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Enjoy the four seasons of Japan! Top 5 Spots to Visit in Spring at Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark in Shimane Prefecture

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How about including it in your travel plans for the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture, Japan's remote islands? Here is a list of top 5 spring flower wonderland places to visit in the Oki Islands.

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Nakanoshima Island, Oki Shrine in Ama Town

The place where exiled Emperor Go-Toba is enshrined and hands down the best cherry blossom viewing spot on the islands. There are some two hundred fifty trees planted along the way from the torii gate to Oki Shrine itself. When in bloom, they wash the whole place pink, turning the shrine approach into a tunnel of flowers. Visit this major sightseeing spot of Ama Town from early to mid-April, to experience local history and do hanami like an Oki native.  

Besides enjoying the cherry blossoms, it is a place where you can explore the history of Oki as a place of exile. If you visit with a guide, you can reconsider the turning points in Japanese history from the remote islands perspective, such as how the Oki Islands became a land of exile and why the two emperors were exiled here.

Chiburijima Island, Mt. Akahage in Chibu Village

The 360-degree view of the Dōzen Caldera earned Mt. Akahage a firm spot on the list of year-round must-see sightseeing spots. But a hike up its slopes in springtime reveals an especially lovely sight, as the whole area is covered with delicate blossoms.

Blooming from mid April to mid-May, the Japanese wild radish flowers carpet the summit of Mt. Akahage. White with a touch of purple, they make Mt. Akahage look like a place taken out of a Japanese fairy-tale. Let them be another reason to put Chibu Village into your travel itinerary!

Dōgo Island, Murakami Family Oki Rhododendron Park in Okinoshima Town

If you happen to visit Goka Area in Okinoshima Town sometime between late April and early May, be sure to make a small detour from Mizuwakasu Shrine to Murakami-ke Oki Rhododendron Park. Located within a short walking distance, it features around ten thousand Oki rhododendron flowers, a subspecies endemic to the islands. Yes, there really are that many.

Their blossoms turn the slope they are growing on into a cascade of pink. Take a leisure stroll up the winding path and find out for yourself why local people call their rhododendrons “queens of the mountain flowers”.

Dōgo Island, Yabi-gawa Kappa Kōen Park in Okinoshima Town

Local legends thrive and azalea flowers bloom in a small park on the banks of the Yabi-gawa River in Okinoshima Town. Stone statues of kappa water demons pay homage to the folk tale of one such pesky creature turning into an ally, while the vivid colours of azalea blossoms please the eye of any who find their way to the park in late April and May. Those who wander along the Yabi-gawa River in early to mid-April are in for an extra treat, as the row of cherry trees planted there is in full bloom around that time.

Nishinoshima Island, Kuroki-gosho Imperial Residence Site in Nishinoshima Town

  Since a cherry blossom viewing spot opened this list, another one should close it. Near Beppu Port in Nishinoshima Town, there is a site where exiled Emperor Go-Daigo is thought to have once lived. Pay  a visit from late March to mid-April and immerse yourself not only in the history but in the beauty of Japan’s signature flowers as well. The lovely view of the bay you will see on your way is a nice bonus.   

Visit the following site for tourist information on Shimane Prefecture and the Oki Islands:

"Official Tourism Guide, Oki Islands" 

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The Oki Islands are an archipelago located about 50 km north of the Shimane Peninsula, and consist of 180 large and small islands. There are four inhabited islands in total, and they are mainly divided into two areas: Dōzen and Dōgo. Dōzen consists of three islands, Nishinoshima (Nishinoshima Town), Nakanoshima (Ama Town), and Chiburijima (Chibu Village), while Dōgo consists of one island where Okinoshima Town is located. These four islands and the surrounding sea have been designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark for their geological heritage, landscapes, and unique culture of international importance. The Oki Islands Geopark Management Bureau is an organization established to protect the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark and pass it on to the next generation. English website: Oki-Toku Special Ticket Campaign Site (get your return ferry ticket for free!): Japanese website:

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