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Ghibli Park: 15 Things to Know Before Visiting in 2024

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We have compiled useful tips for those planning to visit Ghibli Park, including ticket information, main areas, access, dining facilities, and hotels nearby. We also cover how it differs from the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo and the background of its establishment in Aichi Prefecture.

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Basic Guide to Ghibli Park

The highly anticipated Ghibli Park opened in November 2022 in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture. This park, created by the beloved animation studio Studio Ghibli, is gathering a lot of attention both domestically and internationally.

The Ghibli Park has distinctive features that set it apart from other popular theme parks like Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan. Several MATCHA members have already visited the Ghibli Park, with feedback ranging from "it was fun" to "we encountered some challenges."

We've compiled a list of useful information based on our experience visiting the Ghibli Park.

Table of Contents

Ghibli Park: Overview, Highlights, Prices, Access
15 Things to Know Before Visiting the Ghibli Park
Tickets, Tours, Access
1. When should I get tickets by?
2. Are there tours available for visiting Ghibli Park?
3. What is the most convenient way to get to Ghibli Park from Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto?
4. Is it possible to drive to Ghibli Park?
Hotels, Local Attractions
5. Are there hotels near Ghibli Park?
6. Where can you spend time while waiting to enter?
7. Are there other places near Nagoya worth visiting?
Enjoying Ghibli Park: Tips and Recommendations
8. What are the differences between the Ghibli Park and the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka?
9. How should I explore the Ghibli Park?
10. Are there transportation options within Ghibli Park?
11. Is it enjoyable for families with children?
12. Dining facilities inside and around Ghibli Park
Background Information
13. Why was Ghibli Park built in Aichi Prefecture?
14. Has the Ghibli Park been completed?
15. What is the wish of the organizers?

Ghibli Park: Overview, Highlights, Prices, Access

Ghibli Park

Photo by Pixta

Ghibli Park, based on the world of Studio Ghibli works, was established within the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Moricoro Park) in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture.

The park opened in November 2022 and has been gradually expanding its area since then.

*This section summarizes the information found on Ghibli Park's official website. For detailed information, please refer to 15 Things to Know Before Going to Ghibli Park.

Main Attractions at Ghibli Park

Ghibli Park

Mononoke Village. Picture courtesy of PR Times

As of March 2024, Ghibli Park consists of five areas that require an admission fee. Surrounding these areas is a free-to-access area known as Moricoro Park, where visitors can enjoy various Ghibli-related facilities and exhibits.

For tips on how to navigate the park, check out Q9. How should I explore Ghibli Park? But first, let's overview the main paid areas of the park.

Ghibli's Grand Warehouse

This is the park's largest exhibition area. It features special exhibitions from the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, an area with Ghibli scenes for role-play that recreates scenes from Ghibli movies, and spaces with screenings of short animation movies.

Valley of Witches

*Scheduled to open on March 16, 2024.

This area features buildings and objects from "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Howl's Moving Castle." It also includes attractions like a merry-go-round.

Hill of Youth

This area features buildings from "Whisper of the Heart" and "The Cat Returns," along with an elevator tower inspired by the fantastical scientific world of films like "Howl's Moving Castle."

Dondoko Forest

This area recreates the world of "My Neighbor Totoro" within a vast forest. Here you can find Satsuki and Mei's House and wooden play equipment like the Dondoko Hall.

Mononoke Village

This area showcases the rural landscapes of Japan as seen in "Princess Mononoke." It features educational facilities such as the "Tatara Field" and sculptures of creatures that appeared in the film.

Gibli Park Admission Fees

As of March 2024, Ghibli Park offers three types of tickets. Each ticket provides access to different areas.

Please note that children aged 0-3 years have free admission for all tickets. Also, Ghibli's Grand Warehouse requires a designated entry time, so please pay attention to this detail.

For detailed information on how to obtain tickets, please check Q1. When should I get tickets?

    Ticket type Area Adults* Notes
  • Ghibli Park O-Sanpo Day Pass
  • All 5 areas (*) Weekdays 3,500 yen, Weekends and holidays 4,000 yen On sale two months in advance, on the 10th at 14:00
  • Ghibli Park O-Sanpo Day Pass Premium
  • All 5 areas (*) Weekdays 7,300 yen, Weekends and holidays 7,800 yen On sale two months in advance, on the 10th at 14:00
  • Ghibli Park Light Sanpo Pass
  • 4 areas except Ghibli's Grand Warehouse (*) Weekdays 1,500 yen, Weekends and holidays 2,000 yen - Ticket sales are in Japanese only.
    - Available from 17:00 seven days before the visit date.
    - Valley of Witches requires designated entry times.

*The children's (4-12 years old) admission fee is half the price of the adult fee.

*Ghibli Park O-Sanpo Day Pass Premium includes access to World Emporium (Hill of Youth), Satsuki and Mei's House (Dondoko Forest), The Okino Residence, Howl's Castle, and The House of Witches (Valley of Witches). The Ghibli Park O-Sanpo Day Pass and the Ghibli Park Light Sanpo Pass do not include access to attractions located inside the buildings.

Access: How to Get to Ghibli Park

Aichi Linimo

Photo by Pixta

The Ghibli Park can be accessed through three main routes. For the most convenient ways to travel from Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, please refer to Q3. What is the most convenient way to get to Ghibli Park from Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto? Also, check Q4. Can you drive to Ghibli Park? for information on traffic and congestion.

By train: From Nagoya Station, take the Higashiyama Line subway to Fujigaoka Station. From there, transfer to the Aichi High-Speed Transit Tobu Line (Linimo) and alight at Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station. The total travel time from Nagoya Station is approximately 46 minutes, and the fare is 670 yen.

By bus: There are buses departing from Nagoya Station and Chubu Centrair International Airport to Ghibli Park. From Nagoya Station, the one-way fare is 1,000 yen, with buses running approximately every hour between 8:00 and around 13:00 (timings vary on weekdays and holidays). For more details, please refer to the official website of Meitetsu Bus.

By car: There are several parking lots at the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Ghibli Park location). For regular vehicles, parking fees are 500 yen on weekdays and 1,000 yen on weekends and holidays.

Ghibli Park's Official Website

Ghibli Park has official websites available in Japanese and English. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the official website.

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15 Things to Know Before Visiting the Ghibli Park

Ghibli Grand Warehouse

Ghibli scenes role playing area. Picture courtesy of PR Times

Next, we will introduce 15 things you should know before going to Ghibli Park. Please check out the topics of interest to you!

Q1. When should I buy tickets?

A. Secure your tickets as soon as they go on sale for the following month

Ghibli Park

Photo by Pixta

Tickets for Ghibli Park can be purchased in Japanese through Boo-Woo and in English through LAWSON TICKET. The tickets go on sale at 14:00 on the 10th of the month two months before entry.

As of February 2024, tickets have consistently been close to selling out each time.

As a general rule, it is recommended to secure tickets as soon as they go on sale for the month before your desired visit. From our own experience, it was fairly difficult to get tickets.

Q2. Are there tours available for visiting Ghibli Park?

A. There are tours of Ghibli Park but make sure to book early

Ghibli Park

Ghibli's Grand Warehouse. Picture courtesy of PR Times

For visiting Ghibli Park, there are several tours available. These tours tend to fill up quickly, so once you have decided on your preferred date, it is advisable to make reservations as early as possible.

Tours conducted in Japanese: JTB offers tours that include accommodation, airfare, and Shinkansen tickets (official website). When checked in February 2024, the tours available in the following month were already fully booked.

Tours conducted in English and Traditional Chinese: Sunrise Tours offers Ghibli Park tours conducted in other languages in for international visitors. However, when checked in February 2024, these tours were also almost fully booked.

Furthermore, platforms like Klook and KKDay used to sell tours in the past. However, when checked in February 2024, these sites showed tours as sold out.

Q3. What is the most convenient way to get to Ghibli Park from Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto?

A. Traveling via Nagoya Station is the easiest way but be mindful of potential congestion along the way

How to transfer from Fujigaoka Station to the Linimo (created by Chunichi Shimbun, Japanese only)

When traveling from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, or similar locations, passing through Nagoya Station is convenient if not traveling by car.

From Nagoya, take the Higashiyama Line subway to Fujigaoka Station. Then transfer to the Linimo and alight at Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station.

It's important to note here that the Higashiyama Line subway can get quite crowded. Especially on weekdays during the morning rush from around 7:00 to 9:00 and the evening rush from around 17:00 to 19:00 due to commuters heading to and from work. Additionally, the Linimo also gets crowded in the mornings with students commuting to school.

Furthermore, at Moricoro Park, they host various events especially on weekends. When these events coincide with popular attractions, especially at the Linimo, it can get crowded.

Therefore, if you are traveling by train, it is advisable to use coin lockers around Nagoya Station to store items like suitcases.

Q4. Is it possible to drive to Ghibli Park?

A.Yes but we recommend visiting by car only on weekday mornings

Moricoro Park

Photo by Pixta

Ghibli Park encourages visitors to use public transportation as much as possible to avoid traffic congestion on surrounding roads.

According to MATCHA members residing in Nagoya, they mention that it is rare for Moricoro Park's parking lots to be completely full.

While these observations are based on initial impressions, on weekdays, parking lot occupancy appears to be around 40% in the morning, 70% in the afternoon, and around 30% in the evening. There might be some waiting when exiting the parking lot in the evenings.

Similarly to public transportation, if you decide to drive, it's worth noting that road congestion may occur when Moricoro Park events coincide. Taking this into account, visiting in the weekday mornings by car seems to be a favorable choice.

If you plan to drive, book a rental car through MATCHA to get a 10% discount.

Nippon Rent-a-Car Coupon (10% OFF)

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Hotels and Nearby Attractions

When visiting Ghibli Park from a distant location, accommodations become a significant consideration. Here, we will provide information on hotels and local sightseeing options.

Q5. Are there hotels near Ghibli Park?

A. There are only a few hotels nearby. We recommend staying in Nagoya

Wood Design Park Seto

Picture courtesy of

There are not many accommodation options around Ghibli Park. The Wood Design Park Seto is an exception, offering stays in traditional Japanese houses or through glamping experiences. Although it is located around 3 km away from Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station, if you are traveling by car, it is a place worth considering.

Apart from that, there are many hotels around Seto and Nagoya.

In Seto, several hotels can be found around Owari-Seto Station. Owari-Seto Station is approximately 30 minutes away with about two transfers from Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station.

On the other hand, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Nagoya Station, where you will find a wider range of hotel options. MATCHA offers recommendations for hotels in Nagoya that you might want to consider staying at along with your visit to Ghibli Park. Be sure to check them out for reference.

Q6. Where can you spend time while waiting to enter?

A. There are plenty of attractions and shopping facilities nearby.

Moricoro Park

Moricoro Park. Photo by Pixta

For the Ghibli Grand Warehouse, entry times are specified for each ticket. To ensure you do not miss your designated entry time, it is advisable to arrive a bit early and wait nearby.

Moricoro Park, home to Ghibli Park, is already a popular destination among families living in Nagoya. Besides Ghibli-related free facilities, the park boasts an ice skating rink, an 88-meter Ferris wheel, a Japanese garden, and more. Spending time here could be enjoyable.

Near Ghibli Park, you will find shopping facilities and museums. It might be a good idea to explore these attractions while waiting for your allocated entry time.

Facilities near Ghibli Park
IKEA Nagakute: Located in Koen-nishi, one stop before Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station, this shopping facility offers a variety of furniture and interior items, along with a Swedish cuisine restaurant and bistro.

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology: Located near Geidai-dori Station, two stops before Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station, this museum showcases the evolution of cars worldwide and explores car-related culture.

Aeon Mall Nagakute: This is a shopping mall situated near Nagakute-Kosenba Station, three stops before Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen Station.

Q7. Are there other places near Nagoya worth visiting?

A. There are plenty of attractions to explore in Aichi, including the Nagoya area

Handa Red Brick Building

The Handa Red Brick Building. Photo by Pixta

Since you come to Nagoya, you may want to explore the nearby attractions as well. There are many charming places to visit around Nagoya. MATCHA has compiled a list of tourist spots in Nagoya and its surroundings. Be sure to check them out!

In Aichi Prefecture, you can find attractions like the Aichi Air and Space Museum, which features a model of the Zero fighter plane from Studio Ghibli's film "The Wind Rises," and the iconic advertisement tower for Kabuto Beer in the red brick building in Handa.

Aichi's official tourism website offers suggested itineraries that complement a visit to Ghibli Park, so be sure to check them out.

Moreover, for those exploring by car, we recommend visiting the Shirakawa-go Village in the neighboring Gifu Prefecture. It's approximately a two-hour and 30-minute drive from Ghibli Park.

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How to Enjoy the Ghibli Park

Let's delve deeper into the charms of Ghibli Park!

Q8. Is the Ghibli Park different from the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka?

A. Yes, it provides a more real experience of the worlds of Studio Ghibli's films

Ghibli Museum Mitaka

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka (Tokyo). Photo by Pixta

When it comes to Studio Ghibli-related spots in Japan, the most famous one is likely the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. This museum, established in 2016, offers various exhibitions along with the enjoyment of short animated films.

While the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka holds special exhibitions that allow visitors to experience the latest charms of Studio Ghibli, the central exhibition space at Ghibli Park, the Ghibli Grand Warehouse, primarily serves as a location to store items that have been exhibited elsewhere in the past.

Ardent Studio Ghibli enthusiasts who have visited the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka multiple times might recognize some exhibits at Ghibli Park and feel a sense of déjà vu.

However, due to the vast volume of exhibits at Ghibli Park, even those who are not extreme fans are likely to enjoy plenty of discoveries within the Ghibli Grand Warehouse, making it a worthwhile experience.

Furthermore, the highlights of Ghibli Park extend beyond just the Ghibli Grand Warehouse. There are many spots like the Valley of Witches and the Hill of Youth where visitors can walk through forests and paths, experiencing the worlds of Studio Ghibli's works in a realistic way on foot. This is a unique charm specific to the Ghibli Park.

Q9. How should I explore the Ghibli Park?

A. We recommend narrowing down the places you visit to about two locations

Ghibli Park

World Emporium. Photo by Pixta

The Ghibli Park has many, many attractions.

One MATCHA employee stated that they entered the Ghibli Grand Warehouse at 11:00 and stayed until close to 17:00. This exhibition facility offers so much to see that trying to visit all five areas would be a stretch for a single day; you may not have enough time to fully explore everything.

When visiting a place like Ghibli Park, it might be better to focus on two spots related to your favorite movies and explore them leisurely. This way, you can have a more fulfilling time.

For additional information, please check the Ghibli Park's official website.

Q10. Are there transportation options within Ghibli Park?

A. Moricoro Park has an internal shuttle bus available for use.

Moricoro Park

Moricoro Park. Photo by Pixta

Using a bus to move around the vast Ghibli Park can be quite convenient.

At Moricoro Park, where Ghibli Park is located, multiple shuttle buses are operating. Especially for touring Ghibli Park, it is recommended to board the internal buses on the E Higashi (E東) Route.

E Higashi (E東) Route Buses
Route: Earth Citizens Exchange Center - Mononoke Village - Grand Lawn Square - Ghibli Grand Warehouse - Park West Exit - Japanese Garden - Dondoko Forest
On weekdays: Two buses per hour between 10:00 and 16:00.
On weekends: Three buses per hour between 10:00 and 16:00.
For detailed timings and more information, please refer to Moricoro Park's official website.

Q11. Is the Ghibli Park enjoyable for families with children?

A. Yes, children will have a great time at Ghibli Park!

Moricoro Park

Photo by Pixta

One of MATCHA's employees often takes their kindergarten-aged child to Moricoro Park and Ghibli Park. The child excitedly spots objects from the Ghibli movies exclaiming "I saw that in the anime!"

Moricoro Park has plenty of benches, making it easy to explore by visiting Ghibli Park and then taking a break in the free area. It's an ideal setup for enjoying with children.

While the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka features exhibits geared more toward adults, Ghibli Park is arguably a place where children can have fun when visiting with their families.

Q12. Are there dining facilities inside or near Ghibli Park?

A. Consider dining nearby as well

Ghibli Park Dining

The Flying Oven. Picture courtesy of PR Times

Inside the Ghibli Park, you will find three dining spots: Cafe Transatlantique and Milk Stand Siberi❆an in the Ghibli Grand Warehouse, and the newly added Flying Oven in Valley of Witches, which opens in March 2024.

At "Cafe Transatlantique," you can enjoy delicious sandwiches and pizzas, but one MATCHA employee mentioned waiting for nearly 40 minutes during their visit. While the congestion may improve in the future, it might be advisable to have a light meal before entering the paid area of Ghibli Park.

Those interested in the popular treat Siberia offered at Milk Stand Siberi❆an should know that it often sells out quickly. If you wish to try it, it's recommended to head there first upon entering the Ghibli Grand Warehouse.

Dining options outside of Ghibli Park include bringing a packed lunch, visiting the shopping facilities as listed at Q6. Places to Spend Time Before Visiting Ghibli Park, or exploring the following spots around Moricoro Park for dining options.

Dining facilities around Moricoro Park
Rotanda Kazegaoka: A dining facility related to Ghibli Park. They sell onigiri, sweets, and souvenirs among other items.
Soyogo Coffee Shop: You can enjoy here delicious coffee and curry rice dishes.
Forest Cafeteria: They offer hot dogs, Gapao rice, and more.
Mos Burger Moricoro Park Store: This is a popular burger chain store in Japan.
Cafe Dining ShunSai: Here you enjoy set meals made with Nagoya's specialty miso paste cutlet, among other dishes.

It is prohibited to eat packed lunches or hold picnics inside Ghibli Park. You can enjoy your packed lunch in the free access area (Moricoro Park)

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Background Information

Lastly, we will introduce some background information that might make your visit to Ghibli Park even more interesting.

Q13. Why was the Ghibli Park created in Aichi Prefecture?

A. Because there were enthusiastic efforts from Aichi Prefecture

Ghibli Park

Mr. Omura, prefectural governor of Aichi (left), and director Goro Miyazaki. Picture courtesy of PR Times

When it comes to places related to Ghibli movies, Dogo Onsen in Ehime, said to be the model for "Spirited Away," and Tomonoura Bay in Hiroshima, known as the setting for "Ponyo," might be famous locations.

In this context, Aichi Prefecture might not seem strongly related to Studio Ghibli. Why then was Ghibli Park established in this location?

The relationship between Studio Ghibli and Aichi dates back to the World Exposition Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan. During this event, the "House of Satsuki and Mei" was built and exhibited on the site. It became extremely popular, and even after the end of the event, it was decided to be preserved in place.

Following this, in 2015, a Ghibli Expo was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the World Exposition. On this occasion, Hideaki Omura, the Governor of Aichi Prefecture, proposed the concept of Ghibli Park to Studio Ghibli. It was through Governor Omura's efforts that an agreement was reached in 2017.

Regarding the establishment of Ghibli Park, Aichi Prefecture actively pursued the initiative, conducting investigations with a budget of 200 million yen and setting up a Ghibli Park Concept Promotion Office within the Aichi Prefectural Government (*).

It's worth noting that Toshio Suzuki, the renowned producer of Studio Ghibli, is originally from Aichi. Governor Omura reportedly took these factors into account during negotiations with Studio Ghibli.

As a result, the created Ghibli Park offers experiences like making Gifu mochi, a local dish of Aichi, at the Mononoke Village, incorporating aspects of local culture.

Reference: NHK article.

Q14. Has the Ghibli Park been completed?

A. With the opening of Valley of Witches on March 16, all the areas will have opened

Valley of Witches

Valley of Witches. Picture courtesy of PR Times

After its initial opening in November 2022, Ghibli Park has been gradually introducing new areas. With the opening of Valley of Witches on March 16, 2024, the establishment of new areas will temporarily come to a close.

However, Studio Ghibli is known for continuously surprising us with new endeavors. Therefore, it is expected that various new attractions and charms will continue to be added in the future.

Q15. What is the wish of the organizers?

A. "Please take your time to come visit"

Satsuki and Mei's House

Photo by Pixta

On the official website, Ghibli Park is described as "a park that is being created while consulting with the forest to express the world of Studio Ghibli's works. It is a place where you can walk with your own feet along the forest and paths, feel the wind, and make discoveries."

While the phrase "Please take your time to come visit" is not included in the English version of the website, it is featured in the Japanese version as well as in pamphlets. In the context of theme park tourism, it's quite common for visitors to rush through attractions to take photos and ride roller coasters.

The emphasis on taking one's time and enjoying a leisurely exploration at Ghibli Park highlights a more relaxed and immersive approach to experiencing the magical world of Studio Ghibli within the park's setting.

This does seem to resonate with the style of Studio Ghibli's anime works, which allow for various interpretations by different people.

During a trip, we are often tempted to cram many activities into the schedule. However, when visiting Ghibli Park, it might be rewarding to deliberately avoid making other plans and instead spend a leisurely day there. This approach could lead to a rich and fulfilling experience, resonating with the depth of Studio Ghibli's storytelling and inviting visitors to immerse themselves fully in the magic of the park.

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Enjoy Your Visit to Ghibli Park!

When it comes to visiting Ghibli Park, there may be challenges such as difficulty in securing tickets. However, MATCHA members who have actually been there unanimously said that it was worth it.

While it may be challenging to get there, the unique experiences including the hurdles themselves can lead to creating irreplaceable memories. Consider planning a trip to Ghibli Park based on this article and make your own unforgettable memories!

Main image: Ghibli Grand Warehouse. Courtesy of PR Times


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