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Enjoy A Mini-Trip From Home! 5 Popular Japanese Bicycle Brands

Enjoy A Mini-Trip From Home! 5 Popular Japanese Bicycle Brands

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by miho

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Owning a bicycle is truly convenient in Japan. It’s useful for shopping, commuting to work, and even exploring local cafes. In this article, we introduce five popular bikes, including electric bicycles or budget-friendly varieties, that will meet your specific needs!

Bicycle Types Convenient for Commuting and Cafe Exploring

Lately, there's been an increase in the number of bicycle users in Japan. Many opt for this option to avoid crowded trains and improve their health.

Bicycles are also useful for shopping or discovering nearby cafes. You can enjoy a mini-trip not far away from home by simply following this health-conscious trend and enjoy cycling.

In this article, we introduce five bicycle types that are popular in Japan!

1. Tokyobike: Easily Cycle Around Town

tokyobike Yanaka Store

Picture courtesy of tokyobike
Tokyobike takes style cues from Tokyo’s shitamachi (old downtown) while exhibiting its own unique design. This popular brand originated in the Yanaka district and now has global stores in cities such as Taipei, London, and Los Angeles.

tokyobike 26 Kamakura Enoshima Dentetsu

Picture courtesy of tokyobike
Tokyobike’s concept is “slow Tokyo.” Their bicycles can be ridden comfortably around the bustling metropolis. Thanks to the small diameter of their tires, you'll be able to pedal effortlessly and stop smoothly at traffic lights.

tokyobike 26 Dark Green

TOKYOBIKE MONO is the brand's signature model crafted from the concept “simple, yet just right.” This same concept is also the foundation for tokyobike.

The bicycle employs a single gear for light pedaling and 26-inch tires with incredible versatility. This is a great product for bike enthusiasts and amateurs alike (48,000 yen before tax).

tokyobike BISOU 26 Yellow

This is the TOKYOBIKE BISOU 26 equipped with a seven-speed gear. In addition to increasing your speed, the design makes it effortless to ride uphill. It utilizes a promenade handlebar (*1) and can be ridden with a relaxed posture, which is one of its selling points.

You don't have to head to the suburbs to enjoy the gentle breeze. This bicycle is perfect for comfortably riding around town (68,000 yen before tax).

*1 Promenade Handlebar: a type of handle shape that is bent towards the bicyclist. It ensures a comfortable riding position.

2. FUJI RAIZ: Made by a Reputable Manufacturer

Fuji Bikes

Picture courtesy of Amazon
FUJI has been the pioneer of Japanese bicycle brands with over 100 years of history. Until now, this manufacturer handled many bicycles used by professional athletes participating in international competitions.

FUJI developed its LIFE STYLE series for the public to make everyday life fun. While many of the bicycles in this series are road bikes, we’d like to introduce the RAIZ: a cross hybrid bike. It’s distinguished by its frame design—creating a sense of unity between the bike and the bicyclist—while utilizing a drive unit created by Shimano, a major manufacturer of cycling components in Japan. It also has excellent stability.

3. ViVi SX: Not in Shape? Don’t Worry! Choose an Electric Bicycle by Panasonic

Panasonic 2020 Model Electric Bicycle

Picture courtesy of Amazon

The advantage of an electric bicycle is that people who aren't confident in their physical strength can comfortably take it for a spin.

The ViVi electric bicycle series by Panasonic is perfect for going shopping. The SX bike model comes with LED beam lamps underneath the pedals, which make it safe to ride at night.

Customers can choose from four different colors. Our writer's recommended hue is the calming, but cute chocolate brown.

Another great aspect is that your belongings or bags won’t easily be damaged thanks to its resin basket. The saddle is also designed so that bicyclists won’t tire easily, even when pedaling for long periods.

4. Dixhuit: Purchase a Bike for a Great Price

dixhuit Bicyles

Picture courtesy of Amazon
Some of you may want to stick to your budget. However, you also want to ride a stylish bicycle that has great quality. If this describes you, then we recommend the dixhuit.

This bicycle is known for its six-speed shifter by Shimano and is resilient on long-distance and uphill rides. It utilizes a semi-up handlebar (*2) that makes it great for riding with comfort and stability. This popular bike is the epitome of stylish design while being reasonably priced.

*2 Semi-Up Handlebar: Similar to a promenade handlebar, this type of handle is bent towards the bicyclist. It is sometimes defined by the curve of the handle.

5. GIANT: An Attractive Line-Up of Bicycles

Giant Bicycles Onomichi Store

Pictures courtesy of PRTIMES
GIANT Bicycles is a world-class bicycle manufacturer founded in Taiwan. The company manufactures bikes with outstanding quality that are actively used in several international competitions.

The company expanded to Japan in 1989. They currently have branches all over the country (Japanese). In particular, their Onomichi U2 location may be the most famous among their nationwide branches. That’s because it’s located near the Shimanami Kaido, one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Japan. They also offer bicycle rentals at this location.

【GIANT】momentum iNeed Dandy L

Picture courtesy of momoshop
GIANT Bicycles have an eclectic line-up of products, including bicycles for paved roads, off-road, sports, everyday life, and children. Their price range also varies, so try finding the two-wheeled vehicle that is ideal for you.

In Japan, customers can only purchase bicycles directly in a Giant Bicycle store. However, you can purchase a bike online through Taiwanese retailers.

Embark on a Mini-Trip by Bike!

Bicycles aren’t just useful transportation methods for everyday life. By simply riding a bike, you’ll be sure to discover new charms around your neighborhood that you normally wouldn’t see when walking or riding the train.

Now, shall we place our feet on the pedals and embark on a short trip from home?

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