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Manza Onsen In Gunma - Relaxing Hot Springs And A Great View

Manza Onsen In Gunma - Relaxing Hot Springs And A Great View

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Manza Onsen is a hot spring resort located high up 1,800 meters in the Joshin'etsu Kogen National Park. With sulfuric hot springs, the waters are said to help one's health and skin. Learn more about the Manza Onsen in Gunma.

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by みるくりん

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What Kind of Place Is Manza Onsen?


Photo courtesy of Tsumagoi Village Office

Manza Onsen is located in the Joshin'etsu Kogen Nation Park in Gunma prefecture. This unique hot spring resort on a high mountain is 1,800 meters above sea level.

It is also called the hot spring closest to the sky and is enjoyed throughout the year. In the summer, you can enjoy the cool weather of the high mountains, in the autumn, the leaves turn red, and in the winter, you can see the scenery around you covered in snow.

The hot spring itself is marvelous; you will be able to bathe in the waters that have the richest content of sulfur in Japan. The springs date back to the prehistoric times from artifacts found nearby and people have been bathing here for ages. At the end of the Edo period, hot spring inns were made, but the area itself developed more in the twentieth century - around 1955. Around that time, public transportation by bus was also made and still runs today.

Effects and Traits of Manza Onsen


Photo courtesy of Manza Onsen Nisshinkan

Manza Onsen is known for being the richest sulfur spring in Japan! The hot spring is around 80 degrees Celsius and is called the healing fountain. The waters of this spring are said to widen blood veins and improve your blood flow.

The main trait of this hot spring is the amount of water that springs out. 5,400,000 liters of hot spring gushes out of here every day.

The white clouded waters are also said to help clear the skin. Manza Onsen is also known as a place where people stay for long terms in order to heal themselves in the hot springs.

Access to Manza Onsen from Tokyo


Photo courtesy of Tsumagoi Village Office

If you are going to Manza Onsen from Tokyo, there is the direct Manza - Kazawaguchi route from Ueno or a stop-over route at Karuizawa from Tokyo Station. If you are coming from Osaka, it is recommended to stop by Tokyo to go to Manza Onsen.

1. Ueno to Manza-Kazawaguchi Route

Get on the Joetsu Agatsuma line's Limited Express Kusatsu-go from Ueno Station and get off at Manza-Kazawaguchi Station. Including the transfer, it should take approximately two hours 40 minutes and cost 5080 yen with unreserved seats. From Manza-Kazawaguchi Station, take the local bus for 45 minutes until you arrive.

2. Tokyo to Karuizawa to Manza Kazawaguchi Route

From Tokyo Station, get on the Hokuriku shinkansen bound for Nagano and get off at Karuizawa Station. It takes around an hour and ten minutes and costs 5390 yen. From Karuizawa Station, get on the local bus for an hour 40 minutes until you arrive.

Depending on the hotel you plan on visiting, there are free shuttles provided to and from the station. Check to see if you have free shuttles available by contacting your hotel.

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