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Teishoku Set Meal - Japanese Encyclopedia

Teishoku Set Meal - Japanese Encyclopedia

Translated by Ellyn Barnes

Written by MATCHA

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Teishoku is a budget-friendly set meal that usually includes a main dish, soup, side dishes, and dessert. Teshoku set meals are a very popular lunch or dinner choice for the working class in Japan. Learn more about them by reading this article.

Teishoku - Well Balanced Meals

Teishoku - Japanese Style Set Meal

Teishoku is the Japanese word for a pre-decided meal set. It is served at many Japanese restaurants, andusually includes a main dish, rice, a side dish, and a soup. In some places, you may also find set menus with multiple side dishes, dessert, and a drink.

Teishokuya Restaurants - Casual Dining

Teishoku - Japanese Style Set Meal

Most restaurants that serve teishoku are casual eateries offering them for lunch or dinner. Places that offer teishoku are also called teishokuya, or diners.

Unlike à la carte menus, where you choose individual dishes, here you simply choose what you want as your main dish, and rice and soup are automatically included. Depending on the menu, some teishokuya let you choose from a variety of side dishes or even rice variations as well.


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If you feel overwhelmed by the choices in Japanese restaurants, teishoku is often the easiest and most budget-friendly choice. It is also a great option if you are a big eater. Some teishoku even come with rice or soup refills.

If you want to know whether a certain restaurant serves teishoku and they only have a Japanese menu, simply look for the kanji 定食. If you can spot it after the name of a dish, you'll know that it comes as a set.

Teishoku - Budget-Friendly Lunch Option


You can often see time-limited teishoku, also called higawari teishoku, at casual restaurants. Most of the time they are seasonal or monthly specials.

These provide a great chance to enjoy reasonably priced seasonal vegetables or fish. These specials are usually advertised at the entrance of a restaurant or in the form of a special menu on the individual tables.

Healthy and Budget-Friendly Set Meals

Teishoku - Japanese Style Set Meal

We hope this article got you interested in the world of teishoku, or Japanese set meals. Make sure to try some at your favorite restaurant the next time when you visit Japan.

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