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Takeo Onsen: A 1300 Year History Awaits In This Saga Hot Spring Town!

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Takeo Onsen is an inn town on the former Nagasaki Kaido route and is recorded in books from 1300 years ago. Several historical people have stayed in this area. We will introduce access, day bath spots, recommended inns, fun things to do and more.

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Takeo Onsen - Saga's Celebrated Hot Springs

Takeo Onsen In Saga: A Well-Known Hot Spring Town With 1300 Years Of History!

Photo courtesy of Takeo City Tourist Association

Takeo Onsen is located in west Saga and is known as an inn town on the former Nagasaki Kaido route. This hot spring area is recorded in books from 1300 years ago. There are also records of famous people in Japanese history that have visited the town too.

The vermillion romon (two-storied gate) is a symbol of Takeo Onsen and is a designated Important Cultural Property of Japan. You can enjoy various things such as an atmospheric townscape, a stroll in Mifuneyama Garden, rich natural surroundings, a pottery workshop experience, and more.

Benefits and Features of Takeo Onsen

The water quality is a weak and simple alkaline-type hot spring that is not irritating and is colorless, transparent, tasteless, and odorless. This gentle hot spring is agreeable on the skin, is easy to bath in, and is famously known as a superior heat-retaining beauty water.

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京都生まれの京都育ち。日本の魅力をさまざまな角度からご紹介します。 趣味は、ケーキを焼いてのティータイムを過ごすこと。読書。寺社散策です。

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