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Perfect for visiting tourist spots! Introducing all the best rental car services to choose from in the Kawaguchiko area

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Lake Kawaguchi is a beautiful lake located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and there are many wonderful sightseeing spots scattered around the area. Renting a car allows you to enjoy sightseeing spots more freely and comfortably.

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How to rent a car from Kawaguchiko Station

Speaking of sightseeing spots around Kawaguchiko Station, of course, it is Lake Kawaguchi. There are many attractions around Lake Kawaguchi, such as the Lake Kawaguchi north shore walking trail, Oike Park with its beautiful poplar trees, and the Kawaguchiko Museum of Art, so we recommend renting a car and driving around the lake. There are car rental offices near Kawaguchiko Station, so be sure to rent a car before heading out for sightseeing.

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Conveniently accessed from Fujisan Station

If you are unable to rent a car near Lake Kawaguchi, there are many rental car services available around nearby Fujisan Station, so you can easily use these services.
In addition to visiting the sightseeing spots around Kawaguchiko Station, if you are going to climb Mt. Fuji, it is better to use Mt. Fuji Station. Another way to enjoy climbing Mt. Fuji is to drive to the 5th station and then climb the mountain trail. There is a rental car office in front of Mt. Fuji Station, so be sure to reserve your rental car in advance.

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