses!

Tabisuru Shintora Market: Enjoy Regional Charms With Your Five Senses!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by ayu

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We will introduce Tabisuru Shintora Market, a commercial facility located on Shintora Avenue that is gathering attention for introducing foods, specialty products, and cultures of each region of Japan to those both in and out of the country.

What Is Tabisuru Shintora Market?

Experience The Charms of Japan Through Your Five Senses at Tabisuru Shintora Market!

Tabisuru Shintora Market opened on Shintora Avenue, a road that connects the distance between Shimbashi Station and Toranomon Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, in February 2017. It is a market where you can experience the foods, products, and cultures of each region of Japan while being in Tokyo.

The market is a development that includes four Tabisuru Stand buildings and the Tabisuru Café, where you can enjoy food as well as a Tabisuru Store where products have been carefully picked out and brought together by Isetan Mitsukoshi, a long-standing Japanese department store. There are also workshops where you can experience traditional culture. Regional themes and stores will be replaced approximately every three months and visitors will be able to experience the charms of every part of Japan from various perspectives here.

Shintora Avenue will also assume an important role as the symbolic street that connects the Olympic Village, where the athletes will live, and Main Stadium during the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

We will introduce the establishments located in that very Shintora Market.

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