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10 Things To Try In February In Japan! Curious And Cute Delights

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February is the month of love and chocolate in Japan. If you visit during February 2020, there are many sweet treats and snacks to explore, as well as sakura-inspired items, from Starbucks drinks to cherry blossom sheet masks.

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Valentine's Day is celebrated differently in Japan than in other countries, but it is still very chocolate heavy. This is also reflected in all the limited edition offerings in Japan during February 2020.

Here are ten of the limited-edition sweets, snacks, and things to try if you visit Japan in the month of love.

1. Sweets Paradise Cat-Themed Buffet

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Picture courtesy of Sweets Paradise

Sweets Paradise is a budget-friendly sweets buffet chain in Japan. For Valentine's Day and spring 2020 they collaborated with illustrator Makoto Muramatsu for the purr-fect cat theme. Makoto Muramatsu is famous for his heart-warming cat drawings.

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Picture courtesy of Sweets Paradise

Several menu items have gotten a feline makeover. The collaboration period is from January 24 until April 14, 2020, so there is enough time to taste adorable cat sweets.

2. Starbucks Valentine's Beverages and Sakura Latte

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Picture courtesy of Starbucks Japan

Starbucks Japan offers its chocolate-themed Valentine's beverages until February 14, 2020.

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Picture courtesty of Starbucks Japan

All Starbucks stores in Japan sell Sakura goods and beverages starting February 15, 2020. The beverage line-up includes a Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuchino® and Sakura Milk Latte.

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Picture courtesy of Starbucks Japan

Meanwhile, Starbucks Sakura White Chocolate Cheesecake With Milk Pudding beverage became available for a limited time at convenience stores Japan-wide on February 11, 2020.

3. Lindt White Chocolate Matcha Drink

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Picture courtesy Lindt Japan

After introducing several other new year beverages, Lindt Japan finally introduced its own matcha hot chocolate. Lindt's version combines the finest matcha powder from Shizuoka with creamy white chocolate.

4. Spring Cat Sweets Set At Bakery & Cafe Blue Jean

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Picture courtesy Bakery & Cafe Blue Jean

Bakery & Cafe Blue Jean, located in Osaka, is known for its cat-shaped baked goods. For spring 2020, Blue Jean created a special spring set including bread loaves with sakura anko (cherry blossom-flavored red bean paste), two small versions of the adorable Neko no Te (cat paw) pastry, a set of catface-shaped financier cakes, and paw-printed macaroons. These are only available for a limited time and in limited quantity

5. Pablo Valentine's Chocolate Cheese Tarts

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Picture courtesy of Pablo

Pablo cheese tarts have gotten a chocolate makeover for Valentine's Day. You can choose between Strawberry and Framboise Chocolate Cheese Tart and the Pablo mini Marshmallow loves Chocolate Cheese Tart. Treat yourself to one of these decadent tarts by February 29, 2020.

6. McDonald’s Rice Burgers

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Picture courtesy McDonalds Japan

Three of McDonald's most popular burgers now come with patties made out of rice instead of their regular buns. This a limited edition offer for their new night menu which includes a Teriyaki Burger, a Bacon Lettuce Burger and a Chicken Filet O’.

7. Valentine's Chocolate Ramen at Kipposhi and Korakuen

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February is the month of chocolate for everything––even including savory food! This year, two ramen restaurants have tried their luck in chocolate ramen.

First is Kipposhi, a popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo is famous for its mysterious and delicious blue ramen. They created a Pink Valentine Ramen with a base of chicken broth topped with pink chocolate, which is a, surprisingly, delicious combination. It is only available until Valentine's Day.

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Picture courtesy of Korakuen

Two more chocolate ramen are available at the ramen chain Korakuen. Their milk chocolate ramen is a mixture of soy sauce ramen and cocoa oil and the white chocolate ramen has salt ramen as base.

8. Matcha Azuki Yukimi Daifuku

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Picture courtesy of LOTTE

Yukimi Daifuku is a well-known ice cream dessert inspired by traditional daifuku (a glutinous rice cake filled with sweet bean paste). The new limited-edition matcha and azuki flavor offers the classic snack in Japanese flavors. Enjoy this treat of rich matcha ice cream with sweet bean paste wrapped in soft mochi.

9. Pocky From JAPAN Sakura Shitate

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Pocky is one of the most-eaten snacks from Japan. The Pocky from JAPAN series focuses on traditionally beloved flavors in Japan such as roasted soybean flour (kinako) and, the newly released, cherry blossom (sakura) flavor. Pocky Sakura Shitate contains a pretzel stick made with browned butter, sakura-flavored white chocolate, and salt and sugar topping to enhance the flavor.

10. Cherry Blossom Sheet Masks, Tooth Paste and Breath Mints

Try Curious And Cute Delights In Japan In February

Sheet masks are a beauty staple in Japan. They can also be found in limited-time varieties, with cherry blossom season offering the biggest selection. From value packs of multiple masks to high-quality royal jelly masks, or a quick one-minute treatment, this year might offer the biggest cherry blossom essence infused selection ever.

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Sheet masks are not the only beauty item to get you into the mood for hanami (cherry blossom viewing). The major dental care brand Ora2 has released Fresh Sakura Mint Toothpaste. To keep your cherry blossom fresh breath all day long, you can purchase MINTIA Sakura breath mints as well.

Enjoy the Month of Love and Chocolate in Japan

February truly offers some culinary surprises from chocolate ramen to cherry blossom toothpaste. If you have an adventurous palate February is the month to try new things in Japan.

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