Perfect for Family Outings at Kawaguchiko! A Nature-Immersed Theme Park "Fuji Subaruland"

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Fuji Subaru Land is a theme park surrounded by the natural beauty of Mt. Fuji that the whole family can enjoy. In this article, we will introduce the attractions at Fuji Subaru Land and recommended ways to spend your time there.

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What kind of place is Fuji Subaru Land?

Fuji Subaru Land is a 5-minute drive from the Chuo Expressway Lake Kawaguchiko Interchange (there is also a free shuttle bus from Lake Kawaguchiko Station). It is a theme park with a variety of attractions that make use of nature, set within a vast site of approximately 100,000 square meters.

Within the park, there is Forest Park, which is filled with attractions that both children and adults can enjoy, Doggy Park, where you can let your dog play to its heart's content, and a camping area, so you can have fun while taking in the nature of Mt. Fuji.

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Attraction area "Forest Park"

Forest Park is an attraction area that the whole family can enjoy.

There are plenty of attractions for both adults and children to enjoy.

1. Roll Glider

"Roll Gliding" is an activity that is said to be new to Japan. It is an attraction where you put on a special harness and glide down a curved course on a rotating pulley. Enjoy the sense of speed in the middle of nature.

2. Bockle Forest 3D Maze

There are various mechanisms in the huge 5-story maze. It is so large and complicated that you have to move around freely to find the exit. By the way, it is so complicated that even adults give up.

3. Fujinosuke's Buggy Land

This is an attraction that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, where you can enjoy an exhilarating ride on an off-road course in a leisure buggy. The buggy ride while feeling the great outdoors of Mt. Fuji is extremely exhilarating!

4. Nature Experience Base: Acorn Course

The "Nature Experience Base Acorn Course" is a recommended attraction at Fuji Subaru Land, and makes use of nature with tree houses and tree decks. Cross the tree on a suspension bridge and go on an adventure in the forest!

5. Pump Riders

Pump Riders is a new type of attraction where you can experience the adventure of cycling around up and down courses. Please come and experience authentic MTB (mountain biking).

There are also plenty of other fun attractions the whole family can enjoy, such as the Jumbo Slide, Trolley Ide, Putt-Putter Golf, and the Card Maze Forest Adventure.

Dog area "Doggy Park"

The theme of the event is "interacting" with dogs, and there are many fun activities you can enjoy with your beloved dog. For families who cannot keep a dog, there is also an "owner experience" where you can interact with dogs.

1. One-owner experience (reservation required)

The "Dog Owner Experience" lets you experience what it's like to be a dog owner. Dogs come in all different personalities, from cuddly dogs who love to be held to energetic dogs who bark and pull. The "Interaction House" is also popular, where you can play indoors with a variety of popular dog breeds, from large to small.

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2. Four dog runs

Doggy Park has four dog runs: the "Small Dog Priority Dog Run," the "Maze Dog Run," the "Extra Small Dog Only Dog Run," and the "Forest Dog Run." They are divided by size, such as for large and small dogs, so you can let your dog play to its heart's content in the dog run that's perfect for you.

Campsite "Subaru Land CAMP FIELD"

1. Subaru Land CAMP FIELD

You can enjoy camping at your leisure on the spacious natural grass field. After having a great time at Fuji Subaru Land, why not relax at the camp field and gaze at the stars?

Click here to make a reservation for Subaru Land CAMP FIELD

"Subaru BBQ" for the whole family to enjoy

At Subaru BBQ, you can enjoy BBQ without having to bring anything with you. Everything from ingredients to equipment is provided, so it's easy. Enjoy BBQ in a forest full of greenery. (Please make sure to make a reservation in advance through Jalan.)

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Recommended plan to enjoy Lake Kawaguchiko in 2 days and 1 night

A free shuttle bus to Fuji Subaru Land leaves from behind the Fuji Tourism Development building in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station.

09:45: Board the free shuttle bus from Lake Kawaguchiko Station

10:00 ; Arrive at Fuji Subaru Land

10:00: Enjoy the attractions in the park

12:00: One-owner experience (advance reservation required)

13:00: Subaru BBQ

14:00: Enjoy the attractions and stroll around the park

16:30: Move to the camping field. Enjoy camping.


10:00: Check out

10:34: Take the Fujizakura Kogen bus from Fuji Subaru Land to Kawaguchiko Sta.

10:30: Sightseeing around Lake Kawaguchiko Enjoy sightseeing around Lake Kawaguchiko using a Bicycle rental from Fujikanko Travel

14:30 and 15:00: Take the free shuttle bus (reservation required) from Lake Kawaguchiko to Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen

17:30: Depart for Kawaguchiko Sta.

18:00: Arrive Kawaguchiko Sta.. Return to Tokyo

How to get to Fuji Subaru Land

By car

*Free parking (350 cars available)

From Lake Kawaguchiko Interchange, take Prefectural Route 707 for 4.6km (approx. 15 minutes)

3.6km (approx. 15 minutes) from Fujiyoshida Interchange via Prefectural Route 707

By train or express bus

Please take the "Fuji Sakura Kogen Bus" from the bus stop behind the Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu Building in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station. (The bus is free of charge.)

Fujizakura Kogen Bus Timetable Lake Kawaguchiko Station Departure 9:45/11:30/13:20/15:40

Departing from Fuji Subaru Land 10:34/12:17/14:09/16:27

Access details for Fuji Subaru Land

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The northern foot of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture is a stunning area of Japan that has plenty to offer visitors. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, including ”Arakurayama Sengen Park”, which offers a view of Mt. Fuji and the iconic five-story pagoda, "Chureito." The Kawaguchiko Momiji Corridor is also a must-visit during the autumn season when visitors can see the colorful leaves. Our company, based in Lake Kawaguchiko, operates various facilities that utilize the natural resources of Mt. Fuji. These include the theme park "Fuji Subaru Land," which offers a range of exciting rides and attractions, and the Fujiten Snow Resort, where visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Visitors can also sample the world-famous "Fujizakura Heights Beer," made using natural water “Fujizakura Meisui” , or relax in the natural hot spring, "Fuji Chobo no yu Yurari," . We will clearly communicate the charm of Mt. Fuji, which changes with the seasons, from the base of Mt. Fuji in Kawaguchiko.

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