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Kazahaya no Sato ~Hydrangea Festival~

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We will introduce you to the hydrangeas at Kazahaya no Sato, the first flower garden in Japan to adopt "horticultural welfare."

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This time, I will be talking about Kazahaya no Sato in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.


What is "Kazahaya no Sato"?

Kazahaya no Sato is a flower garden located in Hisaihekicho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. It is the first facility in Japan to introduce "horticultural welfare," and the facility staff work together with people with disabilities to manage the seasonal flowers (plum, wisteria, and hydrangea).

The name Kazahaya no Sato comes from the Kazahayaike pond located within the facility. It is said that kappa (water lions) live in this pond, and there is a sign on the premises that reads "Beware of kappa." But do they really exist...?

This time we'll be talking about hydrangeas, which are at their best in early summer.

How to get to Kazahaya no Sato

Kazahaya no Sato is about 25 minutes by car or taxi from the hotel. If you have a car navigation system, please enter this address → 514-1138 Tsu City Togicho 4096 Ise Onsen Golf Club

There are three parking lots in total, and the third parking lot near Kazahaya Pond is open only on weekends. Parking is free.

The nearest station is Hisai Station. You can get there by local or express train from Tsu Station. A free shuttle bus is available during the Flower Festival. For more information, click here .

The park has many slopes and grass, so we recommend wearing comfortable sneakers.

Kazahaya Village Hydrangea Festival

The Hydrangea Festival is held from June to July. For details on the flowering status and dates, please check the official website .

There are many photogenic spots within the park, but you have to get there first.

Just past the ticket booth in the park, there is a place called "Chozu" where seasonal flowers are floated. This is called "Hanachozu" (Flower Chozu).

It was made by the facility's staff, and you can watch videos of how the flower water basin is made on the facility's official Instagram , Facebook , and X.

Photo gallery

Near the entrance to the hydrangea area.

From high ground.

This photo was taken using the smartphone's "portrait function."

The blue hydrangeas and the blue sky are beautiful (^^♪

White Annabelle hydrangeas bloom about a week later than other hydrangeas. The sight of the pure white flowers painting the whole area white is truly spectacular.

There is a free foot bath in the park where you can relax your tired feet after a long walk.

Even if you forget your towel, you can buy original Kazahaya no Sato towels for 100 yen each, so don't worry (^^♪


・Name: Kazahaya no Sato, a flower garden that combines welfare and the environment - Kappa's Hometown

Address: 4096 Togicho, Tsu City, Ise Onsen Golf Club, 514-1138

・Opening hours: Open all year round Hydrangea Festival → 8:00-18:30

・Price: Varies depending on the best time to see the flowers

・Best time to see: Early June to late July

・Official website:

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