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[About an hour from Narita Airport] What is the junior soccer tournament hosted by Kashima Antlers, the team with the most titles in Japan?

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We will introduce you to the soccer tournament hosted by Kashima Antlers, the holder of the most titles in Japan, which is held in Kashima, about an hour by bus from Narita Airport, as well as what to expect on the day and where to stay.

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What is the youth soccer tournament hosted by Kashima Antlers?

Kashima Antlers, the team that holds the most titles in Japan, holds a youth soccer tournament in the Rokko region, about an hour's bus ride from Narita Airport. The tournament lasts from one to three days, two nights and two nights, and most tournaments have between 24 and 32 teams. The level of the participating teams is high, and they are very popular.

From tournament participation to the day before the tournament

Recruitment of participating teams begins one to two months before the tournament. Once recruitment begins, the participating teams are decided within about a week, after which they apply for accommodation if the tournament requires accommodation. Teams wishing to participate from outside Japan will accept their application and apply for accommodation before recruitment within Japan. After applying, they will check the match schedule and other information on the tournament LINE and prepare for the day of the tournament.

Event schedule on the day of the tournament

If you arrive in time for your team's match, you will go to the headquarters to receive your registration and participation award. At that time, you will also be given a form to fill out for your team's outstanding player award, so please fill it out and submit it to the headquarters before the end of the tournament.

During the tournament, matches will be played and refereed while checking the match schedule. Training matches can also be scheduled after the day's schedule is finished, so teams that do not have enough matches can apply for training matches!

If you are participating in an overnight tournament, check into your hotel after the match to relax and prepare for the next day. There will be no tournament check-in the next day, so please arrive at the ground in time for your team's match.

After the tournament is over, please submit a paper listing the outstanding players on your team to the headquarters. When you leave the headquarters, we will award the teams that performed well and the outstanding players on each team.

Annual Schedule (subject to change)

January: NIKE CUP U-15

February: NIKE CUP U-15, GRADUATION CUP (U-12), JUNIOR CUP U-9, U-10


April: JUNIOR CUP U-11


June: SUPER CUP (U-10, U-11)

August: SUMMER FESTIVAL (U-9, U-12), ITAKO CUP (U-9)

September: FDCUP (U-9), NIKE CUP U-12

October: NIKE CUP U-11

November: NIKE CUP U-10

December: NIKE CUP U-9, CHALLENGE CUP (U-11, U-12)

contact information

Antlers Hometown DMO General Incorporated Association Person in charge: Kaminaga

Tel:0299-77-9500 Fax:0299-77-9501


Antlers Hometown DMO is a public-private joint corporation formed by four private companies, including Kashima Antlers F.C., and the five cities of Rokko, and was established to establish a tourism platform for the Rokko area with sports tourism at its core, to increase the number of visitors, and to revitalize the local economy. We hold sports tournaments and host sports training camps in the Rokko area, so please feel free to contact us.

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The Rokko area of ​​Ibaraki Prefecture, the hometown of the Kashima Antlers, which has won the most titles in Japan, is an area where soccer training camps are actively held. If you would like to hold a soccer training camp, please come to the Shikako area in Ibaraki Prefecture! Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems regarding soccer training camps or tournaments.

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