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You can enjoy Fuji Rock in the comfort of a camper! Introducing vehicles recommended for outdoor festivals

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Summer is full of fun, with many outdoor festivals such as Summer Festival and Fuji Rock held. Whether you are attending the festival for the first time or are looking forward to it every year, why not consider attending the festival in a camper this year? For example, Fuji Rock is held for three d...

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With a camper, you can stay safely and securely!

No problem even in strong sunlight or torrential rain

A few years ago at Fuji Rock, the tent area turned into a pond due to torrential rain. Even if you are used to sleeping in a tent, setting up and tearing down in the rain can be very difficult.

With a campervan that is not affected by the weather, you can participate in the festival as soon as you arrive, and getting ready to go home is easy and hassle-free!

Another benefit is that you can change your clothes right near the festival venue even after sweating or getting wet in the rain. Being able to stand up and change clothes in the spacious interior of a camper is a big plus.

External power supply can also be used depending on the vehicle! Comfortable to sleep with air conditioner and screen door

When sleeping outdoors, such as in a tent, there are problems such as heat and insects. If you have a camper, you can use an air conditioner to beat the heat and a screen to keep insects out.

Also, depending on the vehicle, you can use electricity, so you can charge your smartphone, work on your PC, play games, and use a hair dryer without any problems.

If you stay in your car near the festival venue, you can easily get to and from the festival venue. After enjoying the night, you can sleep soundly in your car and be able to participate in the festival in perfect condition the next morning.

Fully equipped! A spacious and comfortable "cabcon"

The Cabcon, which uses Toyota's Camroad as its base vehicle, is recommended for groups of 4 to 6 people or families. Cab computers have separate sleeping spaces inside the car, so each person can have their own personal space.

Simple cooking can even be done in the car. Some vehicles can be used with household air conditioners if they have an external power source.

Recommended for everyone 🚐 the sunfish (Kanagawa)

AMITY 4WD (Tokyo)

"Bancon" selected based on ease of movement

For groups of 2 to 3 people or families, we recommend the ``Bancon'', which is a modified interior of a van such as the Hiace. It is attractive that it is as well equipped as the cab controller.

The advantage of this type of car is that it has a lower vehicle height than a cab computer, and there are many parking lots available, so you have a wider range of activities. Even when driving on the highway, there is little wind pressure, and the drivability is excellent.

When you open the hatch door, there is a sense of openness, which is sure to make a great photo!

MOBIGON|Mobility Office Wagon (Kanagawa)

"Retro style comfortable stay in car" Brawny RIW (Kanagawa)

Focus on cost performance! “Light camper” perfect for small groups

Expressway tolls are also low if the vehicle is registered as a light vehicle and is used by one or two people or with a pet. It's a light car, so it's easy to drive.

The interior space is smaller than other campers, but the design makes effective use of the space. It has the excitement of being in a secret base.


Light truck campers with home air conditioners (Tokyo)

Prepare items with consideration to whether you can spend your time comfortably outdoors.

Campervans have all the facilities you need to sleep in, but you need to be prepared for going outside when attending a festival.

In addition to chairs for spending time outdoors, insect repellent spray, toiletries and toiletries, be sure to bring plenty of changes of clothes. Considering the possibility of spending time outdoors at night, we recommend preparing a lantern or flashlight.

Even though it's summer, it can get cold in the mornings and evenings. For added peace of mind, prepare something you can wear, such as a cardigan or hoodie.

In addition, be sure to prepare a portable power source, earplugs, sandals for traveling, and an emergency toilet if necessary. If you bring your dog with you, don't forget to bring a litter box, leash, crate, and several days' worth of food and treats for your dog.

Even if the ground is a little muddy, it will be even safer if you have something to put your luggage on or sit on while taking a break. If you plan on taking a lot of photos and videos while on site, you'll want to make sure your smartphone and camera are fully charged beforehand.

Rent a camper and enjoy the outdoor festival!

When you go to a festival, you're outside all day long, which takes a lot of physical energy, so when you go to bed, you want to be as comfortable as possible as close to the venue as possible.

With a camper, you can enjoy the openness of the outdoors to your heart's content, and when you get tired, you can sleep on the bed inside the car.

Be sure to rent a Carstay camper and participate in the summer festival!

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