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Aso Kumamoto Airport, where the new passenger terminal building has been completed. Cutting-edge equipment has been introduced to promote fast travel, allowing for smooth travel with less waiting time. What you should pay attention to is the boarding waiting area after passing the security check! Wi...

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Aso Kumamoto Airport's new passenger terminal building opened on March 23, 2023. The exterior's black-based design reminds us of the black lacquer and stucco of Kumamoto Castle. This integrated terminal for domestic and international flights is equipped with cutting-edge equipment used at major domestic airports, reducing waiting times and ensuring smooth travel procedures. Domestic flights are uniformly black, and international flights are uniformly white, making the design easy to understand even for customers from overseas. It also has excellent earthquake resistance, with a structure that can withstand repeated strong shaking over a short period of time, such as the Kumamoto earthquake.

You can have a meal at a restaurant or coffee shop with family and friends who came to see you off before you leave. There is a welcome plaza in front of the arrival gate on the first floor, where you can feel that you have arrived in Kumamoto with murals depicting the five mountains of Aso.

What you should pay attention to is the boarding waiting area after passing through the security checkpoint. It consists of a food court where you can buy and eat your favorite foods, and an underground department store zone with a collection of Kumamoto's famous restaurants. It's a perfect place to spend your last day in Kumamoto, and features popular restaurants and must-try gourmet food from all over Kumamoto Prefecture. Each seat is equipped with an outlet, so you can use the free Wi-Fi to work while you work.

Sushi Fukushin "Amakusa bluefin tuna"

Sushi Fukushin specializes in sushi, and the bluefin tuna sushi that you can't get at the main store is exquisite. It's a luxury to be able to eat fresh bluefin tuna from Amakusa that day at the airport. A dish where you can compare fatty meat, medium fatty meat, and lean meat, and the high-quality sweetness of fatty meat will melt in your mouth. It goes well with our own sweet soy sauce, and you can enjoy the rich flavor of tuna.

Sushi Fukushin focuses on the king of seafood caught in Amakusa, bluefin tuna, and you can enjoy the taste of the popular seafood restaurant Fukushin from Kami Amakusa, even at the airport. You can enjoy luxurious sushi and seafood bowls made with fresh seafood while talking with the head chef. The sushi is prepared in no time by a skilled sushi chef, so you can easily stop by even a few minutes before boarding your flight. There are a total of 7 counter seats, and depending on the situation, the food may be served in tubs so that even if there are no seats available, you can still eat at the food court. If you have time, we will give you a bell, so it's nice to be able to manage your time by shopping while you wait.

Sushi Fukushin Aso Kumamoto Airport Branch

Horse meat dish Suganoya "Horse sashimi horse toro takana roll" and Witch's beer flight "WITCH'S FLIGHT"

Suganoya, a long-established horse meat specialty store, has a vast group company farm in Aso with an area of ​​approximately 900,000 tsubo, and provides horse meat that has been carefully fattened with nutritious pasture, famous water, and carefully selected homemade feed. There is also Suganoya in the basement area of ​​the department store, so you can buy horse sashimi as a souvenir to take home.

Witch's Beer Flight often brings customers who stop by WITCH CRAFT MARKET, the main store in Otsu Town, to the airport as well. We offer carefully selected craft beers from Japan and abroad, including craft beer from Kumamoto Prefecture, and we also sell cans and bottles to take home.

Horse meat dishes Suganoya Aso Kumamoto Airport branch

Witches Beer Flight Aso Kumamoto Airport Branch

TEASTANDtsuguto. “Kumamoto tea porridge”

``TEASTANDtsuguto.'' is run by farmers. What I would like to recommend is the tea porridge served by a tea shop. We blend tea leaves grown in our own farm for tea porridge, and use rice from Mashiki Town, where Aso Kumamoto Airport is located, and select rice varieties that go well with tea porridge. The brown rice that adds to the aroma is also produced in Kumamoto, and the pickled plums are also homemade. A rare item in Kumamoto where you can enjoy the taste of tea directly by sprinkling it with gyokuro from Kumamoto (own garden). Recommended for the beginning and end of a trip.

"TEASTANDtsuguto." was named "Tsuguto" because of the desire to connect people by passing the word. Tea is said to be made into a round tea by pouring it in a teapot, so the store's logo is inspired by a teapot and round tea. This is the new store of Ocha no Tomizawa, a tea farm that has been in business for over 90 years, and you can also enjoy the popular rice balls here. There is a wide variety of tea available for take-out, but it would also be nice to spend time at the counter seats in a calm atmosphere.

TEASTANDtsuguto. Aso Kumamoto Airport Store

Yonehaku Mochi Honpo “Kumamon’s Strawberry Daifuku”

Strawberry Daifuku attracts attention because of the presence of strawberries. The strawberry daifuku with a cute Kumamon print is only available at Aso Kumamoto Airport. The chewy rice cakes are made with 100% sticky rice from Kumamoto Prefecture, and are made with sweet red bean paste that brings out the deliciousness of the strawberries. Most of the fruit daifuku that have become popular in recent years are mostly fruit wrapped in gyuhi, but Kumamon's strawberry daifuku is made with authentic mochi dough, so you can enjoy strawberry, mochi, and red bean paste as the main characters. We serve strawberry daifuku with carefully selected strawberries throughout the year. We especially recommend the strawberry daifuku, which uses large strawberries from Yuubeni in Kumamoto, which is available from December to May. The arabesque-patterned packaging, which looks like wrapping in a furoshiki, is also a gift that people will be happy with.

Yonehaku Mochi Honpo is a long-established rice cake shop founded in 1909. At our main store in Suidocho, Kumamoto City, we offer fruit daifuku that is unique to a mochi shop. We do not add any sugar so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of the mochi itself. ``Yuubeni Strawberry Warabi Mochi'', which has been on sale since late June, is also recommended, and is made with strawberries straight into warabi mochi. The crunchy texture of the strawberry seeds is fun, and when you eat it with condensed milk, the flavor changes even more, making it a delicious dish.

Yonehaku Mochi Honpo Aso Kumamoto Airport Store

Coffee Gallery  “Kumamon DRIP BAG”

A drip bag with cute Kumamon packaging. Made with beans from Brazil, it has a strong, bitter and rich flavor. It has a strong body yet a soft sweetness. Originally, at Coffee Gallery, the packages were divided into white with a shallow layer and black with a deep layer, and an airport-only package featuring a black Kumamon was created. The packaging makes it obvious at a glance that it's a souvenir from Kumamoto, so it would make a great gift for a large group.

Coffee Gallery, located in Furumachi, the castle town of Kumamoto Castle, has opened a store, and its appearance, inspired by the rope curtains of the main store, is eye-catching even inside the airport. A CG abbreviation for Coffee Gallery is drawn on the rope curtain. We also sell coffee drinks in plastic bottles, so even those who are worried about not being able to drink all the coffee can feel free to purchase coffee.

Coffee Gallery Aso Kumamoto Airport Branch

Kumamoto Shunsaikan “Assorted set with original glasses”

90% of beer is made of water. In Kumamoto, where the water is delicious, the beer must also be delicious. Kumamoto Shunsaikan sells a set of premium malts made at the Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Factory with an original designed glass that is only available at the Aso Kumamoto Airport store.

The interior of the store is modeled after the Bungo Kaido road that stretches from Kumamoto Castle to Tsurusaki, and the carpet tiles are designed to look like moss growing on the cobblestones of the road. The store is designed to look like a market around the road, so you can shop in the spacious store with the feeling of strolling through a castle town. We carry a variety of products, including famous sweets and sake from each prefecture in Kyushu, centering on Kumamoto, as well as crafts loved by the region, and there is also a corner where you can enjoy Kuma shochu for just one coin.

Kumamoto Shunsaikan Aso Kumamoto Airport Branch

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Kumamoto Prefecture is a city where history and nature coexist, including Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan's three most famous castles, Mt. Aso, which has one of the world's largest calderas, and Amakusa, which is home to approximately 300 dolphins. It is the hometown of Japan's most famous local mascot, Kumamon, and you will be excited to meet Kumamon somewhere in the city! It is also the hometown of Eiichiro Oda, the author of the world-famous manga One Piece, and you can see statues of the Straw Hat Pirates throughout the prefecture. The food and drinks made with fresh ingredients from all over the prefecture are all delicious. Please come and visit Kumamoto Prefecture, which will soothe your five senses!

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