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A recommended activity for rainy or hot days is a tea ceremony experience!

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Summer in Japan is hot and humid. A recommended activity for such a summer is a tea ceremony experience. You can enjoy Japanese sweets and matcha in a cool Japanese-style room, watch a tea ceremony demonstration, and even make your own matcha. Please come and visit Wasako in Asakusa.

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Why experience tea ceremony in summer or the rainy season?

In Japan, the summer and rainy season are hot and humid, making it difficult for many people to feel comfortable. Tea ceremony experiences are especially recommended during these times. For the following reasons, we hope you will try tea ceremony during the summer and rainy season.

A tea ceremony experience to enjoy the Japanese summer and rainy season

When we think of summer in Japan, we think of bright sunshine, lush greenery, and the sound of wind chimes. However, at the same time, the humid and muggy rainy season comes along. During the Japanese summer and rainy season, we would like to recommend a tea ceremony experience, especially to tourists from overseas. In this article, we will introduce the charm of tea ceremony and the special experience at Wachako.


The tea ceremony is one of Japan's traditional cultures, and is a ritual act of preparing matcha tea. Created by Sen no Rikyu in the 16th century, tea ceremony has developed into a comprehensive culture that includes not just matcha as a drink, but also its etiquette and spirituality. In the silence of the tea room, you can relax and sharpen your five senses, and spend a soothing moment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Feel the coolness and silence

The teahouse at Wasako is a traditional structure made mainly of wood, and is designed to feel cool even in the summer. You can sit on the tatami mats and spend time in a quiet space, so you can forget about the humid heat outside. Furthermore, the cool decorations and arrangements inside the teahouse allow you to feel the coolness visually as well.

An experience for all five senses

The tea ceremony is an experience that fully utilizes the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. For example, the refreshing aroma of incense when entering the tea room, the sound of pouring hot water into the tea utensils, the pleasure of carefully observing how the tea is prepared, and the rich taste of matcha - each and every moment is special. It provides a comfortable moment that will help you forget the muggy heat of summer and the dampness of the rainy season.

The tea ceremony experience allows you to deepen your understanding of Japanese history and culture, as it includes not only tea but also various other elements such as flower arranging, Japanese-style rooms, Japanese clothing, and calligraphy.

You can experience Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, such as the spirit of "wabi-sabi" established by Sen no Rikyu, the beauty of tea utensils, and the design of tea rooms. It will be a valuable opportunity, especially for tourists from overseas, to learn more about traditional Japanese culture.

A special tea ceremony experience at Wachako

At Wachako, we offer a program that allows you to feel closer to traditional Japanese culture through the tea ceremony experience. The staff at Wachako will provide you with careful support so that even beginners can enjoy the experience. Below, we will introduce the appeal of the tea ceremony experience at Wachako.

At Wachako, we have a spacious and beautiful tea room where you can experience an authentic tea ceremony. When you step into the quiet tea room, you will feel a sense of calm as you leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The setting and tea utensils in the tea room change with each season, allowing you to experience the beauty of each of Japan's four seasons.

In addition, Wachako also has sofa seats, so even those who find it difficult to sit upright on a tatami mat can enjoy the tea ceremony experience with peace of mind.

Our staff also have guides who can speak English, so tourists from overseas can participate with ease. Enjoy the tea ceremony together while receiving a detailed explanation of the history and etiquette of the tea ceremony.

The friendly atmosphere makes you feel as if you are visiting the teacher's home, and it is easy to ask questions, so even first-time students can relax and have a good experience.

Through the experience at Wachako

A tea ceremony experience at Wachako will make your summer or rainy season in Japan even more special. A tea ceremony will calm your mind and sharpen your five senses, providing a relaxing time between sightseeing. Your experience at Wachako will leave you with a deeper understanding of traditional Japanese culture and a special memory.

During the tea ceremony experience, enjoy seasonal Japanese sweets with matcha. We offer special Japanese sweets that match the season. We offer 3 to 4 types of Japanese sweets every day, so please choose your favorite one. The beautiful Japanese sweets are sure to make you want to take photos.

At Wachako, not only can you have your tea prepared by an instructor, but you can also experience making your own matcha. Our staff will provide you with careful instruction, so even beginners can feel at ease. The taste of the matcha you make yourself is exceptional, and through that cup of tea, you will deepen your understanding of Japanese culture.

For tourists visiting Japan during the summer or rainy season, please come and enjoy the tea ceremony experience at Wachako. All of our staff look forward to welcoming you. We promise that your time at Wachako will make your trip even more enriching and unforgettable.

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Collection Kaminarimon Building 5F, 2-18-15 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Access: 10 seconds on foot from Exit A4 of Asakusa Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, 20 seconds on foot from Exit 2 of Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

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We built a small Japanese-style room with a forest feel in Kaminarimon 2-chome, a 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station. Each tea ceremony experience lasts 45 minutes. Watch a tea ceremony demonstration and enjoy sweets and matcha tea If you wish, you can also have the tea actually made for you. You can easily experience Japanese culture without bringing anything. Also, wasako is an extremely relaxing space. There are no chemicals in the air, and the background music is forest sounds. How about taking a deep breath and having a cup of matcha?

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