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4 Fun Means Of Transportation When Sightseeing In Asakusa

4 Fun Means Of Transportation When Sightseeing In Asakusa

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Koshizuka Misato

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In this article we share four ways to get around the city of Asakusa when sightseeing. Choose the one that best fits your needs!

スカイツリービューポイント 浅草寺 宝蔵門 1

Asakusa is a very large area, so you might get tired walking around and exploring what the city has to offer. But don't worry, you'll find various fun means of transportation to get you from place to place. Today we'll be introducing four of the most popular.

1. Bicycle - Cycle Around the City


Taito ward, in which Asakusa is located, offers a rental bicycle service that visitors can use. There are four rental spots in the area, and you can return your bike to any of them when you're done. The price is just 200 yen per day.

スカイツリービューポイント 言問橋 隅田川 4

The best thing about traveling by bike is that you can go wherever you want whenever you want. From Asakusa to the Skytree takes about 25 minutes on foot, but if you've got a bike, it's a mere seven minute ride. You can even breeze your way to Ueno, which would be a difficult task if you were walking.

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2. Megurin - Great for Families


Megurin is a bus that circles around Taito ward. There are three lines: the Kita Megurin (North Megurin), Minami Megurin (South Megurin), and Tozai Megurin (East-West Megurin). You'll be able to visit most places in Taito with these buses. They run all year and come every fifteen minutes. You can casually hop on one as the fare is just 100 yen.

Megurin is a low-floor bus and is easy to board for senior citizens as well as those with families. The vehicle is complete with air conditioning.


The Kita Megurin will let you visit Asakusa Station and Sumida Park, while the Minami Megurin will take you to Kappabashi Street and the Tozai Megurin to Ueno Station and Ueno Park.

Many visitors love the cute and retro look as well as the convenience of the Megurin bus. We hope you try it out!

3. Rickshaw - An Asakusa Favorite


Riding a rickshaw around the city is a tourist-favorite activity in Asakusa. A rickshaw (jinrikisha) is a vehicle pulled by a puller, usually with seats for two. It's not fast and conveniently air-conditioned like a bus, but you'll be able to feel the rich Asakusa atmosphere with all of your senses this way.


While you're on the rickshaw, the shafu (rickshaw-puller) will explain all about attractions around the city, as well as share with you the best photo spots. Some shafu can speak English and Chinese, as well as other languages, so you don't have to worry too much about any language barriers.

The fare is expensive compared to the other transportation options that you have, but a rickshaw ride allows you to experience the city in a way that no other vehicle does. We hope you give it a go!

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4. Water Bus - See the City from a Different Angle

水上バス 隅田川ライン 12

If you've done your fair share of exploring in Asakusa, how about taking a look at the city from a different perspective? There are water buses that you can ride on the Sumida river, which allow visitors to admire the various attractions and unique bridges from the water. The view from a water bus is quite different from what you can see by walking on foot.

Asakusa is full of cool tourist attractions. You can bike your way from one to another, get on a convenient bus ride, or try something new like a rickshaw or water bus. We hope you enjoy the means of transportation that fits you best. Enjoy Asakusa!

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