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The Gateway To Japan - Narita Airport

From Access and Facility Information to Sightseeing Spots

The Gateway To Japan
- Narita Airport

Narita Airport serves as the gateway to Japan for many international travelers.

In addition to the conveniently connected train and bus routes bound for Tokyo, Japan's capital, Narita Airport also has a great number of highway buses and domestic flights on low cost carriers bound for other major cities and sightseeing areas all across the country.

Narita Airport also has many different shopping malls and restaurants travelers can choose from, and offers free transit and stay tours for those on a long layover, plus many other services and facilities to make your time in Japan enjoyable.

This special feature includes important Narita Airport access information and facility guides, as well as articles on sightseeing spots like Narita-san Shinshoji Temple and the outlet malls in the area.

Basic Information about Narita Airport (Facility Details, Souvenirs, etc.)

How to Reach Narita Airport

Transit & Stay Tours from Narita Airport Pick Up!

Sightseeing Spots around Narita Airport