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Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!

Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!
  • Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!

Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mayu

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Kumamoto is a prefecture located in the Kyushu region with many delicious foods, hot springs and natural scenery that would make a vacation here very enjoyable. Let this guide help you get around and experience the best of Kumamoto.

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mayu

What Kind of Place Is Kumamoto?

Kumamoto is a prefecture in the Kyushu area, located approximately 890 km from Tokyo. Kumamoto is known for their abundant agricultural products such as mandarin oranges, watermelons, melons, tomato, eggplants, jelly ear mushrooms, and many other fruits and vegetables.

As for tourism, Kumamoto has Japan's largest caldera (crater formed by volcanic activity) at Mt. Aso along with many hot springs around the Aso area (such as the Tsuetate Onsen and Kurokawa Onsen) that are very famous. Other spots include Kikuchi Gorge and Kuma River that are wonderful scenic spots as well.

Let's discover the charm of Kumamoto city, which has been praised as the "City of Forests" by the Japanese writer Sousuke Natsume for its lush greens among the cityscape.


1. How To Get To Kumamoto
2. Transportation in Kumamoto
3. Area Guide to Kumamoto
4. 27 Recommended Tourist Spots in Kumamoto
5. Festivals and Events in Kumamoto
6. Local Dishes of Kumamoto
7. Souvenirs from Kumamoto
8. Phrase in the Kumamoto Dialect You Can Use during Your Trip
9. Hotels in Kumamoto
10. Weather and Attire in Kumamoto

How To Get To Kumamoto

Going from Haneda Airport

There are fifteen flights leaving Tokyo to Kumamoto daily from Haneda airport. It takes approximately one hour and a half and costs 10,000-40,000 yen one way. For those who wish to keep the cost down for flights, check the prices out for the low cost carrier (LCC), Solaseed Air.

Going from Narita Airport

From Narita Airport, there are two flights operated by the LCC Jetstar every day to Kumamoto. Prices range from 6000-15,000 yen one way and it is about a two-hour flight.

Going from Tokyo Station

From Tokyo Station, it is recommended to use the bullet train. At Shin-Osaka station, transfer to the Kagoshima Chuo bound train, you can get off at the main hub of the city, Kumamoto station. It costs 27,120 yen one way and takes about 6 hours.

Please note that you may not use the unlimited JR bus and train pass, the Japan Rail Pass, on the "Nozomi" and "Mizuho" lines on the Kyushu bullet train. When you transfer to the train from Shin-Osaka bound for Kagoshima, please use "Hikari", "Sakura", "Kodama", and "Tsubame" lines.

Going from Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Kagoshima

From Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Kagoshima, which are located in the same Kyushu area as Kumamoto, an express bus is useful. You can go to Kumamoto for approximately 3000-5000 yen and it takes about 2-3 hours.

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