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[Hyogo] Introducing the spectacular cherry blossom spots at Yumura Onsen. Enjoy hot springs and cherry blossom viewing! [Discount coupon available]

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Cherry blossom season has arrived! Introducing cherry blossom spots in Yumura Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture! There are also rare cherry blossoms that can only be found in Hyogo Prefecture! Also, why not enjoy the spring hot springs at Yumura Onsen Midoriya, an inn recommended for cherry blossom viewing? W...

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Weeping cherry blossoms at Taiunji Temple

It is said to have been transplanted from Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto, and is approximately 250 years old (estimated). The weeping cherry blossoms at Taiunji Temple have darker colored flowers than regular weeping cherry blossoms, and are designated as a natural monument of Hyogo Prefecture. It is also one of the largest in western Japan. The gorgeous weeping cherry blossoms are a must-see! The best time to see them is usually from early to mid-April.

Natural monument! Shofukuji cherry blossoms

Shofukuji Temple is located just outside the center of Yumura Onsen. When you pass through the gate, the cherry blossoms in front of you are the Shofukuji Cherry Blossoms.

It is a very rare type of cherry tree with a large number of petals.

It has become a natural monument of Shin-Onsen town. Please take a look at the rare Shofukuji cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom viewing walk at Haruki River

The Harukigawa River, which flows through Yumura Onsen Town, is lined with cherry blossom trees and is colored in a beautiful cherry blossom color.

It is lit up at night, and you can enjoy a fantastic scenery.

Yumura Onsen Midoriya is a recommended accommodation for cherry blossom viewing walks.

After viewing the cherry blossoms, how about enjoying a hot spring and delicious food? Introducing Yumura Onsen Midoriya, which is close to the cherry blossom spot.

Private garden bath produced by Kazuyuki Ishihara!

Yumura Onsen Midoriya's private garden bath is produced by world-renowned garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. Guests can use it as many times as they like for free! The garden is also lit up at night. Relax in the hot spring while looking out at the spring garden.

Healthy and delicious breakfast made with hot spring water! We offer Japanese and Western food types on a daily basis.

Limited time only! Accommodation discount coupon

"Yumura Onsen Midoriya" offers accommodation discount coupons for a limited time only! Please use all means!

[Coupon number] 2402yumura5000

Expiration date: End of September 2024 How to use: After selecting the meal plan from the Yumura Onsen Midoriya official reservation site , enter the coupon number on the coupon entry screen in the cart.

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English speaking staff

Yumura Onsen Midoriya has staff who can speak English. Please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to know more about Yumura Onsen Midoriya, please refer to the article below.

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Tsurumaki Motoyu Jinya is a long-established inn in Tsurumaki Onsen, Kanagawa Prefecture. Some rooms have open-air baths with different tastes, so you can enjoy a day trip bath. It is a 5-minute walk from Tsurumaki Onsen Station, located halfway between Tokyo and Hakone, and has excellent access. Midoriya, a brand developed by the Jinya Group, is an inn and hotel created in collaboration with world-renowned garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. Midoriya Facilities/Yumura Onsen Midoriya The inn "Yumura Onsen Midoriya" located in Yumura Onsen in the northern Tajima region of Hyogo Prefecture is produced by world-renowned garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. We have an open-air bath with a private garden, guest rooms filled with the warmth of wood, a conference room, and a children's room. The space is full of greenery, with plants and flowers everywhere. In July 2023, we will be certified as a MIKI HOUSE SOUKEN “Welcome Baby Inn”. You can relax with peace of mind even with babies and children. Official website: 1326 Yu, Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Prefecture ・Bessho Onsen Midoriya Grand opening in Bessho Onsen, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture in August 2023. Supervised by world-renowned garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. A recreation of the garden where Mr. Ishihara won a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in England. You can enjoy the 3 private baths, which are a set of indoor baths and open-air baths, where you can enjoy the scenery of the garden throughout the seasons. Seasonal kaiseki dinner is available. Enjoy the ultimate relaxing time in a space surrounded by greenery. It is recommended not only for visiting with family and friends, but also for solo travelers. Official website: 225 Bessho Onsen, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture At Jinya Group, We are developing a wide range of businesses that contribute to management reform and regional revitalization of inns across Japan. ■Jinya Connect Business Development, sales, and support of cloud applications for hotels and inns ■Satoyama Connect Business Providing comprehensive IT solutions to realize hospitality that unites the region.

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