[Hyogo] Enjoy “healing and food” at “Aquaignis Awjishima”! A scenic cycling trip!

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Aquaignis Awjishima is a complex natural hot spring resort with the theme of "food" and "healing". Recommended for those who want to relax and enjoy hot springs, cycling, and delicious food.

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What is Aquaignis Awjishima?

Aquaignis Awjishima is a complex natural hot spring resort located in the northeast area of ​​Awajishima, adjacent to Akashi Kaikyo National Park. The concept is "healing" and "food," and there are plenty of facilities and restaurants. It is easily accessible from the Kansai area, and is located in a location that makes it easy to stop by on your way to and from sightseeing on Awajishima. Why not visit Awajishima, which is currently a hot topic of conversation? In this article, we will introduce in detail the hot spring facilities and restaurants within the facility.

1. “Healing”: Two day trip hot spring facilities

◇A natural hot spring boasting an abundant amount of gushing water

Aquaignis Awjishima has two types of day-trip hot springs: ``Izanami no Yuyu'' and ``Izanagi no Yu.'' Both use natural hot springs that gush out from 1,000 meters underground at a rate of 200 liters per minute.

◇Excellent moisturizing effect on your skin! Characteristics of hot springs

The quality of the spring water is ``sodium chloride hot spring'' for both the indoor bath and the open-air bath. As the name suggests, sodium chloride hot springs are hot springs that contain a lot of salt, and the salt that adheres to the skin suppresses the evaporation of sweat and keeps your skin moisturized for a long time after you have finished bathing. can.

◇“Basic information”

■Telephone number: 0799-73-6602

■Business hours: 7:00-22:00 (last reception 21:30) Day pool 7:00-19:00, Night pool 19:00-22:00

*On weekdays, children can use the facility until 7:00pm. *Children can also use the facility on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays as it is Family Day.

■Reservation: Not required

■Closed days: None (Same as the regular holidays of Awajishima National Akashi Kaikyo Park)

Facility use: The indoor baths are separate for men and women in a regular hot spring style, while the open-air baths are mixed-gender style, with swimsuits on.

■Note: Anti-social forces or those who are considered to be related to them, those with tattoos, or those who are inebriated will not be allowed to enter.

*Please check the official website below for precautions regarding facility use.

[Official] Iza-no-Yu/Iza-no-Yu (Guidance and precautions for use)

◇Recommended ways to spend your time

At Za-TOJI, where you can experience the currently popular "mineral mist bath," you will be surrounded by mineral-rich medicinal stones (natural ores) and natural minerals that have been turned into mist. It eliminates waste products, improves immunity, and refreshes both mind and body.

You cannot see the sea from the bath, so if you are going for leisure, we recommend using the pool with hot springs. You can enjoy bathing in a hot spring with a spectacular view overlooking Osaka Bay.

Now that you have refreshed your mind and body, leave the hot springs and step outside to find a place where you can relax and enjoy the warm sunlight shining through the high ceilings and large windows.

There is a huge cushion behind the open window, which is very comfortable and perfect for relaxing after a bath. Please come and have a good time. Your whole body will become relaxed. It's truly a blissful experience to be able to relax and forget about time while reading a book or sitting and looking at the ocean. You can't help but say, "It's the best!"

In addition, in the rest area, not only alcohol but also Awajishima cider and soft serve ice cream made with rich milk from Awajishima are sold.

There is a cafe, souvenir shop, and relaxation area in the hot spring building, so you can relax to your heart's content.

2. “Healing”: TEUZUSIKI

◇Basic information

■Telephone number 0799-73-6598

■Business hours: 12:00-21:00 (last reception 20:00)

■Closed days: Irregular holidays (weekdays) *Please contact the store

There is ample "relaxation area" within the facility. At TEUZUSIKI, a beauty salon produced by Sally Suzuki, a beauty artist from Mallorca, Spain, who uses methods from around the world, we offer a menu tailored to each individual's skin through careful counseling. Treatments, body treatments), you can have the best experience to soothe your body and mind.

3. “Food”: Sushi Zou(Zou)

◇Basic information

■Telephone number: 0799-73-6595

■Business hours: 2 shifts during lunch time, 2 shifts during dinner time

■Reservations: (Reservations required for both lunch and dinner. Please check the [Reservation site] below) *Same-day reservations must be made by 15:30

■Closed: Wednesdays, second and fourth Thursdays

[Reservation site] Make a reservation for Sushi Zou

The sushi restaurant, produced and run by Masaya Tanno, who runs the extremely popular Iwaya restaurant on Awajishima, has an 11-seat ocean-view counter where you can enjoy nigiri sushi made mainly from fresh seafood caught near Awajishima. .

At the counter seats, each piece of ``Nigiri sushi'' made with the skill of the chef will be served. You can enjoy a luxurious time while looking out at Osaka Bay spreading out in front of you, using the carefully selected ingredients of the day selected by the chef. Enjoy exquisite sushi and local sake to your heart's content.

4. “Food”: Pescheria/ Kazanami

◇Basic information

■Telephone number: 0799-73-6592

■Business hours: 11:00-15:00 (LO 14:30), 17:00-21:00 (LO 20:00)

■Reservation: Not required

■Closed: Tuesdays (excluding holidays and busy seasons)

We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to serve dishes that are not particular about Japanese or Western cuisine. The menu has a menu structure that can be easily used on a daily basis, after or before a bath. Private rooms and children's menus are also available. How about spending some time refreshing your mind and body away from the hustle and bustle of the city at Aquaignis Awjishima? When you visit Awajishima, be sure to stop by Aquaignis Awjishima. There is no doubt that you will have a unique and special experience. I have a feeling it will become a new standard tourist spot on Awajishima!

5. “Food”Mariage de Farine

◇Basic information

■Telephone number: 0799-73-6591

■Business hours: 8:00-19:00

■Closed days: Open all year round

■Parking: Free if you use the store *Please hand your parking ticket to the staff at the cash register when paying.

A bakery run by Tomohiko Nakanishi, who won third place in the world competition. Bread made with carefully selected ingredients. You can enjoy it not only for takeout but also for eat-in (cafe).


CYCLISM AWAJI is one of Awajishima largest bicycle rental shops. We have over 80 sports cycles of 7 models from the global bicycle brand "TREK". We carry a wide selection of products that will satisfy even cyclists, including road bikes (aluminum, carbon, premium), E-BIKEs (electrically assisted), cross bikes, mountain bikes, and kids' bikes. In addition, lessons are included, so even beginners who have no experience with sports cycles such as road bikes can enjoy it with confidence.

It runs about 10 kilometers along the coastline from the east coast to Ejima, the retro atmosphere of Iwaya Shopping Street, Awajishima Tacoste, Roadside Station Awaji, and Awajishima Craft Circus Craft Kitchen. Since you ride along the coast, you can fully enjoy the spectacular scenery of Awajishima, and since the bicycle has a small turning radius, you can quickly stop at a back alley or your favorite spot.

Awajishima Cycling provides information about Awajishima's rich nature, gourmet food, and sightseeing spots, so feel free to ask us about popular spots on Awajishima. We will guide you in a kind and detailed manner.

Cycling tours (with guide) are also held, limited to one group per day. This tour allows you to enjoy Awajishima Island and cycling to the fullest, with views of the beautiful ocean and countryside seen from the mountains, thrilling adventure roads, and delicious gourmet food.

Rental bicycles must be reserved in advance. For reservations, please refer to the website, which also lists the vehicle type. Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of cutting the wind, the spectacular view of the blue sea, and the nature of Awajishima with all five senses.

◇Basic information

■TEL: 090-6662-3196

■Business hours: (February to October) Weekdays 8:00 to 18:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 7:30 to 18:00 *Returns until 18:00

(November to January) Weekdays 8:00 to 17:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 7:30 to 17:00 *Returns until 17:00

■Regular holidays: Irregular holidays

■LINE ID: cyclism-awaji (*Inquiries and reservations can be made via LINE. Telephone calls and LINE support available even outside business hours)


◇How to get to Aquaignis Awjishima

■TEL: 0799-73-6602

■Business hours: Weekdays 8:00-17:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 7:30-17:00

■Regular holidays: No holidays

[Official website] Access to Aquaignis Awjishima

◎If coming by car

For Osaka: Cross the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge on the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway, get off at Awaji IC where the Ferris wheel is, and go south on National Route 28 for 5 minutes.

For Tokushima: Get off at Higashiura IC on the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway and drive north on National Route 28 for 10 minutes.

*We recommend searching for "Aquaignis Awjishima" on Google Maps.

Please note that if you enter the address in your car's navigation system, you will be directed to "Awaji Yumebutai".

Please come to the "Akashi Kaikyo National Park Kaigankita" parking lot. Our facility is located on the sea side.

◎If you are coming by express bus

Take the train bound for Higashiura Terminal from Shin-Kobe/Sannomiya/Maiko Kosoku and get off at Uzaki. 8 minutes walk. 3 minutes walk from Seirei Awaji Hospital.

Please check the Honshi-Kaikyo Bus Co., Ltd. website for the latest timetable.

[Official website] Honshi Kaikyo Bus timetable

[Official] Hyogo tourism site HYOGO! navigation

[Official] Hyogo Prefecture tourism site HYOGO! navigation

The official website of Hyogo Tourism Headquarters, which provides tourist information for Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe, Himeji, Kinosaki, Awajishima, etc.). There is a lot of recommended travel information, including special sightseeing spots such as Hyogo Prefecture's Japanese heritage sites and cycling, as well as model courses where you can enjoy hot spring culture and Japanese sake, so be sure to check it out!

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Welcome to Hyogo Hyogo is a gateway to the Kansai region, which nurtures the blessed land that connects the Sea of ​​Japan, the Chugoku Mountains, and the Seto Inland Sea, as well as the blessed climate. There are many spectacular views that will catch your eye, such as Himeji Castle, a World Heritage Site that was selected as one of the 100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots, and the panoramic night view from Mt. Rokko. The world-famous Kobe brand, KOBE BEEF, which is synonymous with Tajima beef, is one of Japan's leading beefs, and the sake rice ``Hyogo Yamada Nishiki'' is a gem that will surprise your tongue. Arima Onsen is a famous hot spring, and Kinosaki Onsen has appeared in many literary works. Surrounded by nature, you can relax your mind and body. You can come across memorable sounds such as the thunderous sounds of the whirlpools of Naruto on Awaji Island, and the dynamic sounds of the fireworks festivals held in various places in the summer. In the herb gardens and botanical gardens in the prefecture, you will be healed by the gentle and pleasant scent of herbs and flowers throughout the four seasons. Enjoy a new journey in Hyogo that stimulates the five senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell.

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