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How To Eat 12 Popular Japanese Dishes Correctly

How To Eat 12 Popular Japanese Dishes Correctly


Have you ever hesitated about eating a Japanese dish because you weren't sure how exactly you should eat it? This article intends to solve such problems! Check out what is the correct way to eat sushi, tempura and other dishes.

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How to Eat Yakitori


Yakitori are cubed pieces of chicken that have been skewered on bamboo sticks, seasoned and then grilled over charcoal or gas, searing in the juices. This dish is an especially good match with alcoholic drinks like beer and shochu.

The main two forms of flavoring this dish are salt or 'tare', which is a salty-sweet sauce made from soy sauce and other ingredients that vary by restaurant. People who prefer the taste of the chicken itself tend to enjoy the salted type; the dishes made from chicken organs however are quite nice when seasoned with tare.

You can eat the yakitori directly on the stick itself - simply put the used stick in the container provided on the table after you've finished.

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How to Eat Sukiyaki


Sukiyaki is a popular cold weather dish where thinly sliced beef and vegetables like green onions and mushrooms are cooked in a shallow iron pan in a mild stock base; this is a typical Japanese comfort dish.

The way of eating sukiyaki varies from region to region in Japan. In the west, the beef is grilled on an oiled pan first and then the vegetables are added to the pan. The broth that comes from the meat and vegetables as they cook forms the basis of this stock, to which soy sauce and sugar is later added.

On the other hand, in eastern Japan the beef is not grilled first. Instead a sauce made from the combination of soy sauce and a Japanese wine called wari shita, is first poured into the pan, then the beef and vegetables are added. Once the ingredients have boiled, it is ready to eat.

Though the means of preparing the dish are different, the ways to finish them up are the same. Once the ingredients have been all eaten, udon noodles are added to the remaining broth; the sweet, spicy and savory taste of the soup goes very well with the noodles.

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How to Eat Tonkatsu

トンカツ ソース

Tonkatsu is a well-known standard lunch menu in Japan, and is a pork cutlet that has been breaded and deep fried. The most common tonkatsu dish is tonkatsu served with tonkatsu sauce (a sauce made from vegetable and fruit extracts, salt, sugar, vinegar and other spices), shredded cabbage, and steamed rice.

The crunchy coating and savory taste of this dish will spread all through your mouth the moment you sink your teeth in. If you want to change the flavor of the sauce, you can add karashi, a spicy Japanese mustard, or Western style mustard to this dish.

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