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Health Goods In Japan! Pharmaceutical Products Sold At Drugstores

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Koshizuka Misato

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This article introduces popular Japanese medicines and pharmaceutical products that are helpful for those visiting and living in Japan. From muscle and pain relief medicine to patches that help lower fevers, there are many highly-rated products to discover and test out.

Recommended Over-the-Counter Products in Japan

Japanese pharmaceutical products are top-rated because they are of high quality and safety. We introduce to you extremely well-selling pharmaceutical products, popular among travelers in particular, out of the things that can easily be purchased at a drugstore, and in many cases, online via Amazon Japan and other retailers.

Ryukakusan Direct


Ryukakusan Company Ryukakusan Direct

Ryukakusan Direct (龍角散ダイレクト) is popular because it softens throat discomfort. It's offered in three different flavors - mint, peach, and mango - and controls the bitter taste that's often associated with medicine. The mint and peach ones are powdered stick types that you can drink without water, while the mango is a troche type that's made to melt in your mouth like candy.

See and purchase via Amazon Japan: mint flavor, peach favor, and mango flavor.

Netsu Samashi Sheet


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company "Netsu samashi sheet" 16 kids use sheets

Netsu Samashi sheet (熱さましシート) is convenient to buy for when you get a fever out of the blue. You stick it on your forehead whenever you have a fever, and the moisture in the sheet will absorb the heat, helping you to cool down. Essentially, it reduces your fever by cooling off your forehead. It's great because you can use it for toothaches too, or to help cool down your hot body after playing sports.

See this link to view and purchase Netsu Samashi sheets on Amazon Japan.



Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Company SalonpasAe Regular Size 140 pieces

Everyone in Japan knows about Salonpas (サロンパス). Salonpas Ae is a compress that you directly stick to your skin. It's popular because it softens pain and dullness in stiff shoulders, sore muscles, or sprains when you stick them on a specific location. It also contains an ingredient that absorbs sweat. Therefore it won’t slip off easily or cause any rashes on your skin.

Click here to view Salonpas and purchase it on Amazon Japan.



Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company New Anmerutsu YocoYocoA 80ml

Many people love New Anmerutsu YocoYocoA (アンメルツ) because it's good for painful, sore muscles and stiff shoulders. It's not a compressor, but medicine that you directly put where you feel pain. You can put it on places that are difficult to reach, such as your back. One of the secrets of why it's so popular is that it doesn't stand out like compressors do so that you can use it without those around you noticing.

You can view Anmerutsu and purchase it via Amazon Japan.

Kounaien Patch TaishoA


Taisho Pharmaceutical Company Kounaien Patch TaishoA 10 patches

Kounaien Patch TaishoA (口内炎パッチ大正A) is a treatment medicine that you stick directly in your mouth when you have a mouth ulcer or sore, or a swollen tongue. It's something that you wouldn't have expected to exist up until now. When you stick this sticker type product on the inflamed part, it protects the affected region from irritation and effectively helps to fix it. Reviews stating that it adheres perfectly inside your mouth stays in place, and it doesn't feel awkward to remove later.

View and purchase the patches for yourself on Amazon Japan.

Inochi no Haha


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company Inochi no hahaA 420 tablets

Inochi no hahaA (命の母) is recommended especially for women in their 50s and 60s. It provides you with 13 types of herbal medicines and 11 types of vitamins that your body is likely not to have enough of, using Chinese medicine. It is said to soften most of the uncomfortable symptoms related to the menopause. It helps to reduce sore shoulders, dizziness, irritation, fatigue, and more for women in this age range.

Click here to view and purchase the product on Amazon Japan.

Coupons for Shopping at Drugstores in Japan

If you shop in-person at either COSMOS Drugstore or Sapporo Drugstore, two chains in Japan, you can save yen with the coupons below. This will allow you to try out some of the products in this article for a reasonable price.

At certain Cosmos Drugstore locations, this coupon code allows shoppers up to 7% off their purchase, and a sales tax exemption (for those with a tourist visa). Simply display the coupon and its barcode to the cashier before paying at check-out.

This coupon for Sapporo Drugstore entitles holders to up to 5% off their total purchase on daily goods and medicine, as well as a sales tax exemption (for those with a tourist visa).

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