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Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Takeakari: Bamboo Lantern Art near Tokyo Skytree

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Experience stunning winter bamboo illuminations near Tokyo Skytree with the Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Bamboo Light event, featuring glowing lanterns, night markets, shrine light-ups, and free walking tours until January 31, 2024!

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Beautiful Bamboo Lantern Art near Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Bamboo Light, Sumida’s Beautiful Winter Event

Experience the magic of Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Takeakari event, a delightful winter illumination extravaganza around Tokyo Skytree!

This unique event features enchanting and environmentally friendly illuminations using bamboo from abandoned groves, radiating a traditional charm. Takeakari means "bamboo lanterns" and refers to the traditional art of making lanterns using bamboo.

Ushijima Shrine welcomes visitors with the warm glow of golden bamboo lights. With over 1,000 years of history, this sacred shrine is a revered destination, particularly for those seeking blessings of good health at the beloved ox statue. Adorned with exquisite designs by CHIKAKEN, a renowned company specializing in creating ambient lighting using bamboo shoots, the shrine's enchanting bamboo lights bring an added allure to this year's event.

Renowned for their distinctive work, CHIKAKEN's artistry can be witnessed at various locations and events across Japan, each creation telling its own compelling story. This year's ambient light decorations promise to be a captivating addition to the shrine's beauty.

Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Bamboo Light, Sumida’s Beautiful Winter Event

As visitors stroll along the shrine's pathway, they are greeted by captivating floating bamboo spheres, which add vibrant pops of color to the sky. Against this picturesque backdrop, the iconic Tokyo Skytree comes alive, bathed in enchanting illumination that enhances the cozy atmosphere of the magical installations.

Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Bamboo Light, Sumida’s Beautiful Winter Event

Stretching along the Sumida River pathways and parks, the Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Takeakari event offers a breathtaking riverside night walk for all who venture to the area. Exploring the Sumida River takes on a new level of wonder, with guests treated to mesmerizing illuminations as they embark on an afternoon walk from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Bamboo Light, Sumida’s Beautiful Winter Event

Situated across from Ushijima Shrine is Sumida Park Breeze Plaza, a vast green space popular amongst families that offers stunning views of Tokyo Skytree. This year the illuminations have been extended to the park, coinciding with the wonderful Night Marche event taking place on December 24 and January 28. Brimming with delicious food stalls, local restaurants will come together to sell a variety of cuisines from 17:00-20:30.

Sumida Park Breeze Plaza takes 9 minutes on foot from Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Bamboo Light, Sumida’s Beautiful Winter Event

The Kitajukken River Water Terrace will sparkle in beautiful icicle light illuminations until March 10, 2024.

Visitors can enjoy strolling along Sumida's romantic riverscapes and illuminated areas in the Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Takeakari event, as well as participate in free English-speaking walking tours on December 8, 15, 24, and January 12, 19, and 28. Please visit the official website to reserve a space.

With illuminations brightening up various areas in the district, the event promises to spread warmth and joy to visitors braving the cold winter months.

Tokyo Shitamachi Kaiyu Takeakari

Locations: Ushijima Shrine, Sumida Park Breeze Plaza, Sumida River Walk
Period: November 9, 2023 - January 31, 2024
Hours: 17:00-22:00
Officialwebsite: https://www.tobu.co.jp/odekake/special/takeakari/

Information and photo source: PR TIMES

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