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Shopping and Dining at Kumamoto Station and Sakuramachi Bus Terminal

A new shopping mall opened near the Kumamoto bus terminal in 2019. This year, another mall located east of JR Kumamoto Station has been unveiled. A variety of new stores awaits travelers at this bustling transportation hub!

SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto: A Large-Scale Shopping Center


There are various places to shop near Kumamoto Castle, including Kamitori Shotengai (shopping street), Shimotori Shotengai, Sunroad Shinshigai, and Tsuruya Department Store.

In 2019, a new facility was added to this list. SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto, located next to the Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal, houses 149 stores. It is also connected to Hotel Trusty Premier Kumamoto.

Visitors can also enjoy meeting Kumamon, the prefecture's popular black bear mascot. At the Rooftop Park, you can take photographs of a huge Kumamon statue with a view of Kumamoto Castle!

Kumamon Village: The Mascot's Secret Hideout

Kumamon Village

Picture courtesy of Kumamon Village Co., Ltd.

Kumamon Village is located on the second floor. Visiting his hideaway inside the village, visitors can marvel at Kumamon's treasures that promote Kumamoto Prefecture.

Kumamon Photo

Picture courtesy of Kumamon Village Co., Ltd.

From 17:30 to 18:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, Kumamon comes home from his adventures and gives a talk or participates in a game (*).

A Kumamon robot also roams the second floor. Those who spot the robot either play rock-paper-scissors with it, or answer its riddles!

* As of April 2021, this event has been temporally cancelled due to COVID-19.

Encounter a Massive Kumamon at Rooftop Park

Kumamoto Castle Kumamon

Picture courtesy of SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto

At Rooftop Park, you'll encounter a massive Kumamon that is nearly four meters tall. It almost looks like he's guarding the bus terminal! Both of his arms are moveable, so visitors can  pose him in various ways.

The magnificent Kumamoto Castle can be seen rising up behind the fountain. This is the ideal spot to take photographs of these two Kumamoto icons!

Kumamoto Bus Terminal SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto

The exterior of SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto consists of eye-catching curved lines. This design is said to have been inspired by terraced rice fields. With Kumamoto Castle as its backdrop, the facility is a lush garden by day and transforms into an exotic spot at night.

Restaurants Worth Visiting

Kumamoto Food

Pictures courtesy of SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto (left) and PR TIMES (right)

At SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto, visitors can enjoy dishes from all over Japan, as well as local cuisine.

Kaisen Tendon Makino is a popular tempura restaurant based in Kyoto. They serve appetizing dishes with an assortment of tempura that's fried in fragrant sesame oil. The tantalizing tempura even overflows the bowl! The soft-boiled egg tempura pairs particularly well with rice.

Ivorish is a French toast restaurant from Nagasaki serving dishes that simply cannot be duplicated at home. The sweet fragrance of caramel will surround you as you enter the store!

Kumamoto Bus Terminal

Pictures courtesy of SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto (left) and PR TIMES (right)

SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto even has dining options for those arriving at the bus terminal at night. The facility's lounge space allows passengers to wait for their bus in comfort, even on days with strong wind, rain, snow, or high temperatures.

The Rejuvenation of JR Kumamoto Station

JR Kumamoto Station

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES

In April 2021, Amu Plaza Kumamoto opened at the east gate of JR Kumamoto Station. This shopping center houses popular brands such as UNIQLO and GU.

Snow Peak, which handles camping items, and Bic Camera, a home electronics retailer, also opened their first Kumamoto stores in this facility. Take a look, and you won't be disappointed!

Making the Most Of Your Waiting Time

Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal and JR Kumamoto Station are the two main gateways of the prefecture. Both have transformed this area with convenient shopping spots, offering everything a traveler might need. Make the most of your time while waiting for the next train or bus!

Picture courtesy of ©2019 Kumamon Village Co., Ltd. and SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto
In cooperation with SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto

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