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Cherry Blossoms in Saga: 5 Beautiful Locations Off the Beaten Path

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Saga Prefecture boasts famous cherry blossom locations such as Mifuyama Rakuen. We introduce five beautiful cherry blossom spots off the beaten path for those who want to avoid crowded parks and busy streets.

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Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Saga

Saga has become a popular destination for many travelers due to its easy access to Fukuoka and other places around Kyushu. Famous for its pottery and hot spring towns, Saga is also home to many beautiful cherry blossom locations that are a must-visit if you plan on visiting Kyushu during peak cherry blossom season.

In 2024, early April is the best time to view cherry blossoms in Kyushu. Our list of 5 best places to see cherry blossoms in Saga includes beautiful locations in Takeo and Imari.

5 Splendid Cherry Blossom Locations in Saga

1. Hiryugama, the Flying Dragon Kiln
2. The Approach of Ennoji Temple
3. Niwaki Dam
4. Uranosaki Station
5. Baba no Yamazakura Cherry Tree

1. Hiryugama, the Flying Dragon Kiln

hiryugama kiln and cherry blossoms

Photo by Pixta

Near the town of Takeo, there is a place where visitors can make pottery and enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom at Hiryugama, also known as the Dragon Flying Kiln. Located in the Takekoba Kiln no Mori Park, Hiryugama is an ascending kiln often cited as the birthplace of Takeo ware.

Facing a rice field and resting at the base of Mount Hiryu, the kiln was in operation from 1598 until 1945. In spring, the mountainside becomes bright with color as the cherry blossoms drop their leaves over the steps leading up to the Dragon Flying Kiln.

If you would like to make pottery, the cost to register for one pottery class session is 2,000 yen. Hiryugama also hosts the annual Hiryugama Lantern Festival (Japanese) every February.

Takekoba Kiln no Mori Park - Hiryugama Kiln
Location: Saga, Takeo, Takeuchicho 24001-1 Map

2. The Approach of Ennoji Temple

Stone gate of Ennoji temple and cherry blossoms

Photo by Pixta

The Approach of Ennoji Temple is a hidden gem that can be found in the heart of Takeo, Saga. Over a dozen cherry blossom trees stand along a path guarded by two large stone gates, creating a canopy of blossoms that springs to life once a year.

From late March to early April, the approach to the temple transforms into a colorful tunnel that looks like a scene from a Japanese TV drama.

Across the street from the approach of Ennoji Temple is Takeo Bakery, where you can buy a paw-shaped bread called Nyanko-no-te and have a sweet snack while admiring the cherry blossoms.

Ennoji Temple
Location: Saga, Takeo, Takeocho 10513 Map

3. Niwaki Dam

dam lake and cherry blossoms

Photo by Pixta

Niwaki Dam, located in Kawanobori, is a popular place to see cherry blossoms in Saga. Hundreds of visitors flock to the Niwaki Dam during cherry blossom season to admire the beautiful trees surrounding the dam.

There are a few different ways to enjoy the cherry blossom trees at Niwaki Dam. Those wanting to enjoy hanami picnics can choose a spot along the fence to set up a picnic, while others might prefer to drive around and admire the blossoms from the car. There is even a place where food trucks sell bentos and takoyaki (octopus balls) for those looking to grab a bite as they drive around the dam.

For visitors with young children, the Niwaki Dam is within close driving distance of the Marchen Mura Theme Park and the Saga Ninja Village at Hizen Yume Kaido.

Niwaki Dam
Location: Saga, Takeo, Nishikawanobori-cho Jinroku Map

4. Uranosaki Station

train and cherry blossoms

Photo by Pixta

Uranosaki Station in Imari is very popular amongst photographers and content creators and it’s no secret why. Trains arriving at Uranosaki Station in spring emerge from a tunnel of cherry blossom trees.

This means that passengers and onlookers will have the chance to see this breathtaking view once a year, during the short period of Japan's peak cherry blossom season.

Uranosaki Station is very popular with Pinterest and Instagram lovers, so bring a camera and get to the station early if you would like to beat the crowds. If you get hungry while waiting for the next train, there are food stands in front of the station during peak cherry blossom season.

Uranosaki Station
Location: Saga, Imari, Tachiiwa Yamashirocho Map

5. Baba no Yamazakura Cherry Tree

cherry blossoms and rapeseed flowers

Photo by Pixta

There are few better color combinations during spring in Japan than the pink hue of the cherry blossom trees and the vibrant yellow of Japanese mustard grass. Deep in the countryside of Saga, near the crest of an old farmer’s road, lies the Baba no Yamazakura. This impressive 120-year-old tree stands over 12 meters tall, making it the largest cherry blossom tree in Takeo.

The Baba no Yamazakura is close to another famous tree that can be enjoyed all year round: the Great Camphor of Kawago. Similar to the breathtaking Baba no Yamazakura, the Great Camphor of Kawago is the fifth biggest tree in Japan and stands at a staggering 25 meters tall.

If you’re looking for the absolute best place to enjoy cherry blossoms in Saga, the Baba No Yamazakura is our top recommendation.

Baba no Yamazakura Cherry Blossom Tree
Location: Saga, Takeo, Takeuchicho Map

Enjoy Spring in Saga

With its famous pottery towns, hot springs, and parks, Saga is an excellent destination to explore at any time of the year. If you visit in spring, however, add these beautiful cherry blossom locations to your itinerary for a truly memorable trip.

Main image by Pixta

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