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[A complete guide to Genji-koh !] If you watch this, you'll understand everything about Genji-koh!!

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A complete guide to everything about Genji-koh! If you would like to know more about the food, hot springs, access, etc., please search here.

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The concept of Genji-koh

This inn is themed around "The Tale of Genji" and "incense."

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, we offer cuisine and hot springs that take advantage of our blessed terrain!

Welcome to a peaceful world where time flows slowly and the scent of peace is lingering.


There are four types of rooms available in total.

You can choose a room that suits your needs.

hot spring

This open-air bath offers a spectacular view of Ise Bay right in front of you.

Lose track of time as you enjoy the scenery and the hot springs.


There is a wide variety of dishes that can only be tasted here, including fresh seafood and local meat.

You're sure to be satisfied with the gorgeous presentation and wide variety of dishes!

In-house service "Genji Experience"

We offer a special Genji experience that can only be experienced here.

You can experience the feeling of being a Heian aristocrat through activities such as "uchikake", "junihitoe", "incense-listening class" and "tosensyo"!

Anniversary accommodation

Genji-koh is an inn that values ​​the "anniversaries" of its guests. We will help you make your special day, whether it be a birthday or wedding anniversary, even more special!

We will do our best to accommodate all your requests, including arranging cakes and bouquets! If you are thinking of staying at a hotel for an anniversary, please use Genji-koh!

Nearby sightseeing

The Chita Peninsula, home to Genji-koh, has many wonderful tourist spots!

This time, we will introduce only a few of them.


We will show you how to get to Genji-koh.

Please use this as a reference if you are traveling by car or by train from Nagoya or Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Genji-koh many experiences and attractions that can only be found here!

If you are at all interested, please visit our website or social media.

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Through the deep and tranquil world of incense that reminds us of the hospitality and elegance of scent, Genji-koh is an inn that reminds you of the elegance of the era of The Tale of Genji. Our inn is Japan's first Japanese-style inn with a scent-themed theme. Awakening the forgotten peace of mind. You can feel the comfort of incense everywhere in your room and throughout the hotel.

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