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Japan's Halloween Treats: Grab A Scary Snack To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Japan's Halloween Treats: Grab A Scary Snack To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Hilary Keyes

2017.10.21 Bookmark

While your costume is the biggest part of celebrating Halloween in Japan, chocolates and sweets run a close second! Here are some of the best spooky sweets to enjoy during Halloween in Japan, 4 of which make ideal souvenirs, and one to enjoy now!

Although trick or treating is not a big part of Halloween in Japan (yet!), wherever you look you will surely find shelves and shelves of autumn and Halloween themed snacks and candy to enjoy. In some shops, you can even find Halloween pasta sauce sets (made with pumpkin and squid ink), ghost daifuku, or even creepy eyeball cookies (made with marshmallows and adzuki beans).

If you are visiting Japan for Halloween, you might want to pick up some Japanese Halloween souvenirs too - so here are five of the best autumn or Halloween sweets you can buy. The first four are great because they are light and easy to pack, while the last one is a treat you'll have to share with your friends and family back home by photo only.

1. LOOK Seasonal Chocolates - by Fujiya

Japan's Halloween Treats: Grab A Scary Snack To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

LOOK Chocolates are bite-sized milk chocolates with a rich filling based around the popular foods or flavors of the season. In autumn, you can find these season-limited treats in a two flavor set: waguri kinton (Japanese chestnut and sweet potato dumpling), and Anou imo (a brand of sweet potato from Kagoshima).

The waguri kinton have rich sweetness with a bit of honey to them, while the Anou imo really taste like grilled sweet potato. These flavors really match well with the milk chocolate too. LOOK Chocolates are a really popular and highly recommended souvenir because of their unique flavors and share-ability - plus they come in small, flat containers which are very easy to pack!

Average price: 98 yen (with tax)

2. Takenoko no Sato - by Meiji

Japan's Halloween Treats: Grab A Scary Snack To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Takenoko no Sato are one of the most popular children's snacks in Japan, and are available year round, with special season limited varieties sold as well. Shaped like a bamboo shoot, these chocolate covered cookie snacks are great for when you want something small to snack on. This fall, Meiji came out with purple sweet potato flavored Takenoko.

The purple sweet potato flavored white chocolate goes amazingly well with the cookie base; it almost tastes like a milder version of a Thanksgiving sweet potato pie. These would make great on the go snacks, and perfect souvenirs to share with kids. They also have limited edition Halloween packages of their regular snacks too.

Average price: 188 yen (with tax)

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