[Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture] Introduction to the highlights of Cape Ashizuri (Cape Ashizuri Observatory Edition)

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An observation deck where you can see the horizon that stretches out so far that you can truly feel the roundness of the earth. The field of view is 270°! We would like to introduce Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck, which is a site of great admiration from visitors.

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hello everyone. Tosashimizu City Tourism Association.

As part of this series, I would like to introduce various highlights of Cape Ashizuri, one of Tosashimizu City's most representative tourist destinations.

For the first time, we will introduce Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck, which is especially popular among the various spots at Cape Ashizuri.

About Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck

This observation deck is located at Cape Ashizuri, the southern tip of Shikoku.

Located near the tip of Cape Ashizuri, you can see the sea from the observatory with a visibility of approximately 270 degrees.

You can enjoy a spectacular view that makes you feel as if the earth is round.

View of Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse from Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck<br>
View of Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse from Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck

In addition, the coast of Cape Ashizuri is a shipping route where various ships come and go.

You can also see various boats such as fishing boats and ferries running nearby from far offshore.

There are also two retro telescopes.

Overview of Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck

Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck is free and open 24 hours a day.

This is a few minutes walk from the parking lot and there are no particularly dangerous areas.

It can be accessed relatively safely at night or in rainy weather.

However, there is no lighting at night, so you will need at least some equipment to illuminate your feet.

About parking lot

The parking lot is shared with other facilities at Kongofukuji Temple and Cape Ashizuri.

Parking is free, but there are only about 20 parking spaces.

It may not be available during busy periods such as consecutive holidays, Obon holidays, and New Year's holidays.

There is a large parking lot called the east side parking lot about 500m away.

Those are also available.

About the toilet

There are no restrooms near Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck.

Please use the public restrooms in the plaza in front of the John Manjiro statue, which is the entrance, or in the parking lot in front of Kongofukuji Temple.

The front of the photo below is the road leading to the observation deck, and the public toilet and tourist information center are on the left.

Various expressions of Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck

Here, we would like to introduce some wonderful photos taken from Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck among the works submitted to the photo contest held in 2022.

starry sky

Cape Ashizuri is far from the city and there is very little light pollution in the surrounding area.

You can see a very beautiful starry sky.

Of course, you can also see the beautiful starry sky from Cape Ashizuri Observation Deck.

You can also see the light of Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse, which serves as a landmark for ships traveling in the distant Pacific Ocean.

Photographed by Masayuki Sugiura<br>
Photographed by Masayuki Sugiura


The front of the observation deck faces southwest, but the visibility is approximately 270 degrees.

You can see the sun from where it rises to where it sets.

It is especially known as a famous spot for the first sunrise of the year, and you can enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Photographed by Kazuaki Kurohara<br>
Photographed by Kazuaki Kurohara

stormy weather

The area around Cape Ashizuri is very calm during normal times, but this area is known as ``Typhoon Ginza''.

When a typhoon approaches, you can see extremely large waves crashing against the rocky surface of Cape Ashizuri.

Please note that there is no cover and the stormy winds will blow directly at you when the typhoon approaches.

Please do not approach the observation deck during dangerous conditions.

Photographed by Fumio Kubo<br>
Photographed by Fumio Kubo


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Access by private car

It takes about 20 minutes from downtown Tosashimizu City via Prefectural Route 27.

The route with one lane each way for the entire section is the westbound route of Prefectural Route 27 (toward Nakahama/Ohama).

It is also accessible from the eastbound Prefectural Route 27 (towards Kubotsu).

Please note that there are several places along the way where the road is very narrow.

As mentioned earlier, the number of cars that can be parked in the main parking lot is decreasing.

If the parking lot is full, please do not park on the shoulder of the road, but instead go to the Cape Ashizuri east side parking lot.

Access by public transportation

About 5 minutes walk from Kochi Seinan Kotsu bus “Ashizuri Misaki” stop

Approximately 30 minutes ride from downtown Tosashimizu

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes ride from Shimanto City (Tosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Station)

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The Hata region of Kochi Prefecture is located at the southwestern tip of Shikoku, and is a peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, facing Tosa Bay to the east and Bungo Channel to the west. It is made up of three cities, two towns, and one village: Hara Village. It is a natural powerhouse rich in blessings, including the nationally famous Shimanto River and Cape Ashizuri, the blessings of the Kuroshio Current that flows along the coast, and the blessings of mountains that boast the largest area of ​​forests in the country.

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