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F1 Japan Grand Prix held in April: Use of helicopters and private jets! !

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We recommend using a helicopter or private jet to watch the F1 Japanese Grand Prix held in April.

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This year's F1 Japanese Grand Prix will be held in Suzuka in April. After that, reservations were made, and there was only one helicopter left that could access the Suzuka Circuit. We often require advance reservations, so if you are considering this, we recommend that you contact us or apply as soon as possible. If you drive to Suzuka Circuit, there will be heavy traffic jams, but if you go by train, it will take a while to get there, about a 40 minute walk from the nearest Suzuka Circuit Ino Station. If you go by helicopter, you can access the side of Suzuka Circuit in one go. Limited to those with Paddock Club tickets, which are also sold to the general public . Below is a reference price for chartering a helicopter for one day.

Section: Nagoya (Komaki) Airport - Suzuka Circuit 1 round-trip reference price: 2,280,000 yen (price varies depending on departure point and timing of application) Aircraft: Eurocopter EC 135 Twin-engine (two engines) produced by Airbus Helicopters It is a popular helicopter that is used for many purposes such as transportation and disaster prevention. Maximum number of people: 5 people This is a reference price when chartering a private jet from Tokyo (Haneda) Airport to Nagoya (Komaki) Airport. Segment: Tokyo (Haneda) Airport - Nagoya (Komaki) Airport 1 round trip (same day round trip or 1 night and 2 days) Reference price: 1,832,000 yen Equipment: Cessna Citation Mustang (up to 4 people) Reference price: 2,660,000 yen Equipment: Cessna Citation CJ2+ (Up to 6 people) If you use a private jet to access Nagoya (Komaki) Airport, you will be able to make a smooth connection and it will be easier to access from places like Tokyo. In F1, you can smell the fuel as you approach the venue! Each installed engine has a different engine tone! The speed that passes by in an instant! The enthusiasm of the fans! Let's experience it for ourselves. During F1 season, helicopters are highly sought after, so early reservations are required. We look forward to hearing from you.

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