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Lolita Fashion – Everyone can Be a Princess

Lolita Fashion – Everyone can Be a Princess

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

2014.04.05 Bookmark

Lolita fashion is one of Japanese street fashion with a lot of lace and frill like a princess. Do you know the meaning of the word, “LOLITA” and “Lolita fashion”?

The Meaning of “LOLITA”

photo: Amazon

The word, “LOLITA” may remind you the word “Lolita Complex” also known as "Loli-Com". “Loli-Com” came from the novel “LOLITA” written by Vladimir Nabokov from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The story is a bit strange. One literary scholar, Humbert Humbert, fell in love with his daughter in law, Dolores Haze whom nickname was “Lolita”.

“Lolita Fashion”



Then, what is “Lolita fashion"? I have to say first that this fashion style has nothing in relation with the novel "LOLITA" written above. In general, it is one kind of the street fashion popular in Harajuku area and was born from Japanese unique "Shoujo(girlie) culture". This “Shoujo (girlie) culture” has originated in Japan. It is seen as one kind of fashion trend with a lot of frill and laces, hardly found in other countries. This culture was born around 1970s. At that time, the "Shoujo (girlie) culture fashion" famous for “PINK HOUSE” (*1) and “MILK” (*2) was called “Romantic fashion.” (*3) The “Lolita fashion” then appeared later on in around 1990.

(*1) (*2) Both of them are the name of fashion brand famous for frilly ”girlie” design.
(*3) The name of one fashion stream from 1970s to 1990s. It was strongly affected from Shojo (girlie) culture. Compared to "Lolita fashion", its designs are less frilled.

The Differences between “Romantic Fashion” and “Lolita Fashion"

The differences between “Romantic fashion” and “Lolita fashion” are its silhouettes and the length of the skirts. First, “Romantic fashion” has simple straight silhouette from shoulder to legs and the length of skirt is very long. It usually reach to calves. In comparison, “Lolita fashion” silhouette is like a princess because the waist is clear and puffs up the skirt like a cup cake. The length of skirt is usually over or covers nee, not so long like “Romantic fashion”.

The Differences between Casual Fashion and Lolita Fashion

photo: RUNWAYchannel

The above picture shows general casual fashion. These clothes’ materials, shapes and patterns are all different, so we can clearly express our personalities on daily coordinates. Moreover, it is useful to go everywhere, for example, university, shopping and dating! The casual clothes can make you attractive.


On the other hand, this is the “Lolita fashion.” Every girl’s dreams that want to be a princess or a doll can come true to wear these clothes. You can put on them whenever you like and can do whatever you want. The important thing is to wear them for you. It is totally different from the clothes to attract boys. The people who wear Lolita fashion create their own fashion sense and do not lie to themselves.

These unique dresses like a princess are from 18 century’s Victorian or Rococo era in France. That era is very famous for Mary Antoinette. They are based on the dresses which a princess or upper class women wore in that period. Surrounding by fluffy frill and lace, squeezing the waist using a corset, and decorating hair the most gorgeous. Not only Japanese girls but also many foreign girls who want to be a princess or a doll are captivated by the Lolita fashion.

The Lolita Fashion World


photo: Maison de Julietta

Lolita fashion is not that simple. There are various styles of Lolita and everyone can choose their favorite designs and freely coordinate it along their dress sense. For example, you can use sweet pastel colors to complete your AMA (sweet) Lolita style. When you want to express gentle or soft atmosphere, you can choose "Classical Lolita". Furthermore, if you want to add some dark taste, you should dress up in "Gothic Lolita". It is quite rare and unique, but there also is"Ouji(Prince)" style if you want to become a sweet prince.

You also can make your original Lolita fashion style. Do you want to know more about Lolita fashion? This fashion is very unique for its huge community and future possibilities.  Although it was originally a minority street fashion, it began to spread overseas. And now, there are many numbers of Lolita fashionista in many countries!


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