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Nakanoshima Park: Visit Osaka's Secret Rose Garden

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Tucked away in the busy city of Osaka is a beautiful garden filled with lovely flowers: Nakanoshima Park. The article introduces this urban oasis where park-goers can relax while viewing colorful roses in bloom.

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Nakanoshima is known as a busy office district in Osaka filled with skyscrapers. However, did you know a beautiful garden is hidden in this bustling metropolis? This article introduces Nakanoshima Rose Garden, a hidden urban oasis of Osaka.

A Garden in the Bustling City? Nakanoshima Park is Osaka’s Secret Oasis

A Garden in the Bustling City? Osaka’s Secret Oasis Is Nakanoshima Park

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Nakanoshima is a central island located between the Tosabori and Dojima rivers. Situated southwest of Osaka and Umeda, Nakanoshima is about a 20-minute walk from Osaka Station. By boarding the train, you can access it in under ten minutes.

The area also houses Osaka City Hall, Bank of Japan Osaka Branch, and Japan Mint Bureau, making this the central area of Osaka's government and economics.

A Garden in the Bustling City? Osaka’s Secret Oasis Is Nakanoshima Park

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Nakanoshima Park is located in a quaint area within this business district. This relaxing oasis within the bustling city is especially charming when roses go into full bloom during spring and autumn.

The Nakanoshima Rose Garden is located on the park's east side. Across the 500-meter-long area extending from east to west, nearly 4,000 rose bushes bloom every year. The whimsical atmosphere of this garden, filled with numerous blossoms in many colors, will leave you speechless.

The porch, gates, and almost every part of the garden are covered in roses. Within the garden are nearly 310 types of roses that paint the garden with reds, purples, whites, yellows, and more! When the spring breeze runs through the roses in full bloom, the blossoms emit a sweet aroma while swaying beautifully in the wind. The scent of the roses and their beautiful colors fill the air.

A Garden in the Bustling City? Osaka’s Secret Oasis Is Nakanoshima Park

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Without any gates barricading the flowers, you can see the roses up close. You'll also see smiles on visitors' faces who gently touch, smell, and take photos of the flowers. Within the park are families enjoying an outdoor lunch while relaxing in the sun and feeling the gentle spring breeze of Nakanoshima.

Savoring a Moment of Peace inside the Urban Garden

For some reason, not many people can be spotted in Nakanoshima park on a regular basis. The nearby business area is filled with workers running about. However, you are in another world once you cross the bridge.

The loud city noises do not reach the rose garden thanks to the river. This peaceful garden is perfect for relaxing and taking a stroll through the quiet paths filled with flowers. Surround yourself with roses while reading a book and unwinding from your hectic schedule.

A Garden in the Bustling City? Osaka’s Secret Oasis Is Nakanoshima Park

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If you look up, there's only a blue sky above you without electricity cables or tall buildings blocking the view. It is almost unbelievable to think there is a wonderful garden a mere ten minutes away from JR Osaka Station.

The only thing reminiscent of a city is the skyscrapers of Umeda district in the distance.

The rose garden is split into the east and west, with different types of roses in each section. You can go back and forth from both gardens to inspect the various flowers. For those looking to escape the crowd, this may be a great place to calm down among the delightful roses.

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