Just an hour and a half from Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe! Enjoy shopping and gourmet food at Roadside Station Tanba Obaachan no Sato in Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture!

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If you visit Tanba City, you can't miss the "Tanba Obaachan no Sato" Roadside Station. We'll take a closer look at the food court, product center, and other interesting facilities!

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First of all, where is Tanba City? What is the appeal of Tanba City?

Tamba City is located in the central eastern part of Hyogo Prefecture.

It is a town surrounded by mountains and rich in nature, and is a treasure trove of beautiful scenery and delicious ingredients throughout the seasons.

Another great thing about this place is that it can be reached in about an hour and a half from Kyoto, Osaka, or Kobe!!

There are plenty of attractive tourist spots, including delicious gourmet food made with locally produced ingredients, sky activities, and traditional craft workshops!

Roadside Station Tanba Obaachan no Sato: A place you'll want to visit again and again

Roadside stations are often used as rest spots during long drives. They are not just a place to rest, but also a place to get information on local tourism and events, as well as enjoy delicious gourmet food and local specialties. In recent years, some people have even started "roadside station tours," and roadside stations are becoming more and more popular.

For those coming to the Tanba area by car, the "Tanba Obaachan no Sato Roadside Station" is located just off the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway and the Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway's Kasuga IC/JCT. We explored the reasons why this station is so popular among both tourists and local residents.

The gateway to Tanba City! A great location that's a must-stop for your drive

Roadside Station Tanba Obaachan no Sato is located in Nanakaichi, Kasuga-cho, Tanba City, and serves as the gateway to popular tourist spots in Tanba City. It is particularly convenient for accessing Higakuoku Valley , Fuki Farm , Wan Cafe Tamba , Camp Resort Mori no Hitotoki , and Okutanba Blueberry Farm . Located just one minute from Kasuga Interchange, there is no extra toll for the expressway if you re-enter in the same direction within two hours, making it the perfect companion for long drives.

The premises also include toilets and an information desk, as well as a food court, a souvenir shop, and a play area, making it a comfortable place for families with children and pets.

A local department store with everything from fresh vegetables to original products and popular souvenirs

Particularly noteworthy is the product hall that can be seen in front of the parking lot. The vegetable section receives fresh vegetables and produce picked every morning from local farmers in Tanba City. The vegetables grown in Tanba City's climate, where there is a large temperature difference between day and night, are popular nationwide and have a reputation for their high quality. It is a popular space, with many customers making a point of buying vegetables here when they come to Tanba City.

Black edamame is a particularly popular local product of Tanba City. Although it is in season in the fall, local farmers work together to deliver early varieties to Tanba Obaachan no Sato Roadside Station early before summer, allowing you to enjoy black edamame for a long period of time.

In addition, they process agricultural products specially purchased from local farmers and sell them as original products at Roadside Station Tanba Obaachan no Sato. The long-selling black soybean bread and black soybean rice crackers are popular items that sell out quickly during long holidays and tourist seasons.

Original products are being developed one after another, and when you visit Tanba Obaachan no Sato Roadside Station again a few months later, you will often find products you have never seen before.

Besides black beans and chestnuts, Tamba City has many other delicious agricultural products, so why not come and check out the new seasonal products?

(There will also be rare sakes on offer that were previously only available at the brewery.)

Gelato is a hot topic this coming season. Gelato made with high-quality raw milk from Tanba City is exquisite with a smooth texture and natural sweetness. There are also flavors that are unique to Tanba City, such as "Milk" and "Tanba Black Sesame," which use plenty of milk from Tanba City.

The food court offers a wide variety of menu items using local ingredients. The meal ticket system allows for reasonable prices, yet the portions are generous. This dining area is popular with tourists and local residents alike.

A space that supports child rearing and brings smiles to the faces of both adults and children

When going on a long drive with your family, some of the worries are about the children using the toilet, getting changed, and getting bored. A play area can help to eliminate such worries.

The playground at the roadside station Tanba Obaachan no Sato is equipped with a wide range of play equipment for children at various developmental stages. The roadside station is located in Nanukaichi, Kasuga-cho, Tanba City, where the Nanukaichi ruins are located, and excavations have revealed traces of life there from around 900 years ago (the Heian period). The playground, which retains the atmosphere of the ruins, features play equipment modeled after a Naumann's elephant, which was once actively hunted in this area, as well as dinosaur-shaped play equipment in honor of the dinosaur fossils discovered in Yamanami-cho, Tanba City in 2006.

In addition to the restrooms used by many drivers, there are child-friendly restrooms at the back of the play area. They are equipped with fitting boards, and there is also a vending machine for diapers and baby wipes in front of the restrooms, so you can rest assured even if an unexpected accident occurs.

Roadside stations are conveniently located and make you want to stop by. But once you've visited, you'll find that there's a lot to enjoy, so the next time you come to Tanba City, you might want to make Tanba Grandma's Village Roadside Station one of your destinations. If you want to know what's in season in Tanba City, be sure to add it to your driving itinerary.

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Access from Osaka and Kobe

By train

▶For those using express trains

Take the "Konotori Limited Express" from "Shin-Osaka Station" or "Osaka Station" and travel for about 80 minutes to "Kashiwara Station"

*To get to Roadside Station Tanba Obaachan no Sato, transfer at Sasayamaguchi Station or Kashiwara Station, get off at Kuroi Station, and then walk for about 30 minutes

*If you are taking the Shinkansen, please board from Shin-Osaka Station.

▶ Those not using express trains

・From "Osaka Station" take the JR Takarazuka Line or Fukuchiyama Line "(Tambaji) Rapid" to "Kashiwara Station" for about 90 minutes.

・From Takarazuka Station on the JR Takarazuka Line or Fukuchiyama Line, take the (Tambaji) Rapid Train to Kashiwara Station (approx. 75 minutes)

・From "Kobe Station" via "Amagasaki Station" to "Kashiwara Station" approximately 120 minutes

*To get to Roadside Station Tanba Obaachan no Sato, transfer at Sasayamaguchi Station or Kashiwara Station, get off at Kuroi Station, and then walk for about 30 minutes

By car or bus

・From Osaka or Kobe, take the Chugoku Expressway, turn off at Yoshikawa JCT, and take the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway to Kasuga IC, about 80 minutes

・Take a highway bus from Osaka or Kobe to Kasuga IC bus stop (approx. 80 minutes)

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There are many more interesting sightseeing spots in Tanba City!

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