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Okuhida Onsen Village In Gifu: Access, One-Day Hot Springs, And Inns

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Okuhida Onsen is a hot spring village in Gifu prefecture. It has many wonderful inns and one-day bathing facilities. The thermal waters in this area are famous for their properties.

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Okuhida - A Charming Onsen Village in Gifu

Okuhida onsen

Photo courtesy of Okuhida Onsen Village Tourist Association

Okuhida Onsen village is a group of five hot springs located almost in the center of Japan. It is surrounded by many mountains such as the Northern Japanese Alps that create a wonderful natural scenery.

The Okuhida Onsen consists of the Hirayu onsen that is known to be a spring where the daimyo (feudal lords) of the Hokuriku region used to visit. Then there is the Fukuchi Onsen that is the smallest, the Tochio Onsen with homely inns, the traditional Shin Hirayu Onsen, and the Shin Hotaka Onsen with the most abundant springs.

Okuhida Onsen is known to have the most open-air baths that are said to heal both the body and soul.

The Properties of the Thermal Waters of Oku Hida Onsen Village


Photo courtesy of Okuhida Onsen Village Tourist Association

The springs in the area are simple hot springs, chloride springs, hydrogen carbonate springs, or sulfur springs. Depending on the inn, there are various types of springs to choose from, and you will be able to try the different quality of the hot springs in one location.

The springs that anyone can enjoy are said to help neuralgia and muscle pains. If you bathe in chloride springs, your body will be soothed by the warmth of the thermal water while healing cuts, burns, and wounds.

Meanwhile, the hydrogen carbonate springs are also known as the fountain of beauty. They are said to make your skin smoother and help skin problems. The sulfur springs are said to help problems such as lifestyle-related diseases including menstrual problems and skin conditions.

If you plan on going to Okuhida Onsen village, it is recommended that you check what kind of hot spring is suited for your condition in advance.

Going to Okuhida Onsen Village

Okuhida Onsen

Photo courtesy of Okuhida Onsen Village Tourist Association

In order to go to Okuhida Onsen village, you will first need to find a way to either Matsumoto Station, Toyama Station or Takayama Station. From there, you will transfer to an express bus bound for the onsen village.

From Matsumoto Station, it takes around an hour and a half and costs 2060 yen. From Toyama Station, it takes around three hours and costs 2370 yen. From Takayama Station, it takes around about an hour and costs 1570 yen.

Upon reaching Okuhida Onsen village, please take a loop bus or taxi to your designated hot spring.

We will now get into detail on how to get to one of the nearby stations (Matsumoto Station, Toyama Station, Takayama Station) from the main stations of Japan.

* Please note that transportation fee, time, road conditions, and traffic will vary according to the season.

Getting to Matsumoto Station or Toyama Station from Tokyo

To Matsumoto Station

If you plan on going to Matsumoto Station from Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express Super Azusa. It takes around two hours and 40 minutes and costs 6380 yen for unreserved seats.

If you are departing from Tokyo Station, you can take the Hokuriku shinkansen to Nagano Station in about an hour and 20 minutes. From there, take the JR Shinonoi Line to Matsumoto Station on the express train. It takes around 50 minutes and unreserved seats cost 9870 yen total.

To Toyama Station

To Toyama Station, you can get on the JR Hokuriku Bullet Train from Tokyo Station. It will take two and a half hours and costs 12,210 yen for unreserved seats.

There is also a direct bus connecting Shinjuku West Exit to Hirayu Onsen. It takes around four and a half hours and costs 5860 yen.

Getting to Toyama Station or Takayama Station from Osaka

To Toyama Station

From Osaka Station to Kanazawa Station you can ride the Limited Express Hokuriku Main line that will take two hours and 40 minutes. You can transfer to the Hokuriku shinkansen and make your way to Toyama Station in 23 minutes. It will cost a total of 8650 yen for an unreserved seat.

If you take the express bus to Toyama Station, it will take five hours and 50 minutes and costs 5200 yen.

To Takayama Station

From Shin Osaka Station, take the JR Tokaido shinkansen to Nagoya and transfer to the JR Takayama Main Line to go to Takayama Station. It will take around three and a half hours and cost 9820 yen for an unreserved seat.

There are also buses from Namba Station and Osaka Umeda Station to Takayama Station. It takes roughly five to five and a half hours and costs 4700 yen.

Going From Fukuoka

From Hakata Station, you can reach Matsumoto Station or Takayama Station while passing through Nagoya.

Get on the Nozomi JR Sanyo Tokaido shinkansen and transfer to a limited express train at Nagoya Station to Takayama Station. It will take approximately six hours and costs 19,770 yen for an unreserved seat.

If you plan on going to Matsumoto Station from Hakata with transfers at Nagoya Station, it takes around five and a half hours and costs 20,100 for unreserved seats.

One-Day Hot Spring Bathing Spots in Okuhida Onsen Village


Photo courtesy of Okuhida Onsen Village Tourist Association

Hirayu no Mori

In a massive 50,000 square meter premise, there are sixteen open-air baths that all have a different temperature, spring quality, and more. You will surely find a bath of your choice here.

Address: Gifu, Takayama city, Okuhida Onsengo, Hirayu 763-1
Price: adult 500 yen, child 400 yen (bathing tax and consumption tax included)
Website: Hirayu no Mori

Shin Hodaka no Yu

In the one-day bathing facility in Shin Hodaka no Yu, you can find a mixed gender open-air bath within the heart of the mountains. The Gamata river flows by the side allowing you to bathe while listening to the soothing sound of the river. Please note that this bath will be closed from the winter to spring season.

Address: Gifu, Takayama city, Okuhida Onsengo, Kansaka
Price: around 300 yen (Cleaning donation fee)
Website: Shin Hodaka no Yu

Koujin no Yu

Koujin no Yu is a shared open-air bath located by the Tochio Onsen and the Gamata river bed. You can take a relaxing dip in the springs while witnessing a panoramic view of the magnificent mountains.

Address: Gifu, Takayama city, Okuhida Onsengo, Tochio
Price: around 200 yen (sunshi *1)
Website: Koujin no Yu

*1 sunshi: a donation showing appreciation.

Recommended Inns in Okuhida Onsen Village

Okuhida onsen

Photo courtesy of Okuhida Onsen Village Tourist Association

Takumi no Yado Miyama Ouan

This ryokan inn has three sources of hot springs and has a variety of springs where you can enjoy bathing. There is the open-air bath that is surrounded by trees, an indoor bath with cedar aroma, two private open-air baths, two private indoor baths, and a foot bath.

Address: Gifu, Takayama city, Okuhida Onsengo, Hirayu 229
Website: Takumi no Yado Miyama Ouan

Yarimi no Yu Yarimikan

With an authentic Japanese style interior, this traditional structure has a very nice atmosphere. Along with the four private open-air baths, there are two mixed gender open-air baths by the Kawada river, an open-air bath for women, and a foot bath. All can be enjoyed while listening to the sounds of the flowing river.

Address: Gifu, Takayama city, Okuhida Onsengo, Kansaka
Website: Yarimi no Yu Yarimikan

Motoyu Magokuro

A hot spring inn with four sources of springs. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature, they blend various springs to create the perfect hot spring experience. The blended water has a green color and is slightly clouded. Indulge in their wonderful open-air bath surrounded by lush greens.

Address: Gifu, Takayama city, Okuhida Onsengo, Fukuchi 1005
Website: Motoyu Magokuro

Spots to Enjoy in Okuhida Onsen Village

Okuhida onsen

Photo courtesy of Okuhida Onsen Village Tourist Association

At Hirayu Onsen, you can find the Grand Hirayu Waterfalls that is designated one of the top hundred waterfalls of Japan. In the winter, you can enjoy also the only ski facility in Okuhida Onsengo here as well. From Shin Hotaka Onsen, you can capture a great view from the Kita Alps Ohashi bridge. If you ride the Shin Hotaka ropeway, you can go as high as 2200 meters and get a panoramic view from above.

If you visit Fukuchi Onsen, you can visit the morning market and get local specialties and products that will make perfect souvenirs. Don't forget to try the mouth-watering local Hida beef when visiting Okuhida Onsen village.

At Okuhida Onsen village, mornings and evenings are cool in the summer and the cold intensifies with the snow during the winter. Make sure you are prepared and dressed appropriately for the season when visiting.

For more information about bathing in hot springs, please read Bath Culture In Japan: What Every Visitor Should Know Ahead Of Time.

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