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Otaru Sweets! Find Tasty Souvenirs at Kagetsudo and Shogetsudo

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Otaru, a city in Hokkaido, is known for its excellent confectionery shops. Kagetsudo and Shogetsudo are two stores that are particularly famous. Both have a history exceeding a century and are loved by visitors and locals alike. Do stop for a visit and snag the perfect souvenir!


Japanese-Style Confectionery Shops in Otaru

The cheesecake made by LeTAO, a confectionery shop in Otaru, is famous throughout Hokkaido.

But did you know that there are other shops selling delicious souvenirs as well?

In this article, we introduce Kagetsudo and Shogetsudo, two Japanese-style (wagashi) confectionery shops in the port city. Both spots are loved by both visitors and locals alike.

Kagetsudo: Try Tasty Dorayaki at Hokkaido's Oldest Company


Kagetsudo is located seven minutes on foot from Otaru Station. In 1851, it opened for business in present-day Shibata City in Niigata.

At the time, it was said to be a confectionery shop that provided sweets for the daimyo (feudal lord) of the Shibata Domain.


In 1903, Kagetsudo relocated to Otaru, which was flourishing as a port town. With a history spanning over 150 years, it's known as one of Hokkaido's oldest companies.

While making use of its previously developed techniques and skills, Kagetsudo began crafting Japanese-style sweets using Hokkaido ingredients.


Mikasayama Chestnut Dorayaki (185 yen after tax)

Kagetsudo's most popular item is the Chestnut Dorayaki.

Red bean paste filling (Tokamachi azuki beans) and a big chunk of chestnut (kuri) are enveloped by two fragrant pancakes, which have a similar texture to spongecake.

This special treat has a moderate sweetness from the pancakes and smooth texture from the red bean paste.


Apple pie (140 yen after tax)

In addition to Japanese-style sweets, the shop also sells Western-style sweets, cakes, and jelly.

The apple pie using locally grown Hokkaido apples should not be missed! Inside the moist and flaky pie crust are large slices of apples.

It's reasonably priced, and while small in size, it's actually very filling and satisfying.

Okumura Shogetsudo: Reminiscent of the Taisho Period


Okumura Shogetsudo is just five minutes on foot from Otaru Station. It's situated in an area featuring European-style buildings, often called the "Wall Street of the North."

The storefront has an elegant and tasteful appearance, built in the Taisho period (1912-1926).


Founded in 1918, Okumura Shogetsudo continues to follow the traditional practices of its predecessor—even today, all products are handmade on the premises without the use of any preservatives.


Otaru Bijin Raspberry Nama Dorayaki (260 yen after tax)

The shop's most popular item is the Nama Dorayaki. It has a soft and fluffy pancake exterior, and is filled with cream and red bean paste.

Another big favorite is the Otaru Bijin Raspberry Nama Dorayaki, which uses raspberries from Hokkaido's Yoichi area. The gentle sweetness of the red bean paste and the tartness of the raspberries are an exquisite match.

The Nama Dorayaki is sold as a frozen product. So please let it thaw out for about 30 minutes at room temperature before consuming it.


In addition, the shop also sells a local Hokkaido confectionery called Bekomochi (a treat made in the shape of a tree's leaf using white and black-colored mochi), yokan (azuki bean jelly), rollcake, Castella (sponge cake), and so on.

Since preservatives are never used, Shogetsudo's products don't keep as long as ordinary sweets. When purchasing a product, please be sure to check the expiry date and enjoy it fresh as soon as possible.

We Also Recommend Doing a Taste Comparison!

There are many famous souvenirs and sweets available in Otaru. But Kagetsudo and Shogetsudo—both dating back more than 100 years—have been loved by many people for a long time.

These special shops are located just three minutes away from each other. So why not visit both places and do a taste comparison?

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.