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Near Osaka, THE 10 BEST Restaurants on Awaji Island

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Awaji Island, only 30-min drive from Kobe and 1-hour drive from Osaka, is renowned for its exquisite local cuisine. Planning a trip to Awaji Island soon and wondering where to eat? Discover the top dining spots that Awaji Island has to offer with our comprehensive guide to the best restaurants!

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Try Awaji Island's famous "Pirate Cuisine" at Aman no Shokutaku

Aman no Shokutaku offers a unique dining experience spread over two floors. On its first floor, Utage, guests can try pirate cuisine, a cherished tradition deeply rooted in Awaji Island's cultural heritage. Awaji Island, said to be the birthplace of Japan by the myth in ancient records, holds historical significance, making pirate cuisine a proud representation of authentic Japanese culinary roots.

Among their signature dishes, the "Awaji Chicken Sanzokuyaki" stands out, featuring slow-grilled chicken seasoned with sansho pepper, soy sauce, and a special marinade. Equally enticing is the "Awaji Island Whole Mackerel Kaizokuyaki", where a whole mackerel is prepared in the traditional pirate style. Additionally, their sashimi platters are a delight, generously showcasing fresh seafood with creative pirate-themed presentations.

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miele: Unique Creations with Breathtaking Ocean Views

miele is a trendy café nestled on Awaji Island, celebrated not only for its breathtaking ocean vistas, especially at sunset—one of "Japan's Top 100 Sunsets", but also for its culinary offerings that draw global acclaim.

Their standout dish is their unlimited whitebait topping pizza, where staff continuously add whitebait until you indicate they should stop, ensuring a satisfying and indulgent topping experience.

MATCHA Pizza (This is a limited seasonal item)<br>
MATCHA Pizza (This is a limited seasonal item)

Their dessert pizzas are equally popular, featuring seasonal variations like matcha, Mont Blanc, or strawberry—innovative and unexpectedly delicious creations that delight the senses.

SEIKAIHA Aonoya: Simple yet Outstanding Japanese Cuisine

SEIKAIHA Aonoya is a well-regarded sushi/tempura restaurant known for its emphasis on fresh, straightforward cuisine. Highlighting the best seafood sourced from Awaji Island, they expertly craft sushi and tempura dishes that deliver exceptional flavors through their simplicity.

Guests are seated at tiered counters, where they can take in an expansive ocean view that spans from floor to ceiling. As night falls, the restaurant transforms with a mesmerizing projection-mapping art display, showcasing a stunning fireworks show against the backdrop of the nighttime ocean scenery.

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Become a Sake Expert at Awaji Island's Koshunoya

Koshunoya, located within the SEIKAIHA restaurant complex, introduces you to an array of meticulously chosen vintage sake, shochu, and plum wine sourced from over 100 prestigious Japanese breweries.

Located on the second floor, the restaurant and bar feature dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, expertly paired with vintage sake curated by a knowledgeable sommelier. Each sake has been matured for more than a decade, offering exquisite aromas and flavors for a distinctive dining adventure.

Additionally, Koshunoya offers the opportunity to engage in sake tasting and even create your own bespoke sake blend, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

Haru San San: A Farm-to-Table Experience on Awaji Island

Awaji Island has diverse landscapes that cater to a wide range of agricultural activities. From fertile plains to rolling hills, the island's microclimates foster a rich variety of crops. Embracing a self-sufficient farming approach, Awaji Island has established a closed-loop system that encompasses cultivation, processing, and direct sales of produce.

Haru San San is a farmhouse restaurant exemplifying the farm-to-table concept, offering a unique dining experience centered around freshly harvested vegetables from its own farm and carefully selected ingredients sourced from local producers. The restaurant takes pride in preparing dishes that highlight the natural essence of each ingredient, showcasing seasonal produce at its peak freshness.

Designed by world renowned architect Shigeru Ban, the restaurant is an ode to sustainability with a thatched roof supported by pillars made of paper tubes. 

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Eat the Prestigious & Rare Awaji Beef at Ocean Terrace

Awaji gyu (beef), an esteemed brand, is reserved for cattle meeting strict pedigree and genetic criteria. Only those meeting even more rigorous certification standards, earn the prestigious title of "Awaji Beef", known for its exceptional scarcity and reputation as "phantom beef".

Ocean Terrace offers a unique dining experience with a self-roasting style using a lava stone grill located at the center of the restaurant where you can savor this rare delicacy while enjoying breathtaking views of the Awaji Island ocean.

HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX: Enjoy Delectable Vegan Cuisine with a Hello Kitty Performance

HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX is not just a restaurant but a unique opportunity to meet Hello Kitty herself. The beloved attraction offers lunchtime and café time shows with live music and dances, featuring Hello Kitty. You can even greet Hello Kitty on the stage and take a commemorative photo together!  Moreover, you can indulge in adorable Hello Kitty-themed dishes while enjoying captivating jazz performances.

Don't miss such a delightful experience perfect for both children and adults! Additionally, visitors can explore a shop offering exclusive Hello Kitty and other Sanrio-created characters' merchandise.

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Awaji Chef's Garden: Awaji Island's Culinary Paradise for Food Lovers

Imagine a complex where you can savor over 50 restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines, including Japanese, Western, Vietnamese, and more. Set amidst the stunning backdrop of Awaji Island's ocean, it's ideal to dine outside and sample diverse dishes from various eateries.

Auberge "French Forest": Restaurant with modern French cuisine and Ghibli-inspired atmosphere

Auberge "French Forest" stands as one of Awaji Island's most beloved dining destinations. This luxurious hotel and restaurant complex features three distinct chalets, each offering a unique culinary journey. La Rose harmonizes French cuisine with Japanese nuances, Grand Baobab blends French and Italian influences, and Prince Etoile showcases a captivating fusion of French and Basque gastronomy.

Following a delightful dinner, retreat to the comfort of your spacious room on the second floor. Open the window to embrace breathtaking views of the island's rolling hills. Here, amid this serene island landscape, time slows down, offering a rare escape from everyday life.

Anime-themed Restaurant at Anime Theme Park Nijigen no Mori

Nijigen no Mori is an anime theme park located on Awaji Island, featuring attractions from popular franchises like Naruto, Dragon Quest, Godzilla, and more. One of the highlights inside the park is Mori no Terrace, a restaurant offering collaboration foods inspired by these beloved franchises.

Whether you're a fan looking to immerse yourself in themed cuisine or simply seeking unique dining experiences, Mori no Terrace is the perfect place to explore and enjoy Awaji Island.


As you explore the culinary delights of Awaji Island, you'll find an abundance of restaurants that not only showcase the island's fresh, local ingredients but also offer unique dining experiences. From seaside cafés with stunning ocean views to farm-to-table establishments highlighting seasonal produce, Awaji Island's dining scene promises to satisfy every palate. Visit Awaji Island and find its appealing gourmet charm!

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