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Harajuku's Stations: A Guide to Navigating Tokyo's Trendiest Spot!

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Harajuku can be accessed with its many stations and exits, each one leading to a different areas like Takeshita Street or Meiji Jingu Shrine. There are also subway stations convenient for getting to this trendy, fashionable area of Tokyo. Read for a complete guide to navigating the neighborhood and ...

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Train Stations in Harajuku, Tokyo

In Harajuku, you can visit huge fashion buildings populated by countless young adults and teenagers, or you can explore the quieter backstreets to find thrift stores and cafes. This area is popular not only for its shopping but also for its proximity to Meiji Jingu Shrine and Yoyogi Park.

Many trains cross paths in the Harajuku area. If you want to maximize your time in the area, you'll want to plan which stations and which exits to use in order to make the travel process smoother. We'll tell you how to do just that, by introducing Harajuku's different train stations and exits.

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1. JR Harajuku Station - Yamanote Line

Harajuku Station

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Harajuku Station is famous and known by people worldwide. The Omotesando Exit heads toward Shibuya and Shinagawa and is teeming with shoppers and travelers from afar.


Upon exiting the station, you'll be greeted by rows of ginkgo trees that line the path to Meiji Jingu Shrine. "Sando" (参道) refers to a path leading to a shrine or temple. That's why this area is called "Omotesando."


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Walk 5 minutes down Omotesando towards Aoyama and you'll find the fashion shopping center that acts as a beacon of youth culture, Harajuku Laforet. You can shop for anything from reasonably-priced brands for students to mode fashion like Vivienne Westwood.


This is the crossroad in front of Meiji Jingu Shrine. On the right is a somewhat narrow street. This street actually connects Shibuya to Harajuku in what is known as "Cat Street."

Cat Street

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The essence of Urahara fashion (a subculture born on the backstreets of Harajuku) is packed into Cat Street's shops. This type of Japanese street culture arose in these backstreets during the 80's. It's a popular destination for those who are crazy for fashion and music, even today.

The Cat Street Leading from Shibuya to Harajuku

2. JR Harajuku Station - Takeshita-dori Exit for Major Harajuku Areas

Takeshita-dori Exit

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Harajuku Station's Takeshita-dori Exit leads towards Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. You can see the famous street right as you exit the ticket gate.


Before you stretches Takeshita-dori, a youth-populated street where Tokyo's trends are born. This narrow street is home to fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, sweets stands, and more. You can shop to your heart's content thanks to its close proximity to the station.

Harajuku Train And Subway Stations: Guide To Navigating Tokyo's Trendiest Spot

This is Brahm's Komichi, a walking path along Takeshita-dori's backstreets. In this European-inspired corner, you can find cozy cafes and boutiques. If you're in the area, we recommend you keep an eye out for this little-known section.

3. Meiji-jingumae Station -Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Lines


When it's rainy outside, you can still get to your destination by using the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin and Chiyoda Line's Meiji-jingumae Station, which has more exits than JR Harajuku Station.

Harajuku Train And Subway Stations: Guide To Navigating Tokyo's Trendiest Spot

Photo by Pixta
You can reach the famous Meiji Jingu Shrine by walking just two minutes from Exit 1 or 2. Separate yourself from the hustle and bustle for a bit along this quiet path.

Harajuku Train And Subway Stations: Guide To Navigating Tokyo's Trendiest Spot

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This is Yoyogi Park, located next to Meiji Jingu. This park, the fifth largest in Tokyo, is frequented by runners and picnickers. Its abundant greenery will soothe your body and soul. Take a break here on your way back from shopping.

Omotesando Station - Tokyo Metro Ginza, Chiyoda, and Hanzomon Lines

Omotesando Station Exit

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Though they're within walking distance of each other, Harajuku and the neighboring Omotesando area are very different.


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High fashion brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are sold here, giving the area its classy vibe. The glass-walled Apple Store is located right next to Exit A2 of Omotesando Station, which runs on the Tokyo Metro's Ginza, Chiyoda, and Hanzomon lines.

Omotesando Hills

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You can also access Omotesando Hills, a top-class shopping spot for both men and women. Its main entrance is a 5 minute walk from the A2 exit.


Hot Spots to Visit in Harajuku

Now that you've arrived in the Harajuku area, seek out some of the new places to check out which have opened up recently!



The brand new facility, Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado is planned to open in spring of 2024. This complex will feature a variety of shops and services including unique floors showcasing top creators and designers of different fields and even a public bathhouse establishment "Kosugi-yu." 

On other floors you will find the Creators Market, a cafe produced by creative director Hideaki Oki. Hungry customers can check out the food courts on the 5th and 6th floors, with more than 20 restaurants including FAMiRES, a new-age family restaurant produced by Shusaku Toba, known as the chef of the restaurant Sio in Yoyogi-Uehara.

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 6-1000
Access: About 5 minutes on foot from Meiji-Jingumae Station or Harajuku Station

Harajuku Saryo

Harajuku Saryo

Harajuku Saryo is a new, hands-on art workshop opening in January 2024. Here you can experience Tokyo and Edo culture through traditional music, tea, and pottery.

Harajuku Saryo

For those seeking an artistic challenge, here you can try out Edo Nuri, where you paint your own traditional tea cups. Once you finish painting them, they will prepare the cup on the spot so that you can enjoy some tea from the cups you painted all on the same day. Enjoy some matcha tea with some dorayaki sweets!

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 3-33-2
Workshop Fee: 6,600 yen
Access: About 10 minutes on foot from Meiji-Jingumae Station or Harajuku Station

The Unknown Café Gallery Harajuku

The Unknown Café Gallery Harajuku

Don't worry, this is not some mystery cafe in Harajuku. The Unknown Café Gallery Harajuku is a cafe and gallery designed by manga publisher Shueisha Co., Ltd.'s Shonen Jump + Editorial Department. Here you can enjoy some of their line up of monochromatic sandwiches and baked goods that are dark, unique, and delicious! 

The purpose and naming of this "Unknown Cafe" is to showcase up-and-coming manga artists. Some short stories from Jump+ will be selected and displayed in the gallery called The Unknown.

Address: Tokyo Shibuya, Jingumae 6-6-2
Hours: 11:00-23:00
Access: About 7 minutes on foot from Meiji-Jingumae Station or Harajuku Station

Galaxy and team Lab

Galaxy Harajuku is a experimental facility that offers unique discoveries and imaginative experiences no matter how many times you visit. In addition to sharing info about new Galaxy products, this spot holds various activities and events, along with a cafe where you can relax and reflect on the new experiences you have here. 

From April 2023, a new exhibit called "Catch and Collect Dinosaur Forest"  run by Galaxy and team Lab has opened. The exhibit's concept is to "Catch, Observe, and Release," encouraging visitors to experience exploring, discovering, and capturing ancient dinosaurs using a Galaxy smartphone for the experience. Explore these broken boundaries and experience the magic while filling up your encyclopedia collection with your captured dinosaurs!

You can experience a lot more in Harajuku in addition to the above, from skyscrapers to ancient temples, and green forest parks. Take your time to take full advantage of this area that transforms into completely different areas between station exits. You're bound to find something you weren't expecting!


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